ah its so good to be back home.after like so many months.good old chennai.last two months gone in a wisp.the last one specially.exams.entrances.last week was brilliant.i walked like a wild elephant.and ate like one.never been this tired.will write about it later.anyways the ghee roasted crisp chota aloo,vatha kozhambhu,lemon rasam,semiya payasam and that linen filtered thick curd..ah i love amma cooking.bliss full sleep in an ac room after like eternity-they all make the trip worthwhile.and we got kittens in my house.they are so hyper.run and play around all the time.its nice to have some pets after so long.initially six or seven kitten,many have left.but three stayed back.now its been two months.so i guess the are staying.am still tired.not even a days rest and i have to pack to raipur again.damned entrances.so much i felt writing about.but now just off to sleep.

and it takes only twenty mins to win match for one mr.fabregas.totally brilliant.whenever i dont see match(the last month) diaby seems to do well.bring it on now.for the title!




many people write.some coz they are good at it.some coz they have loads to say.some coz they have emotions bottled.and some just write.just because they can.i just write.i claim no great intelligence or writing skills but i have tried many times to write a proper full fledged novel ,the closest i got my lapy crashed.so its nice to finally finish one.even if its only a rough draft.thats 20% work done.this story i have formed over three years in my head.its about a paraphillic.so before editing i wanted to read books on similar themes.surprisingly the list came to von-sacher ,de-sade,rene girard and likes.i hope before my college time is done i would finish this.and only four months to go before i graduate.

anyways me off to nagpur for another stupid exam.and tomorrow i leave for mumbai.a week there.then delhi.a week there.then chennai for a month.bliss.so tell me which are must see places in mumbai and delhi.local eat outs are priority #1.i dont want to eat another week in that stupid indian habitat center.

and i cleared three section in the iift entrance without single sec of study.the fourth section i got negative.yeah beat that.and i got a job.i pissed off because of the type of job.cognizant.either way its worst case scenario.i hope that day doesnt come..i hope i get to continue in this state of unproductive idleness for two more years in the name of education.and a good looking chennai chick came for this recruiting.cts has two good looking chicks i guess,they send them out to these placements and guys will think more chicks and join that company.i wont buy that trick you bastards.i have seen loads of college prospectus like that.why do we fall bruce?

and we are the first batch ever of this nit.history.no track records.recession and shit.we thought we wont get any job.so people in our college decided to give the offer letters like medals,embarrassing me in the process.thats me gettin my letter.(blame kuchi stupid cell for poor quality.you cant eve see that the white shirt chick actually looks good.and am not going to take a free kick in ronaldo style.)


ps-so common wealth games fucking us heh?? good for us.i dont want to be humbled in our home front.so please change it to some other country.we are not fit and dont deserve it.just conduct another cricket match and count those nickels.


tweedledum and tweedledee

i am the walrus
said lennon
i am a walrus too
said bono
i need to speak to the walrus
said the carpenter
then you speak to me
i am the only star here
the sun has scared the clouds
said ringo starr

the oil was as oily as it could be
the gunpowder was dry as dry can be
you could not see a cloud
they were standing in chernobyl
no birds were flying overhead
there was no bush to rest on

if five minister with five interpreters
speak about it for half a year
do you suppose asked semolina pilchard
that they could drink clear wine with aq kahn
i doubt it
and shed a drop of blood

oy africans come and walk with us
so said paul
a pleasant walk,a pleasant talk
along the briny pool
we can not do with more than five
to give a hand to each

the oldest african dint understand him
so never a word he said
but winked his eye
and shook his hand
meaning to say
he dint care

but four young elephants hurried up
all eager for the treat
their skins were brushed,their faces washed
their hats were big and clean
and this was odd, because, you know,
they hadn't any head

and the four elephants followed them
one had big ears
the other had big tusk
another had a big trunk
and the other had 13 wives

the walrus and the carpenter
talked for a hour or so,
and then they rested on a chair
conveniently rectilinear
and all the elephants stood
and waited in a row

the time has come, the walrus said
to talk of many things
of eggman and van and yellow mother custard
of crabalocker fishwife and pornographic priestess
and why the sea is boiling hot
and whether pigs wage war

but wait a bit,the elephants cried
before we have our chat
for some of us are out of depth
and we expect a house,on the rocks
no worry said the carpenter
they thanked him much for that

a loaf of bread the walrus said,
is what we chiefly need
pepper and oil besides
are very good indeed
now if you're ready,elephants
we can begin to feed and grow

but not on us the elephants cried
turning a little black and wet
after such promises,that would be
a dismal thing to do
the might are always fine, said the walrus
can you ever protect maitri?

it was so kind of you to come
and you are very small
the carpenter said nothing but
pour us another glass
i wish you were not quite so dumb
i've had to ask you twice

it seems a shame,the walrus said,
to play them such a trick,
after we've brought them out so far
and made them rot so quick
the carpenter said nothing but
the ice is just too thick

i weep for you,the walrus said
i deeply sympathize
with sobs and tears he sorted out
those of the largest size and depth
holding his laptop he showed him the wells
before his streaming eyes.

oi penguins,said the carpenter
you've had a pleasant meeting
so shall we all climb eiffel tower
but answer came there none
and this was scarcely odd, because
they'd invaded every one.

"we like the walrus best," said the watchmen, "because you see he was a little sorry for the poor elephants".
"He ate more than the carpenter, though" said Tweedledee. "You see he held his laptop in front, so that the carpenter couldn't count how many he had taken: contrariwise." .
"that was mean!" said the watchman indignantly. "then I like the carpenter best-if he didn't consume so much as the walrus".
"but he drank as much as he could get," said Tweedledum.This was a puzzler. After a pause,watchman began, "well! They were both very unpleasant characters".. and then watchmen were shot


ps-fuck climate changes.too much hoopla.and fuck copenhagen too.