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saw inception. no this is not a review or discussion or any shit. and please dont review this move on your blog. the movie is brilliant yes. many said you wont understand it in one watch. i think i got most of it. one more watch and the finer details can be sorted. still brain was full buzz that after the movie i absent mindedly walked from sathyam to my home.

anyways stories. about a month i had this sudden urge to write a story. so i went and got meself an ink pen , black pen and a notebook. and sat and wrote a story in tamizh. and after long me was discovering back that happiness. sitting in the mottai madi, sight adichifying the girls from the flats around, just writing random stuff. i love writing tamizh in the ink pen. ah. the proper first tamizh story i wrote was about humble sethuraman. you know this humble sethuraman is a real person. we have met him. after a game of football we are eating in the old woodlands (near the gemini, now the horticulture garden site). so this guys walks over, looks old. introduces him as humble sethuraman. pulls out his card which is nothing but chart paper with three circular stamps saying humble sethuraman and a number. next half hour we had him sit with us and kalachified fully. polytechnic college. life thyagam. ciricket is life. all such shit. nayakar full form. anyways i met humble sethuraman in the nardha gana sabha woodlands. again. ok as usual i drift off. anyways the reason that story appeared half baked here was bcoz me was too lazy to translate and type it out. anyways since then this sudden urge to write stories daily. been writing.

so imagine the story like a thread. usually you are just shown a point. its the head of the thread. the lead. and slowly they show you the thread by slowly pulling it. its depth and such. and thus traversing many planes. of anger humor and such. largely thats they i have seen stories to be. of course there are some knots hidden behind those planes. the one who is pulling the thread unties them. the more the subtleness and simplicity of the knot the bet. and then they started using multiple threads. as in babel lsd and all. while babel had a common plane that of confusion lsd had three planes, each of the three threads just touching one plane and going around the other two.

what i wonder is will it make sense to let the reader view the whole process from another angle. instead of looking for the top look from the side ways. multiple threads. multiple planes of cards. like diff aspect . one plane of sadness. one of nothing but flux. another card of happiness. now the reader will see these cards as just a line. a line about what is happening at that level. rather than what is happening to that particular thread try to tell what is happening to that line. will the reader be able to understand ? will the reader at the end be able to understand what happened to each thread. coz it can get complex. like we are just showing all are sad. and the thread passes through another plane and its thin. and it passes to another and two threads come out as one. more such stuff. i dont know if am making sense at all. in short tell them a plane of thinking. let them infer what might have happened. then you show the next  plane. will they be able to infer what happened? of course the line of the plane the reader see is not a dot. its a line. vivid. so as to give all clues you will need. in the end we reach the end of threads. thats what is needed from a story right? the end of thread. when we show the point in the normal style we can stop where we want. in the angle i talk of the end is already known. where it ends. so can i leave the last plane to interpretation. as in not define the last plane?

i have tried to write a story in this style but am yet to do it satisfactorily. i hope to do so before #50 is reached. i so want to put all the stories here. in tamizh. but the tamizh translation of blogger is irritating. and to translate and rethink..bah i accept am jobless. but this is too much work. i sort of like this phase. as naarya said gloriously unemployed. get up late, bath if possible. otherwise lunch and then net. maybe movie. i got broadband man. 4mbps . unlimited. ah it feels so good. downloading loads of music and movie. suggestions please. music and movie. any lang. no not Cantonese. last week i saw four Cantonese movies. and i saw off this series modern family in two days. new one it is. one season over. over range. refreshing jokes and all. original. i love the columbian lady. better than big bang and all. and music. current new love- diamond head, more songs of the who, cream and jefferson airplane. the last is my fvrt. over range. ok if i write about everything it will be boring. the point is am quite jobless. bored to death. someone help me. i think i will run away. any one sponsor? or better odipolama?


ps-nolan is god. over rangest director and story teller


Tangled up in blue... said...

I am watching it tomorrow! And now I cannot wait for it to be tomorrow already! :D

HaRy!! said...

movie i heard... gud nu sonanga... parpom.inga sema costly... aparam tamizh la kathai write pana.... kandipa pls at least mail panu bro.. :).... ena koduma thambi ithu

Sachita said...

see french then - L'Auberge espagnole

Sayujya said...

what other movie did u see? heard madrasapatinam was good?!!

soin said...

@tuib.. so how was it?

@hary..how to convert it to electronic form?


@sayu see next post.free

Shalini said...

Hmmm....interesting. You do need good audience/reader to infer that kind of a story...but I guess it'll be cool, leaving it to the reader's imagination to interpret what happened.
The only downside is that you'll have to research A LOT...sply ur audience if you want to publish the "last plane"..

soin said...

yes vivid imagination and simplicity at the same time.free

Tangled up in blue... said...

I really enjoyed it but I think I understood everything! I dont get why so many ppl said it was so complicated..I think Memento was more confusing..:D