some nice lady said she wanted to buy my image . she even said she would pay for it. idiot. just right click from flickr and save. anyways periaya dash madhiri i told her no money ,take it. kaachaks. then she gave specifics. then only i found out that i dont have the original image. me was very afraid she will say ada thu. the flick image is very low resolution and all that.

its this image-the mylapore temple.i can always click a thousand angles.one more here
kapaleeshwar temple

me thinks this is not difficult to shoot at all and said i will click it again. three days more than 200 shots and am not able to get one like. freeya left. and i think in another year or two i might loose that louw i got for chennai. first they ban ciricket in marina beach. some rich setu thevdiya payan wants to walk on sunday morning and this is what happens. what fucking reason behind the ban. and corporation in name of renovations kill many grounds. and now the announcement of a fly over. me is orey angry at this. the fly over is from light house to out side city so helping port people. thaioli. oorotha thevdiya. suitcase changed hands. first proposal was rightly turned down. imagine fly over all along the beaches. instead of wave sounds horns. instead of couple sitting and holding hands they will do matter behind fat pillars. waatha whole charm of beach is lost. i hope massive protests. one is there as soon as this sunday. and unlike those idiotic mumbai and delhi people we dont hold candles in current illadha mambalam and kosu adichify. lets get broootal. 

and now i see dim wits having photography pages on fb.. and people becoming "fans"..ada thu... when guys like jagan have one its justified. quality. but onum theriyadha onan and all. have money. get one dslr. waatha 16 17 year olds have dslr. do they even know whats iso and how to work it? and when they talk of meaning of photos and all. haiyo saamy. dei dags when you click do yo actually see this log signifies death,flower life and all such shit? most of photograaphy is fluke. you infer and see things after hours of post processing and they talk as if they saw all this in photo and clicked it. rightu vidu

friday ultra bored and just wanted to see some movie. saw salt. who is salt? yaaru uppu? thuppu..not worth its salt. shit movie. jolie paaty matter scene obv cut in indian theatre. and saturday saw khatta meeta. first ever akshay movie me seeing. to see the director of movies like kala paani and kancheevaram do shit like this.. saaba me is vindicated. never turn your passion into main stream livelihood. sunday i looked for a movie called bhel puri it was not that. seri tv atleast test match we can see cook and vessel me think but no india loosing test to india a or something.  and i see that chick alonso wins the race after one pottai move by ferrari engg. maasa respectu. 

with so much time me is writing a lot. mainly in tamizh. lamba kahaniis. look ma i learnt hindhi from khata meeta. anyways i know only one and half of you here can read tamizh so no point in uploading. and to type it in english is mokkai. half content is lost as i cant find proper words and the rest is lost in laziness. talk me should i put any stories at all? one really long one or in parts? i think one long one. in that way you can just scroll down and saw nice things. i make it easier. thats my mottai of life. and with more time am editing old images. that times i just clicked and uploaded. loads of mistakes, noise and all. now that i have learnt a bit am trying to edit a few. i need one signature shtyle of editing. like main saar has low lightings. like balamurali krishna mispronounces thamizh. i mean what atrocity is that? take that famous song of his from thiruvilayadal.. oru naal podhuma.. tamizh saaga oru naal podhuma.. its nawl.. not nal.. and he is considered great. so many mistakes. 

and why are people liking this madrasapatinam movie? lame story? tick. udit narayanan kathifying in tamizh ? tick.. the only reason me wanted to see are for those sets of old madras. me is struck in wrong times. i should have been there in old madras. when it was fort,black town(george town),santhome,triplicane and mylapore. thasall madras. no no. that time means being the iyengar safe type i would have served british and all. ok take me back to 2ad. valluvar. no st.thomas controversy. just mylapore on the beach. sigh. anyways the sets. a dhobi is washing clothes on that big stone used by dhobi and the stone is shaking with each hit! cracks. thats in the second scene. i can see it so explicitly. dint the camera art and editing guys see it? from there on so many mistakes here and there. when you put such sets why no research? there are old photos. old movies like sadhu mirandal (nagesh hero) which was one of the first movie to shoot in outdoor locations, which showed 60 cetral, buckingham, marina and 60's psbb. yeah psbb. aiyo aiyo. and maps. yes russain and american armies mapped us in 1950s. see here. anyways movie could have been better. much better. we went for preview show. so saw that amy adams. sema figure. and to see that she lip synched so brilliantly and dubbed..pah.. these tamizh heroines all daba. dont even lip sync properly.

also sudden plans. me is happy. sridhar is bored. so he come over.. two days in kanchi.. two in tirupathi (both parents forcing and blackmailing).. and then four days in hampi.. yay.. overall photos main agenda..old temples and all. should be nice. after hampi and kanchi is done rajashthan next on list. please. let me finish that state too before job.

the higest waterfall in andhra pradesh is talakona falls. 84 mts. 2 hours from tirupathi. now what happens when some kindered souls (like me. yeah justu) think its time to explore. well you get real tough paths. you get waterfalls. you get bear slaps. you get elephants chasing you. so the chennai treeking club guys went on this hard trek. and found a waterfall which is minimum 200 mts high. dont know exact height. whoa.. to put it into context, ap govt lists 84 mts as highest waterfall, indian govt list job falls (230mts) as highest.

wait for image to load.zoom and see guy near base of waterfall to get the feel of the heights. and oh the full fall doesnt come in one shot.

its a brilliant place. see the whole album here. these guys are nice. they trek. they click a lot. take suv for rides. like in palar river. then get irulas and go on dangerous snake walks. cycling club. sand castle buildings and all. in short you are never bored. and bloody sava tada on aug 8th and i will be in hampi. cha. 

also me is going to buy books. leo tolstoy me is liking. so war and peace, anna karenina. sicilian. whatey book. i knew the book upside down. now forgot. so sicilian. and i want to see what this woodhouse chap is about. which book to start with? just finished how to kill a mocking bird. pretty decent. and there is this book i want. 1000 pages. in tamizh. traces tamizh and specifically madurai history. bloody brilliant me hears. no money now. was going to order ramani's painted converse shoes. but now hampi. no dubbu. later hopefully. but you should check the ones she is selling. vair naice. when ever i use vair naice i remember sasha cohen. and isla fishcer. she is neither hot or beautiful and still i like her. but the bestesht ever is natalie portman. all other after only. i used to like kristen stewart before twilight. decent actress.. sema figure.. and then twilight. thuuuuuu (jeans radhika shtyle).  so suggest any books. please make sure they are available in pirate copy in moor market or pliss be sending you book and i will read and naradichufy and send back.

those images that have already been putted in this blog have been edited and putted here.  i mean old ones. chuma tell if old ones better or these edited ones. and you people say such nice things and yethufy my ego. feels naice. flickr also. the kids trek photos getting so many hits. they are not that good. dont know why people find it better. the older ones were better.whatever

1.sun set in raipur as seen from my house

2.from the mylapore festival. loads of kids and girls put ambal life as dance play. dint get proper place to stand. so drr images. trying to compensate that drr camera with software







9.cold january.less than 10 deg. chuma suddenly decided to go rajim kumbh. pah rode full night.hands frozen.i made three atempts on sisir life including wheeling on hair pin.he survived shouting sai baba sai baba

11.me and dawg

12.same as 11

13.from mumbai trip

14.special photo. it came out in better photography. thats a famous photo magazine. they are choosy it seems.and my first photo got features. many people said many naice things. inferred many things. total fluke shot.

15.kuchi smoing.raipur

16.in the dense virgin jungles of chattisgarh, maoist infected bastar region.beautiful. we trekked down the tirathgar waterfalls. kuchi and me

17.in our raipur house

18. third house during the four year kaloori

19.chitragot waterfall,cg

20.last from kodai

by sitting and editing,putting it here and writing you should realize how vetti i am. so yeah tell which are not good.


ps-so many photos so that the disappointed lady can have a look and take another image


Saya said...

Read Heavy Weather by PGW. Try and read Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger. You might like it.

Insignia said...

How do I learn Tanglish? Any tips? After reading this post, I am inspired by you.

Your photos, I liked the captures of the mylapore festival. The expressions...wonderful

Tangled up in blue... said...

I agree with the lady..that image is gorgeous..so are the ones of the dancers..

and I agree abt Kristen Stewart, too..I thought she had more integrity than to do those stupid movies..but I guess no one's heard of integrity in Hollywood!

oh and if you'd like a book to read, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, I just read it and loved it..it is available as a pirated copy here, but I dunno abt moor market :)

Spaz Kumari said...

war and peace is fantastic. i suggest this to very few people because i hate it when people make cheap fun of this book, but - maybe you should try lolita. i love lolita.

re kristin stewart- check out the stills of this movie - the runaways. See this one - http://bit.ly/bUS0Gw

i havent watched it but i think there is a definite spark, not like twilight. in the twilight stills she looks dead behind the eyes.

best of luck with wodehouse... it doesn't matter where you start, the journey is beautiful :)

soin said...

@saya..and this salinger guy..why many people suggest him? had many ppl say i will like it. whatever will try.free

@insignia..if you dont know enlish varthai automatica thamizh fill aikum..free

@tuib.. i have seen the movie..will try.free

@spaz.. you will build a temple for the maraveedu fellow no?

HaRy!! said...

ada pavingala entha dabur payen ya cricket velada kudathu nu sonathu? pavam triplicane pasanga... kalaila ithu onu than enjoyment!! enavo... pesama kadal naduvula oru periya island erukunga! :P
yove engaya tamizh story? send panu sure ah... sema kalai i believe! Kandipa!

Shalini said...

Naaaaiiice pics!!
Question. What is "thevdiya"?

Sachita said...

lol. so soin see your posts require a separate annexure with meanings of tamil special words. i want to see how you feel about your posts five years down the line, the language i mean.

Beach la cricket velayada kudatha? that is totally against constitutional freedom which allows us to practice our religion.

and tamil, i can read very well, so please upload.

soin said...

@hary seri will put up.free

@shalini.. sorely tempted to tell you to ask your dad. anyways in slang it equates to bastard..if you plan to use it add a nice ring to it..for male..thevdiyaaaaaa piayaaa.. for the ladies.. thevdiyaaaaaaa pulla..

@sachita..if you people cant get sentamizh what can me do?and five years down the lane same lang i hope.free

Shalini said...

There's lil something for you on my blog. :)
PLEASE be kind! :P

Jil Jil Ramamani said...

SoOoOoOper pics.

You should listen to 'Kaadhal pisaase'. I should google and see who is the male voice lead in that.

Anna Karenina I liked.

soin said...

@ramani..its kadhalu paysasu..udit narayanan is thiruvalluvar without the beard.. and the yezhudukol..and the statue.. and the tamizh.. thasall

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