some nice lady said she wanted to buy my image . she even said she would pay for it. idiot. just right click from flickr and save. anyways periaya dash madhiri i told her no money ,take it. kaachaks. then she gave specifics. then only i found out that i dont have the original image. me was very afraid she will say ada thu. the flick image is very low resolution and all that.

its this image-the mylapore temple.i can always click a thousand angles.one more here
kapaleeshwar temple

me thinks this is not difficult to shoot at all and said i will click it again. three days more than 200 shots and am not able to get one like. freeya left. and i think in another year or two i might loose that louw i got for chennai. first they ban ciricket in marina beach. some rich setu thevdiya payan wants to walk on sunday morning and this is what happens. what fucking reason behind the ban. and corporation in name of renovations kill many grounds. and now the announcement of a fly over. me is orey angry at this. the fly over is from light house to out side city so helping port people. thaioli. oorotha thevdiya. suitcase changed hands. first proposal was rightly turned down. imagine fly over all along the beaches. instead of wave sounds horns. instead of couple sitting and holding hands they will do matter behind fat pillars. waatha whole charm of beach is lost. i hope massive protests. one is there as soon as this sunday. and unlike those idiotic mumbai and delhi people we dont hold candles in current illadha mambalam and kosu adichify. lets get broootal. 

and now i see dim wits having photography pages on fb.. and people becoming "fans"..ada thu... when guys like jagan have one its justified. quality. but onum theriyadha onan and all. have money. get one dslr. waatha 16 17 year olds have dslr. do they even know whats iso and how to work it? and when they talk of meaning of photos and all. haiyo saamy. dei dags when you click do yo actually see this log signifies death,flower life and all such shit? most of photograaphy is fluke. you infer and see things after hours of post processing and they talk as if they saw all this in photo and clicked it. rightu vidu

friday ultra bored and just wanted to see some movie. saw salt. who is salt? yaaru uppu? thuppu..not worth its salt. shit movie. jolie paaty matter scene obv cut in indian theatre. and saturday saw khatta meeta. first ever akshay movie me seeing. to see the director of movies like kala paani and kancheevaram do shit like this.. saaba me is vindicated. never turn your passion into main stream livelihood. sunday i looked for a movie called bhel puri it was not that. seri tv atleast test match we can see cook and vessel me think but no india loosing test to india a or something.  and i see that chick alonso wins the race after one pottai move by ferrari engg. maasa respectu. 

with so much time me is writing a lot. mainly in tamizh. lamba kahaniis. look ma i learnt hindhi from khata meeta. anyways i know only one and half of you here can read tamizh so no point in uploading. and to type it in english is mokkai. half content is lost as i cant find proper words and the rest is lost in laziness. talk me should i put any stories at all? one really long one or in parts? i think one long one. in that way you can just scroll down and saw nice things. i make it easier. thats my mottai of life. and with more time am editing old images. that times i just clicked and uploaded. loads of mistakes, noise and all. now that i have learnt a bit am trying to edit a few. i need one signature shtyle of editing. like main saar has low lightings. like balamurali krishna mispronounces thamizh. i mean what atrocity is that? take that famous song of his from thiruvilayadal.. oru naal podhuma.. tamizh saaga oru naal podhuma.. its nawl.. not nal.. and he is considered great. so many mistakes. 

and why are people liking this madrasapatinam movie? lame story? tick. udit narayanan kathifying in tamizh ? tick.. the only reason me wanted to see are for those sets of old madras. me is struck in wrong times. i should have been there in old madras. when it was fort,black town(george town),santhome,triplicane and mylapore. thasall madras. no no. that time means being the iyengar safe type i would have served british and all. ok take me back to 2ad. valluvar. no st.thomas controversy. just mylapore on the beach. sigh. anyways the sets. a dhobi is washing clothes on that big stone used by dhobi and the stone is shaking with each hit! cracks. thats in the second scene. i can see it so explicitly. dint the camera art and editing guys see it? from there on so many mistakes here and there. when you put such sets why no research? there are old photos. old movies like sadhu mirandal (nagesh hero) which was one of the first movie to shoot in outdoor locations, which showed 60 cetral, buckingham, marina and 60's psbb. yeah psbb. aiyo aiyo. and maps. yes russain and american armies mapped us in 1950s. see here. anyways movie could have been better. much better. we went for preview show. so saw that amy adams. sema figure. and to see that she lip synched so brilliantly and dubbed..pah.. these tamizh heroines all daba. dont even lip sync properly.

also sudden plans. me is happy. sridhar is bored. so he come over.. two days in kanchi.. two in tirupathi (both parents forcing and blackmailing).. and then four days in hampi.. yay.. overall photos main agenda..old temples and all. should be nice. after hampi and kanchi is done rajashthan next on list. please. let me finish that state too before job.

the higest waterfall in andhra pradesh is talakona falls. 84 mts. 2 hours from tirupathi. now what happens when some kindered souls (like me. yeah justu) think its time to explore. well you get real tough paths. you get waterfalls. you get bear slaps. you get elephants chasing you. so the chennai treeking club guys went on this hard trek. and found a waterfall which is minimum 200 mts high. dont know exact height. whoa.. to put it into context, ap govt lists 84 mts as highest waterfall, indian govt list job falls (230mts) as highest.

wait for image to load.zoom and see guy near base of waterfall to get the feel of the heights. and oh the full fall doesnt come in one shot.

its a brilliant place. see the whole album here. these guys are nice. they trek. they click a lot. take suv for rides. like in palar river. then get irulas and go on dangerous snake walks. cycling club. sand castle buildings and all. in short you are never bored. and bloody sava tada on aug 8th and i will be in hampi. cha. 

also me is going to buy books. leo tolstoy me is liking. so war and peace, anna karenina. sicilian. whatey book. i knew the book upside down. now forgot. so sicilian. and i want to see what this woodhouse chap is about. which book to start with? just finished how to kill a mocking bird. pretty decent. and there is this book i want. 1000 pages. in tamizh. traces tamizh and specifically madurai history. bloody brilliant me hears. no money now. was going to order ramani's painted converse shoes. but now hampi. no dubbu. later hopefully. but you should check the ones she is selling. vair naice. when ever i use vair naice i remember sasha cohen. and isla fishcer. she is neither hot or beautiful and still i like her. but the bestesht ever is natalie portman. all other after only. i used to like kristen stewart before twilight. decent actress.. sema figure.. and then twilight. thuuuuuu (jeans radhika shtyle).  so suggest any books. please make sure they are available in pirate copy in moor market or pliss be sending you book and i will read and naradichufy and send back.

those images that have already been putted in this blog have been edited and putted here.  i mean old ones. chuma tell if old ones better or these edited ones. and you people say such nice things and yethufy my ego. feels naice. flickr also. the kids trek photos getting so many hits. they are not that good. dont know why people find it better. the older ones were better.whatever

1.sun set in raipur as seen from my house

2.from the mylapore festival. loads of kids and girls put ambal life as dance play. dint get proper place to stand. so drr images. trying to compensate that drr camera with software







9.cold january.less than 10 deg. chuma suddenly decided to go rajim kumbh. pah rode full night.hands frozen.i made three atempts on sisir life including wheeling on hair pin.he survived shouting sai baba sai baba

11.me and dawg

12.same as 11

13.from mumbai trip

14.special photo. it came out in better photography. thats a famous photo magazine. they are choosy it seems.and my first photo got features. many people said many naice things. inferred many things. total fluke shot.

15.kuchi smoing.raipur

16.in the dense virgin jungles of chattisgarh, maoist infected bastar region.beautiful. we trekked down the tirathgar waterfalls. kuchi and me

17.in our raipur house

18. third house during the four year kaloori

19.chitragot waterfall,cg

20.last from kodai

by sitting and editing,putting it here and writing you should realize how vetti i am. so yeah tell which are not good.


ps-so many photos so that the disappointed lady can have a look and take another image



-saw udaan. its a miracle. we were not thrown out of the theatre. we were at our racist best. waatha indha setu thevidya pasanga sirikave andha sex joke thirupi podranga...this is why you shouldnt take harish for a hindhi movie. invariably we join him. and the movie was soddingly bored that no one told us off. the last time i saw a hindhi movie with harish we were chucked out of the theatre. i think the movie was my brother nikhil. so much kalai. some girls complained and we were warned. dint care. so second complaint we were chucked out. ten of us. but its gethu fun. go to hindhi movie. many dont understand anything. so sema kalai it will be. die naiye kuthu paatu podral.dei title song illaya?? waatha. yenadhu heroine illaya? so it goes..

-loads of new songs out. me is happy. yuvan three albums meh only. arr goltu decent. all goltu desam outraged over the pronunciation. jefferson airplane-i louw them ma. diamonhead,rod stewart,yes, tom petty and heartbreakers-downloaded their disco and listening. me is happy. this 4mbps line is a treat. so much music. me is very very happy.

-satuday night after seeing udaan headache. so went to put dum, and there saw one sema figure. liked the way she carried herself. simple dress and still looked chick. and the way she smoked. ah sexy does not justice. as kuchi will testify that girl in blue top we saw in jadhavpur univ in kolkata. that bong girl smoking was sexy. that casual non-chalance air about. ah i love the sexy smokers (and this girl somehow reminds me of that girl.i never understand what she writes half the time still read). and this girl seemed better. and me was sight adichifying. and girl gave one kevalamana stare. and then walked towards me. one asatu smile . and then i realized. it was my 10th clas mate. waatha. what difference 6 years make. that time she was slight flab, asatu ponnu, did everyones bidding, was teased to the point of crying. and now she lost a bit of weight , added a bit of sheen and carries her self so well. cha if only i knew this could happen. anyways she was going for a photo shoot and another of my class mate was one of the camera man it seems. was invited. tongue thongapodadha korai. i went

was fun. learnt a lot. so many figures. so much drool. pah life's worth met. four designers. tonty models. five photographers. even i clicked a bit. ok now where is the topless part of the photoshoot? where? where? what not there? fucking ftv. they fooled me after all. cunts. i will deal with them later. and me looks at watch. 3am. i rush home by 3.15 and sleep off. have to wake at 4am. all i remember is a a phone call later. arse. thats the first word i hear on a sunday morning.

-as a part of the social trek of chennai trekking club it was arranged to take 25 kids from hope india to a small trek. just outside chennai. as there was shortage of vehicles i also signed in for driving the kids. and was asked to report at 4.45. and me was in home at 5 and still sleeping. and peter being belgium fellow couldnt understand his english easily. anyways someone else went to pick up the kids and i was sent pick some volunteers. and it was raining badly. five in my car. a goltu guy from cts (fack). a mallu girl from cts. thu. one girl from tata mcgrawhill. another bong girl who i dint catch where she worked. dirivng was pain. sleep. rain. slow traffic. and finally we reached. worstu route. fit only for suv. my car cried its heart out. anyways we we started the trek. it was fun. such a varied group we had. kids. people who hardly knew tamizh. kids trying to speak in borken english. i coach you in tamizh na... malayalam steal tamil..they kill tamil i also kill english. some contagious energy. 40 year old uncles so enthu and happy. since i have trekked a bit and had just seen better spots in kerala chattisgar and all it dint surprise me as it did to the never been out of chennai software people. laods of photographers. i realized i forgot my battery. thankfully someone gave me their gps batteries. so clicked a little. very little. i enjoyed. good trek route. clear and varied depth pool. loads of fishes. small waterfalls. waterslides. and kids. me was very happy. it was 11 before i reached home. exhausted.

the first water point-

more splash

nithya,one of the kids

one with nature


second pool

hold still

like i said the kids dint know much english. karthick here doesnt know tamizh. the talked long

king feeling..

and lets click da..

this is what we tried to click.he wont rest. clicked a lot and this one came out decent
lets fly

thanks to some experimentation i got this real close macro using a slr lens (in reverse) and a point and shoot got this.i still hate it i have only a point and shoot. i want dslr. lens. please sponsor
close up

the last water point. nice place to lie down. the guy on the right is the founder of ctc. peter van.
3 paruthiverrargal

the group photos.compulsary
-and i come back home to find that my parents home. orey shock. they were supposed to come monday morning. since this was my last chance to smoke in my home i had smoked a couple of ciggs in my home. ah the pleasure. gethu. and in the hurry i had left the cigg and the ash in a newspaper in the hall. it was rolled thankfully. so i casually picked it up and threw it out. no question till now. thu. could have been caught.

-and someone from the photoshoot crowd put me onto some informal interview. i went to that place. the door proclaimed dont ring the bell,we will cut your fingers just walk in. i did. so many people there. we were briefed. about the various portfolios available. its for the metroplus theatre festival . apparently the biggest in india. all the biggies in india like shaba azmi (other name si recognised but cant remember as such) come. theatre groups frm europe,usa china and all coming. they gave us a small form which asked for experience. i thought of walking out. and i looked around. again lot of figures. so me think ok sit for some time till turn comes chuma sit through interview like college and viva and go off.  so much sight adichifying never comes this easily. since i dint know anything i applied for online job. like promotion. the lady who interviewed me asked me which school  and college i was form. dav? the gopalapuram one? cbse? nit? which one? and then she said something in high english that i dint under stand. oh you study a lot heh?book worm. thu. prejudice. not all dav guys are like that. asked a few questions and she said she was switching the portfolio i was applying for. production team. the most glamorous one. you get to interact with all of them. high end technicians. learn a lot. roam chennai a lot. all those people with so much experience and fat resume me has no chance. but still it was interesting. i now know how theatre tries to work. btw if i do get the gig i will treat you all.

-ok last thing. anyone wana come along for a poetry reading. details here . i just dont like going there alone. after this madras terrace house is shifting. dress sale and all on.

-another last thing. what? am indian. anyways if you used to read my old blog, remember chai kadai? yeah group blog like thing for enthu youth like us. yeah they came out with an online magazine. first issue this month. its here. its gethu. and with time it will get better. check it. and yes try to write for it if you want. yet again they are on facebook search if you want. too much linking already.

am bored even thought am doing a lot of things. friday going to peter house and learn how to trek. like find new trek routes and all. how to use all those gadgets. and worsht have a friends metal gig at the same time. bloody. btw saturday is international photowalkers day. the classic chennai route along mount road. again company please? also for future treks. and why are all good things about madras in closed loop? ctc. terrace house. madras local. photowalk group. chai kadai. well atleast i knew these few. surely lot more there. communicate and entertain. and all of you blog more. me is bored. thu


ps-yes no point. am bored. yes no humor sarcasm or wit here. shoo go away. am bored. btw the tamizh word for pun is pundai. like for real. just like harish claims lavada is a tamizh word and asks me to find the hindhi word for lavada


stories and story tellers

saw inception. no this is not a review or discussion or any shit. and please dont review this move on your blog. the movie is brilliant yes. many said you wont understand it in one watch. i think i got most of it. one more watch and the finer details can be sorted. still brain was full buzz that after the movie i absent mindedly walked from sathyam to my home.

anyways stories. about a month i had this sudden urge to write a story. so i went and got meself an ink pen , black pen and a notebook. and sat and wrote a story in tamizh. and after long me was discovering back that happiness. sitting in the mottai madi, sight adichifying the girls from the flats around, just writing random stuff. i love writing tamizh in the ink pen. ah. the proper first tamizh story i wrote was about humble sethuraman. you know this humble sethuraman is a real person. we have met him. after a game of football we are eating in the old woodlands (near the gemini, now the horticulture garden site). so this guys walks over, looks old. introduces him as humble sethuraman. pulls out his card which is nothing but chart paper with three circular stamps saying humble sethuraman and a number. next half hour we had him sit with us and kalachified fully. polytechnic college. life thyagam. ciricket is life. all such shit. nayakar full form. anyways i met humble sethuraman in the nardha gana sabha woodlands. again. ok as usual i drift off. anyways the reason that story appeared half baked here was bcoz me was too lazy to translate and type it out. anyways since then this sudden urge to write stories daily. been writing.

so imagine the story like a thread. usually you are just shown a point. its the head of the thread. the lead. and slowly they show you the thread by slowly pulling it. its depth and such. and thus traversing many planes. of anger humor and such. largely thats they i have seen stories to be. of course there are some knots hidden behind those planes. the one who is pulling the thread unties them. the more the subtleness and simplicity of the knot the bet. and then they started using multiple threads. as in babel lsd and all. while babel had a common plane that of confusion lsd had three planes, each of the three threads just touching one plane and going around the other two.

what i wonder is will it make sense to let the reader view the whole process from another angle. instead of looking for the top look from the side ways. multiple threads. multiple planes of cards. like diff aspect . one plane of sadness. one of nothing but flux. another card of happiness. now the reader will see these cards as just a line. a line about what is happening at that level. rather than what is happening to that particular thread try to tell what is happening to that line. will the reader be able to understand ? will the reader at the end be able to understand what happened to each thread. coz it can get complex. like we are just showing all are sad. and the thread passes through another plane and its thin. and it passes to another and two threads come out as one. more such stuff. i dont know if am making sense at all. in short tell them a plane of thinking. let them infer what might have happened. then you show the next  plane. will they be able to infer what happened? of course the line of the plane the reader see is not a dot. its a line. vivid. so as to give all clues you will need. in the end we reach the end of threads. thats what is needed from a story right? the end of thread. when we show the point in the normal style we can stop where we want. in the angle i talk of the end is already known. where it ends. so can i leave the last plane to interpretation. as in not define the last plane?

i have tried to write a story in this style but am yet to do it satisfactorily. i hope to do so before #50 is reached. i so want to put all the stories here. in tamizh. but the tamizh translation of blogger is irritating. and to translate and rethink..bah i accept am jobless. but this is too much work. i sort of like this phase. as naarya said gloriously unemployed. get up late, bath if possible. otherwise lunch and then net. maybe movie. i got broadband man. 4mbps . unlimited. ah it feels so good. downloading loads of music and movie. suggestions please. music and movie. any lang. no not Cantonese. last week i saw four Cantonese movies. and i saw off this series modern family in two days. new one it is. one season over. over range. refreshing jokes and all. original. i love the columbian lady. better than big bang and all. and music. current new love- diamond head, more songs of the who, cream and jefferson airplane. the last is my fvrt. over range. ok if i write about everything it will be boring. the point is am quite jobless. bored to death. someone help me. i think i will run away. any one sponsor? or better odipolama?


ps-nolan is god. over rangest director and story teller


love in time of chozhas

disc-you know the drill. unless you are two months are above you should not read this post. it is very mattery.whatever
padmanabaswamy temple

the padmanabaswamy temple in thiruvanandhapuram. bloody old. beautiful. also too traditional for my liking. for starters dress code. guys have to go topless and dhoti on.ladies have option. saree or any other dress with dhothi around the hips. the karba graham ( room which houses the god) was surprising. it had paintings from old. herbal paints and over 300 years old. and on closer look more surprise. the first pic had vishnu and lakshmi. never have i seen angry version of vishnu. anyways angry vishnu. only two hands. the left hand goes around lakshmi and rests exactly between her boobs. from what i have seen all the gods in matter mood paintings have shiva as the subject. and lakshmi is never portrayed from sexual point. like really big boobs. and perfect structure. with just a thin ribbon covering the nipples the only piece of clothing visible. the next set of paintings surprise me even more. all full naked pics from there on. and they are quite explicit. one had four nude ladies around a monk. the whole temple had the pavai vilaku nude. usually they dress up the pavai vilau

its not just there. have you been to the brilliant madurai temple? around the small dry tank of the golden lotus thirukural is engraved on the wall. now thirukural has three chapters, adhigarams we call them. the first two talk about world philosophies. you know dharma justice and shit. these two adhigarams are carved in a wall around the madurai temple tank. in all tamil nadu buses you will see one thirukural. the third adhigaram-kamathupal, which talks about desire and love is always ignored. and this third chapter is the reason i fell in love with thirukural. i dont think its possible to write about love sex and lust so beautifully. i mean in tamizh. i never read english stuff so i dont know. but in tamizh this hands down the best. the kama sutra talks of sexual positions and shit. nothing poetic about it. but the third pal of the thirukural is brilliant. with the amount of explicitness in the temple carvings of the female i can now date it decently. like really explicit its really old. few parts covered say 200-300. lots of it covered-just over 100. full covered its 50.

and the really old sculptures have a real grace about them. i forget they are of goddess. i start to visualize, wow a women with such grace and beauty is goddess indeed. of course very few women of that quality would have existed like that. but the given the amount of work women had those days their structure would been more on the sculpture side than the girls of these days. i mean how every fucking sculpture and painting has such beautiful women in it. if its even half true those days men were blessed indeed. and why dont the present day sculptures do nude stuff? are so insecure and shit. those days its was really free i guess. these days i guess even if one did paint someone nude the women groups would swoon down and kill him. nude artistm doesnt mean lack of respect and all.

i spend endless time on flickr learning about nude photography. its not just strip a girl lie down and shoot. it requires grace on both sides and an extraordinary sense of lighting from the shutter side. it an art. misunderstood. and i love it. i guess i have no chance of indulging in it. but i would love to. one day. and when i get to do it it wont be the perfect structure bikini body type women. i want a girl who looks naturally the avg of present day ladies. like with some flab in the stomach not so big boobs and no where near perfect. that will challenge the lighting part.  due to obvious reasons flickr doesnt allow me to share nude photos. but you can see some of these-http://www.flickr.com/photos/foxharvard/4770593600/in/pool-59269379@N00/ , http://www.flickr.com/photos/foxharvard/4770590956/in/pool-59269379@N00/
so yeah if you want to see some fine art photography or otherwise see this group. and i saw these small gorgeous pieces made of ivory. in the madurai temple. the asi guy said more such stuff which are more explicit are locked away. fuck

but really what is this culture civilization all about? why cant women walk topless on streets. why is it ok for men like us just wear dhothi chant the vedams on a cold december morning early in the morning and needlessly wake up everyone. why arent women allowed to chant the rudram? why is that seats are reserved for women on one side but the other side doesnt proclaim men? women can come and sit there when its empty. the opposite is not allowed. why cant we sit next to each other on a bus? its the cities you know. deluded sense of going forward. in that duty little town of raipur men and women sat next to each other in the share auto the only mode of transport for long and still remains for the majority.and i have heard of loads of town side love story involving sex. for real. and in the city. its either so called high class or the slut who fucks before dating. surya will testify that. the normal dating thing doesnt involve sex. anyways free

and i wonder if women were this irritating in the earlier times. no really. joint family means i grew up with loads of girls. there are very few male species in my family. bloody. anyways you have no idea what torture i was put through. i have painted dolls for my cousins. of course i have had my revenge. i use to mix away they nail polishes. add a dash of black eyetex thing or marron shinkar sandhu to their yellow nail polish. anyways they made loathe everything associated with girls. the giggle. needless endless giggles. that stubbornness. really. i am yet to meet a girl who can let a matter go when i tell me to just forget about it. if they let it for that time they are bound to come back after some time and nag away. aiyo. and when i have come to see the really really rare girl who doesnt irritate, they are either over gethu and way out of my league or in no mood to go out. curses. like i was putting kadlai with one girl , who not only turned out to be bloody hot but also played footy for tn and all such shit.

and why do all girls who are non girls read a lot? like woodhouse saki ayn rand all such shit. they talk in looply high english which i detest to the core. tamizh please. in short why are they peters? why cant they quote bharathi instead of pgw? give me a vadivelu punch line instead a himym line. bah i still cant stand girls. my college girls were like just there to reaffirm my beliefes and tastes. and now i have to work with women. and maybe even my college girls. aiyo aiyo aiyo. god save me. and i saw r today. bah worst memories come back.

matter is when you study in a neighborhood school the moms knows each other. they some how network. our batch was worst. in sixth standard the boys girls fight was at it height. aiyo periya politicians we were. and you  know which was the ultimate battle ground? studies. coz if you win gloat in front of mother and the guy will surely get a thrashing. worstest it was. and the whole year the boys battalion played cricket in my house lost the battle. and then that summer during the poonal ceremony-my worst nightmare. my amma,dear amma saw it fit to invite many other ammas and their kids to my poonal. waatha. and there i was bare chested standing,already shy. and in walk a dozen school girls. add paatu class girls. aiyo rama. and i have a photo of a bare chested me with my class girls. six of them. the boy battalion of 7th, a section, st.johns school mandavelli odhikivechufied me. bastard dint even allow me to play cricket with them. had to do well in exams that time to win them back.

in 8th std things went from bad to worse. i got suspended for slapping a girl. guys girls were asked to sit alternatively. it was nothing new for me. the punishment i mean. i once punctured my cousins head with a top(bambaram). loads of blood flowing. me orey happy. that was the only time appa slapped me. waatha. worst hit. always remember that. anyways r's sis was one of the better girls in my class. used to come over with her amma a lot. and we had our arangetram together. the fact that i messed it up in another matter. anyways r'sis saved my ass a lot. but it was r who me liked. she was such a doll. beautiful yes. fiery yes. doesnt like pink yes. and as it is with good looking girls she was peter. took up french. and i meet here now and me regrets leaving st.johns. bloody she is so beautiful now. and cheerful and fiery as before. talked really well. got her number and was thinking of asking her out and bloody college. and law that too. thoo. i hate the law college girls. overa rules pesuvanga. cant win them over talk or something like that. aiyo where did and about what did i start typing and what am my typing now. now that world cup is over am bored to core. nothing to do. so when i saw loads of old stories came to mind. that even i managed to date is as doctors would say in the tamizh movie climaxes-a miracle. and when nayakar was telling yesterday night sometimes it worth to hold for sometime and give it time and see if they change naturally thus suiting us or some shit like that. now that makes sense. worsht. i found two girls who i liked. should have atleast made an effort to try it with atleast once. cha nayakar always makes me feel by saying something simple. just like raghu. anyways i have been lying down the whole day. new meesic playing and reading lotr for nth time. i should not read lotr again and again. i made that resolution last time. worst. now i have typed pointless things and no one reads this so i think i will post this here. seri ok. *picks the lotr book to resume reading*. have.to.stop.reading.lotr. you have mugged it you fool. fly you fool


ps- i just realised the three comments in this blog come only from the ladies side as pointed out by my cousin who found about the blog. kutti girl for whom the disclaimer is put at the top. the male population like gs,harish,juju and all who read this blog should leave a comment and nullify the laides threat.

pps-this was supposed to be analysis post with tamil literature like agananooru thrown in.am reading them now. brilliant. should try again. and not deviate

ppps-need a cig.waatha. and i like shakira



seri two poems. i mean my level these only poems. first one is spoofy and written half a year ago. it was a bit crude. now it is edited. the second one is new.

tweedledum and tweedledee

i am the walrus
said lennon
i am a walrus too
said bono
so which walrus do i talk to?
asked the harvester
you better speak to me
for i am the only star here
the sun has scared the clouds
said ringo starr

the oil was as oily as it could be
the gunpowder was dry as dry can be
you could not see a cloud
were they standing in chernboyl?
no birds were flying overhead
there was no bush to rest on

if five minister with five interpreters
speak about it for half a year
do you suppose asked the harvester
that they could drink clear wine with aq kahn
i doubt it said the pop
and he shed a drop of blood

oy africans come and walk with us
so said the harvester
a pleasant walk,a pleasant talk
along the briny pool 
we can not do with more than five
to give a hand to each

the oldest african dint understand him
so never a word he said
but winked his eye
and shook his hand
meaning to say
he dint care

but four young elephants hurried up
all eager for the treat
their skins were brushed,their faces washed
their hats were big and clean
and this was odd, because, you know,
they hadn't any head

and the four elephants followed them
one had big ears
the other had big tusk
another had a big trunk
and the other had 13 wives

the pope and the harvester
talked for a hour or so,
and then they rested on a chair
conveniently rectilinear
and all the elephants stood
and waited in a row

the time has come, the pope said
to talk of many things
of eggman and van and yellow mother custard
of crabalocker fishwife and pornographic priestess
and why the sea is boiling hot
and whether ozone has an o in it

but wait a bit,the elephants cried
before we have our chat
for some of us are out of depth
and we expect a house,on the rocks
no worry said the carpenter
they thanked him much for that

a loaf of bread the walrus said,
is what we chiefly need
pepper and oil besides
are very good indeed
now if you're ready,elephants
we can begin to feed and grow

but not on us the elephants cried
turning a little black and wet
after such promises,that would be
a dismal thing to do
the might are always fine, said the walrus
can you ever protect maitri?

it was so kind of you to come
and you are very big
the harvester said nothing but
pour us another glass
i wish you were not quite so dumb
i've had to ask you twice

it seems a shame,the pope said,
to play them such a trick,
after we've brought them out so far
and made them rot so quick
the harvester said nothing but
the ice is just too thick

i weep for you,the pope said
i deeply sympathize
with sobs and tears he sorted out
those of the largest size and depth
holding his laptop he showed him the wells
before his streaming eyes.

oi asians,said the harvester
you've had a pleasant meeting
so shall we all climb eiffel tower
but answer came there none
and this was scarcely odd, because
they'd invaded every one.

"we like the pope best," said the watchmen, "because you see he was a little sorry for the poor elephants".
"He ate more than the harvester, though" said Tweedledee. "You see he held his laptop in front, so that the carpenter couldn't count how many he had taken: contrariwise." .
"that was mean!" said the watchman indignantly. "then I like the harvester best-if he didn't consume so much as the pope".
"but he drank as much as he could get," said Tweedledum.This was a puzzler. After a pause,watchman began, "well! They were both very unpleasant characters".. and then the watchmen were shot

the harvester of sorrows

he was short and fat
skin the colour of cooum
you ugly child wailed his amma
what shall i do with you?

let me go amma
there is just too much sadness
my heart longs to be a buffalo
and my legs want to wander

he asked him amma just for one more
and so he started his journey
seated on his buffalo
the rope in his hands

away he went
in and out of wormholes
and harvested as much as he could
the sadness which was every where

a distant bell,a temple bell
wailing lady and a wailing child
the bell yet again
and the wailing too

dear lady asked the harvester
why do you cry?
i cant feed my baby
and god doesnt listen

dear lady,said the smug harvester
he does listen you know
its just you dont do it right
but i shall teach you

 the lady picked her baby
and hugged it to silence it
oh dear sir bless you
enlighten and save me

dear lady, light is faster than sound
and a thought is faster than light
a prayer is a thought
no matter its tone

you pray for long
then you ring the bell
and when god wants to listen
you just wail

so dear lady first the bell
then your prayer
he shall answer
for i am the harvester of sorrows

the lady lay her baby on the floor
she removed the bell and the chain
and launched it with such force
she never knew twas in her

the bell did its job
he lay flat on the floor
a minute and a half
he was dead

the police came
the lady went
so did the baby
the temple was silent

the lady was happy again
she was served rice daily
her baby was well fed
the temple was peaceful

and daily she would pray
praise the harvester of sorrows
for without him
i wouldnt be here



kadhal konden (in love)

the one rupee samosas somehow managed to hold all of rakeshs's attention. there was a huge crowd in the psbb canteen. it was lunch time. his best friend satish used to scoff at the samosas. "look at them. small like bonsai penis. amma said they are made from used engine oil da machi".. rakesh dint understand what bonsai penis was. but he never asked. he never knew many things. like why his lab partner lavanya (who was the only girl of his age he had ever spoken to.twice) was regularly absent for school every three days in a month. and they were pretty much the 4th,5th,6th of every month. it meant two lab periods he had do double the work. he just knew she was from mylapore. nothing else he knew about her. satish said she was very arrogant and funny. in equal measures. rakesh dint understand this either. he dint ask. he never asked. a small jerk and he looked at the samosas once again. they glistened in the sun. wait the canteen was a closed place. where did the sun come from? his eyes opened hazily.

the engine oil samosas were in a red bucket. a bucket full of engine oil samosas. the bucket was on a guy's head who was yelling smosa smosa smosa. he looked around. the bus stand proclaimed nayudupeta. that tobacco filled old gentlemen in balarshah station had told him of nayudupeta. from there ,dear madras was just 3 hours away. he wanted to go and buy those samosas. but he couldnt. 1.he had no money with him. not a single paise. 2. she was sleeping on his shoulder. she looked so beautiful and serene in this sleepy state. he dint want to wake her up. and so sat and watched on. remembering the good old days. his life had revolved around the greatest school on earth-psbb. rakesh was always different. even though the school was known for its kadlai quotient he had spoken only thrice to a girl in the great psbb campus. twice to lavanya ("lavanya have you written last weeks record?" "lavanya i feel like vomiting.can you open this frog for me?"). once to divya "divya dint lavanya come today?" he dint want to think further. painful memories.

this was really a strange journey for him. having studied in the iit,life had been good. he went off to america,done his masters in computers and found a job as a banker. this was his first trip home after long. he landed in mumbai only to learn that his flight was cancelled. bandh due to price they said. so he tried the trains. with just 3 trains daily to chennai it was full. so he had gone nagpur and from there taken the kerala express, the first train that went south from nagpur. kerala express dint go chennai. instead he had to get down at renigunta and take a bus to nayudupeta and from there to chennai. and now he was in nayudupeta. he looked at the crowd. quite random they seemed to be. but rakesh had seen enough in his life to know that things that look random are just familiar patterns. patterns so familiar that you overlook them. infact it disturbed him. the familiarity about randomness. satish would often say to him"dont think too much da. thoughts are usually interrupted by something or the other". and as satish would have it his cell vibrated. she stirred slightly. he was careful not to disturb her. he removed the cell form his shirt pocket as noiselessly he could. it was a text from that devil satish.

s:fuck machan.do you know they are selling tampons in chennai now? fuck

r:how do you know da? and what are these tampons?

s:i saw a girl throw the cover of a tampon when i went to swim today da.can you imagine how dirty she is. dirtying the whole pool for us. coming to swim at this time.waatha

r:dei naiye.what is tampon?

s:useless dag. tampons are shaped like your penis. the girls plug it in when they expect blood to come out.

r: omg. so she was using this tampon to masturbate when she was swimming?

s: *facepalm* *wallhead*. duh. tampons are like substitute for sanitary napkins da. cotton rolls. plug it in during periods and it absorbs blood. so now you can wear mini skirts and swim suits when you have your periods. now you got it?

r:sorry da.i dint know. so why were you angry about it in the first place?its good only no? more and more skirt days in spencers and sathyam

s: can you just imagine the potential this holds for ad film makers. already we got really shitty pad ads. now with tampons on there will be more shitty ads than girls having period on that very day. god!

r:seri da i will sms you later when i reach chennai. we should go spencers today and hunt for figures. time since i saw some good jinglis

rakesh switched off his cell. it started crying. no charge. so it was shut. he looked at her face again. it some how felt nice. to have that mass of head on his shoulder. her held felt light. and her hair blowing against his face. at the very moment her head slid lightly from his right shoulder to his chest. he felt something. he couldnt decide what it was. it was electric. yes thats what it was. this light head of hers on his chest. how come this felt so nice? an elderly couple sitting adjacently gave him the stares as he put his hands around her. he dint care. a small girl about 7 or 8 boarded the bus then. it started to get a bit sultry. rakesh wanted the bus to start. the girl started to give away a sheet of paper to everyone on the bus. she handed out a paper to rakesh. rakesh read it. it roughly said she was very sick and her mom was sick too. dad dint exist. no one else. the girl needed some operation soon and asked for money. rakesh never encouraged beggars. so he crushed the paper and threw it out. and he settled into this state of bliss. no one can trouble him now. 

the girl was back. she begged for money. "illa ma. po" he tried to shoo her away. 

"tamizh ah? anna andha paper kudunga na" (give me that paper)

"yendha paper ma? andha zerox ah?" (you mean that zerox paper?)

"amam anna"  (yes)

"adha thuki potuten ma"  ("i threw it away")

"yenahdu thuki potutiya? ippo nan yenna pannuven?"  (you threw it away? what will i do)

"shh.satham podadha. thirumbi kudukanumnu yeppovadhu soniya? notice kudutha yarum thirupi keka matanga."  (dont create a scene. did you tell me i had to give you back the notice? when you give a notice you dint ask for it back)

"yevan sonan. inga paaru yellarume notice thirupi kuduthutanga. kaila mupadhu notice paper. ippo onnu illati aatha kitta yenna solven?"  (who said? see everyone has given back the notice. i have 30 notices with me. now if i have one less what will i tell my mother?)

"seri seri.sorry ma. nan indha routeku pudhusu. manichuko" (am sorry.am new to this route.apologies)

"yov un sorry yaruku ya venum? yenoda aatha adikum ya. seri kasu yedu. indha serax velai kudu" (who needs your sorry? my mom will thrash me. ok give me money. the cost of this zerox)

at this point the girl on rakesh's shoulders stirred up. she looked sleepily from rakesh to the small girl . with a strange look on her face she turned to rakesh "saary sare. night no sleep. so sleep now. sorry for leaning on you saare." .. she turned to the small girl "idhu nayudupeta ga?". the small girl noded. she got down. the small girl mustered her best angry look. rakesh looked around. all were looking at him. rakesh was never comfortable in such situations. 

"ippo nee anju roomba yeduka poriya illiya?"(are you going to give me five rupees or not?)

"idho paruma yen kitte ippo kasu illa. indha oru vatti vitudu" (i dont have money.so let me off this time)

rakesh looked away from all the crowd that was watching him and plugged in his ipod. jesudas started singing "kadhal konden, kanavinai valarthen...". angry tap on his shoulders. he tried not to react. his ear plug was angrily snatched off. 

"nee ippo kasu thara poriya illa?" (are you going to give money or not?)

"zerox oru ruba thaan. nee anju kekara. adhuvum nee thirupi kudukunumnu solave illa"(the zerox costs one rupee and you are asking five. and you never told me you had to give me back)

enter mr. panchayathu balaram-"yov chinna ponna yemathadha ya. kekara anju rooba kudu ya"(dont cheat that little girl.give her the 5 rupee.)

r:"sir neenga onga velaiya parunga. inga paru ma. ne thirumbi kudukunumnu solla ve illa. ippo kalambu" (sir you keep out of this. look here girl you never told me to give it back. now leave)

balaram:"dei yena vitta pesikite pora. chinna pona yemathadhey da. ne iru ma nan kasai vangi tharen" (dont cheat her. wait girl, i will get you the money)

r:"sir maanatha vanga dheenga sir. nejama kaasu illa. inga atm iruka?" (sir dont embarass me. is there an atm here?)

balram:" edhir side one hour pona atm varum. dabaikadha. paka high classa iruka 5 ruba illa nu sona namba solriya?" (atm one hour away.you look high class. dont have five rupee?)

r:"idho parunga. yen kita nejamave kasu kadayadhu. un adress kudu. nan pathu ruba anupuren.pathu yenna nooru tharen"  (i really dont have money. give me your adress. i will surely mail you ten..wait 100 rupess)

girl:"seri nee ippo yenoda vandhu aatha kitta solitu po" (ok come and tell my mom now and go)

balram:"iruma avan unnai yemathuran. ooruku poi anupala na?" (wait girl, he his cheating you.what if he doesnt send money after getting home)

now the whole bus was staring at rakesh. the embarassment was taking over him. he dint know what to do. its in these situations that ones stupidity shows how stupid it can get. he did what he had to.  balram was very happy. the champion of justice.

"anna pathu ruba anupu. nan idhai thirupi anupuren. idhu thirupi anupathurkum sethu kasu anupu"(once you mail me the 10rs i will mail this back to you.send me the postal charges too)

 rakesh reached chennai on time. satish picked him up from the bus stand. 

s:"machan did you think about those tampons? we should think of ad lines for those tampons. loads of money there macha"

r:"dei shut up da. just drive home"

satish switched on the radio. he never liked silence. and jesudas started singing yet again-"kadalil vizhundhen kanavinai valarthen.."

s:"dei where is that girl's photo?"

r:"shut up and drive. thevidya."

rakesh reached home. joy. and relief. his niece came running over. she would have been the same age as the little girl on the bus "mama,where is the ipod.i want to listen to shakalaka baby".  

"i lost it ma"


ps-now this is shit.but i wrote it long back.am going to post such stuff.am bored. am supposed to be in the frustrated finished college and yet to start work phrase. of course am enjoying this state of bliss. will post daily form now on.

pps- currently addicted to that sinhalese song in kanathil muthamittal, swan lake, muse and niladri kumar. that track babur comes to india is gethu. and i came across this debasish bhatacharya who has invented 3 slide guitars which sound divine. addicted to his stuff as well. anyways i have no idea why am writing this here.whatever.free

ppps-and being vetti i have given in and am stalking all of you. yes all of you. be warned