margeeuana dreams

i love you

i love you too

i got a job too.am going to be a pilot.

am happy.let me take you to meet my friends
we are going to get married.

oh you both would make an adorable couple

but what makes an adorable couple?adorable guy or girl or both?either way am struggling to understand that comment of yours

ssshh.dont be rude

its ok am used to people hissing behind my back.always jealous.she can say what she wants.i have him.

oh this is not how it should be.lets play our game.should cheer everyone up

what game is this?and am approved by your friends or not?

dont be silly.she always says things like that.they love you too.and this game.you learn.cant be taught.here hold this

what do we do with these baking pins?poke cakes and see if they are baked well?cant we do wine tasting

dont be silly.lets play a game

ouch.why did you poke me with that thing.it bloody hurts.ouch

well thats the game.poke others.get away from other poking you.

is this what pokeman all about? i thought it was some card game

you are funny.now get along before others poke you



ha i got you



my eye!


no i cant open my eye.dont poke me



i think my eye is bleeding.where are you?

what a dork?dont fake it.move around man.be a sport



have some pride brother



he is not a sport at all.how will you live with him?


am sorry

sorry? my left eye is gone

you dint know how to play.what can we do

i dint know to play?you were all poking each other with steel rods.what sort of game is that?

dont tell anything about the game or my friends

fuck them

i think you need to cool down.here have this bajji

btw your right boob is looking bigger

oh thank you

but you dont have any left boob.thats weird.where did your left boob go?

i think we need to talk
you broke up?but why? we said you both made an adorable couple

yes.but he is not a good sport.and he said mean things about you all.i couldn't take it.

oh we are sorry

btw is my left boob smaller than my right boob?

what nonsense.both your boobs are small

lets play the game

yeah lets go


mentalie said...

she chose friends who said both her boobs were small, instead of a guy who said one was bigger? tsk. what was she smoking? ;P

Express said...


I don't think its her fault, but having a big boob and one non-existent is scary as hell! :P

agent green glass said...

exactly. even having one big boob is good enough. what is wrong with her?

soin said...

@mentalie @agent exactly right.hmphf women

@express..its not scary. i have seen my college girls have it

Naarya said...

:D :D first onnum puriyatha maadiri irunthuthu...aprom puriya aarambichichu...aprom pudichichu. nice touch of dry humor...love it.

soin said...


Gymnast said...

Does your parents read the blog?

soin said...

they does not.it doesnt matter if they do.free