-saw udaan. its a miracle. we were not thrown out of the theatre. we were at our racist best. waatha indha setu thevidya pasanga sirikave andha sex joke thirupi podranga...this is why you shouldnt take harish for a hindhi movie. invariably we join him. and the movie was soddingly bored that no one told us off. the last time i saw a hindhi movie with harish we were chucked out of the theatre. i think the movie was my brother nikhil. so much kalai. some girls complained and we were warned. dint care. so second complaint we were chucked out. ten of us. but its gethu fun. go to hindhi movie. many dont understand anything. so sema kalai it will be. die naiye kuthu paatu podral.dei title song illaya?? waatha. yenadhu heroine illaya? so it goes..

-loads of new songs out. me is happy. yuvan three albums meh only. arr goltu decent. all goltu desam outraged over the pronunciation. jefferson airplane-i louw them ma. diamonhead,rod stewart,yes, tom petty and heartbreakers-downloaded their disco and listening. me is happy. this 4mbps line is a treat. so much music. me is very very happy.

-satuday night after seeing udaan headache. so went to put dum, and there saw one sema figure. liked the way she carried herself. simple dress and still looked chick. and the way she smoked. ah sexy does not justice. as kuchi will testify that girl in blue top we saw in jadhavpur univ in kolkata. that bong girl smoking was sexy. that casual non-chalance air about. ah i love the sexy smokers (and this girl somehow reminds me of that girl.i never understand what she writes half the time still read). and this girl seemed better. and me was sight adichifying. and girl gave one kevalamana stare. and then walked towards me. one asatu smile . and then i realized. it was my 10th clas mate. waatha. what difference 6 years make. that time she was slight flab, asatu ponnu, did everyones bidding, was teased to the point of crying. and now she lost a bit of weight , added a bit of sheen and carries her self so well. cha if only i knew this could happen. anyways she was going for a photo shoot and another of my class mate was one of the camera man it seems. was invited. tongue thongapodadha korai. i went

was fun. learnt a lot. so many figures. so much drool. pah life's worth met. four designers. tonty models. five photographers. even i clicked a bit. ok now where is the topless part of the photoshoot? where? where? what not there? fucking ftv. they fooled me after all. cunts. i will deal with them later. and me looks at watch. 3am. i rush home by 3.15 and sleep off. have to wake at 4am. all i remember is a a phone call later. arse. thats the first word i hear on a sunday morning.

-as a part of the social trek of chennai trekking club it was arranged to take 25 kids from hope india to a small trek. just outside chennai. as there was shortage of vehicles i also signed in for driving the kids. and was asked to report at 4.45. and me was in home at 5 and still sleeping. and peter being belgium fellow couldnt understand his english easily. anyways someone else went to pick up the kids and i was sent pick some volunteers. and it was raining badly. five in my car. a goltu guy from cts (fack). a mallu girl from cts. thu. one girl from tata mcgrawhill. another bong girl who i dint catch where she worked. dirivng was pain. sleep. rain. slow traffic. and finally we reached. worstu route. fit only for suv. my car cried its heart out. anyways we we started the trek. it was fun. such a varied group we had. kids. people who hardly knew tamizh. kids trying to speak in borken english. i coach you in tamizh na... malayalam steal tamil..they kill tamil i also kill english. some contagious energy. 40 year old uncles so enthu and happy. since i have trekked a bit and had just seen better spots in kerala chattisgar and all it dint surprise me as it did to the never been out of chennai software people. laods of photographers. i realized i forgot my battery. thankfully someone gave me their gps batteries. so clicked a little. very little. i enjoyed. good trek route. clear and varied depth pool. loads of fishes. small waterfalls. waterslides. and kids. me was very happy. it was 11 before i reached home. exhausted.

the first water point-

more splash

nithya,one of the kids

one with nature


second pool

hold still

like i said the kids dint know much english. karthick here doesnt know tamizh. the talked long

king feeling..

and lets click da..

this is what we tried to click.he wont rest. clicked a lot and this one came out decent
lets fly

thanks to some experimentation i got this real close macro using a slr lens (in reverse) and a point and shoot got this.i still hate it i have only a point and shoot. i want dslr. lens. please sponsor
close up

the last water point. nice place to lie down. the guy on the right is the founder of ctc. peter van.
3 paruthiverrargal

the group photos.compulsary
-and i come back home to find that my parents home. orey shock. they were supposed to come monday morning. since this was my last chance to smoke in my home i had smoked a couple of ciggs in my home. ah the pleasure. gethu. and in the hurry i had left the cigg and the ash in a newspaper in the hall. it was rolled thankfully. so i casually picked it up and threw it out. no question till now. thu. could have been caught.

-and someone from the photoshoot crowd put me onto some informal interview. i went to that place. the door proclaimed dont ring the bell,we will cut your fingers just walk in. i did. so many people there. we were briefed. about the various portfolios available. its for the metroplus theatre festival . apparently the biggest in india. all the biggies in india like shaba azmi (other name si recognised but cant remember as such) come. theatre groups frm europe,usa china and all coming. they gave us a small form which asked for experience. i thought of walking out. and i looked around. again lot of figures. so me think ok sit for some time till turn comes chuma sit through interview like college and viva and go off.  so much sight adichifying never comes this easily. since i dint know anything i applied for online job. like promotion. the lady who interviewed me asked me which school  and college i was form. dav? the gopalapuram one? cbse? nit? which one? and then she said something in high english that i dint under stand. oh you study a lot heh?book worm. thu. prejudice. not all dav guys are like that. asked a few questions and she said she was switching the portfolio i was applying for. production team. the most glamorous one. you get to interact with all of them. high end technicians. learn a lot. roam chennai a lot. all those people with so much experience and fat resume me has no chance. but still it was interesting. i now know how theatre tries to work. btw if i do get the gig i will treat you all.

-ok last thing. anyone wana come along for a poetry reading. details here . i just dont like going there alone. after this madras terrace house is shifting. dress sale and all on.

-another last thing. what? am indian. anyways if you used to read my old blog, remember chai kadai? yeah group blog like thing for enthu youth like us. yeah they came out with an online magazine. first issue this month. its here. its gethu. and with time it will get better. check it. and yes try to write for it if you want. yet again they are on facebook search if you want. too much linking already.

am bored even thought am doing a lot of things. friday going to peter house and learn how to trek. like find new trek routes and all. how to use all those gadgets. and worsht have a friends metal gig at the same time. bloody. btw saturday is international photowalkers day. the classic chennai route along mount road. again company please? also for future treks. and why are all good things about madras in closed loop? ctc. terrace house. madras local. photowalk group. chai kadai. well atleast i knew these few. surely lot more there. communicate and entertain. and all of you blog more. me is bored. thu


ps-yes no point. am bored. yes no humor sarcasm or wit here. shoo go away. am bored. btw the tamizh word for pun is pundai. like for real. just like harish claims lavada is a tamizh word and asks me to find the hindhi word for lavada


Insignia said...

:-) you rant a lot!!

Nice pictures. esp nithya, looks so earnest.

The hair detail on the insect...very nice

HaRy!! said...

chennai trekking club ah? yar vena join panalama? ha ha enakum andha hindi movies poi kalai panra nyabagam iruku... maybe side la iused to hear some guys ruckus.. neenga thana :) chennai la we need to do it once! pics elam kalukure... effective utilization ah?pun for pundd... ha ha ha

Spaz Kumari said...

you are a fucking brilliant photographer, and i've seen a LOT of wannabe arty photographers. if you end up as yet another software(?) engineer, you deserve to die a painful death.

did you get through the interview?

HaRy!! said...

thambi... unai enoda post la oru comedy paniten... dont mind :) ! if yu mind then ll remove it!

soin said...

@insignia..blog is for ranting. and now kadlai.thasall. yeah nithya will know the importance of being earnest and young. free

@hary..anyone can join.if we go in small groups we shut and see movie. its when kootam kudifies we kummi adichify.free

@spaz..i choose painful death then for the following reasons
1.there are much better photographers i know who sit in the aapice.
2.will sell anything including my body but never stuff that me is passionate about.
3.making something you love as your profession will kill it.see 2
4.i have genuine love for programming. and work will give me frustration that will drive me to shoot and give that inspiration.soft engg has a huge pool of talent. am no different

and last also culprit. you too have your way with words and yet you study law.will you ever go pro and write? you should. otherwise you will never die. and interview there was never much hope.dont know yet.free

@hary again.no matter. ponnunga kalacha thaan tension. free

Saya said...

What lovely pics. Yes. painful death it will be. esp since you are gonna .... ( you know wat i will say here.. )

Shalini said...

Boy...you ARE bored and horny!!
Good luck with the interview...dunno if I'm late. And nice clicks..

soin said...


@shalini. horny?? huh..whatever. and yes you are late.its a goner.free

CATGIRL said...

Wowww..what a looong post of ur li'l trip, but i must admire the hard work u guys put into capturing those pics..Bravo!
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Best of Luck for ur blogging.

Jil Jil Ramamani said...

Watte Brilliance! So many pink heart balloons for the pics. In your words 'free'.

Punvati said...

Kickass pics :D

soin said...

@ramani..ok i wil give you those kutti 3d blue blass boxes.free


Tangled up in blue... said...

I say this again..you really have a fun life! :)

soin said...