does duality imply a cycle? duality just seems to say that a positive and negative do exist, they are equal and hence shall eventually meet. it does not say what will happen. but cycle means that they may either co-exist equally or super-exist over samples of time. now i dont expect us humans to sit and think consistently what the fuck am i doing here? some are so held over that they dont even stop to consider that such a question might need answers sooner or later? am i free? i mean not as a human. but as an animal am i free? can i walk when ever, to where ever i want? without any askings or tellings? can i just close my eyes and sleep when i want to? can i learn when i want to and waste away when i want to? it seems the answer is yes for most of these basic questions. if i wanted to sleep at 11 in the office, i can. microscopically, yes. but i were to do it for the heck of doing it again and again attempt it, do you expect the same result? all i mean is to do something when i just wanted to do. not do something over and over again to prove that some other thing can be done?

so i do not think about freedom as such often. but collectively, as a society is that what we will eventually ask? it seems inevitable. a society has to go through every emotion atleast once. so i say a revolution will come. they do take time. but they do come. and when it does come, what will govern our freedom? still rules set by another human? a human who sat in a dingy lit room in delhi and imagined what all a human should be allowed to do, say if his life was taken away? how can he feel revenge and emotions? is the present law not too bland? by stating that there has to be a universal law of morality, we our covering the cracks. can we still not accept that another human need not think the same? yes, when we started out we started confining for primal stuff, food..shelter..security.. but now the world is crowded, if you are not accepted here you can move on. why now are we still sedated? why is that we are still largely rooted? i am not talking about continents. i am talking about a few hundred kilo meters.. dont worry, there is always enough time.

but what will happen say, when we start to come to the end of the beginning? am not talking of death and destruction. am talking of a restart as a race. as human. has the impact always to come from outside. i always get a feeling that we as a race are waiting for a jolt from the sky to wake up. till then petty squabbles. are entertainment enough. there is enough time for battling the stars.and when we do restart, will we restart as a society of all? can we ever forget everything we have ever learnt? there was once a time man lived alone. in high warm areas. and low cold areas. and then he began to settle down. and now he doesnt want to move. but he will have to move. and will have to move on for ever. before he can settle down again. freedom awaits then.