blaag is vopan agaen

thought will change template.dint happen


first salary and convocation on the same day

searching for new house.plz roll back a year. old blog. cribbing about house guys not giving for bachelors

70% of office iit guys. they use the word funda a lot. even more than lot. also they make up alternative abbrv for tech terms and think they are genius. i snigger.

also you your self fill up some sentences which talk of awe and disgust at various things. pretty standard. or maybe not.

i dont have a room to stay come 1st oct

i shall write about gurgaon,work, office, team and girls later. i shall write later if you people write too. quad core quo

also am looking forward to va quater cutting. more than endhiran. i mean they have brilliant lyrics. ... kalyani ragam illa.. kizha thatti mela thirugu adhu dhaan sorgam pogam vazhi.. purandha kozhandhai, nimindha manushan kudicha gyana purushanadi.. and most importantly kwotaru kwotaru kwotaru kwotaru kwotaru kwotaru kwotaru.. kuvataru kuaaaataruu.. we saw boss in gurgaon pvr. bless them. they release tamizh movies in gurgaon itself



எந்தை தந்தை தந்தை , தந்தை தன் மூத்தப்பன்


cheena komi chan komi cha cha komi chan

its been long since i went a on a long train journey. 28 hours to delhi. i felt like an ant stuck inside a vibrator dildo. every time i did manage to sleep off a guy will wake me up with a cup of butter and soup stick. every fucking time. it was an automated system response. after one such futile attempt i climbed down from my upper berth. i expected to meet sudarar or vichadarar. but a shapeless lump with a shapeless beard sat there. lets call this entity shankar mahadevan. so i asked him all the questions any eager fan would shoot. sar why do you use a lot of words like kudi soniye and all in your song?...he smiled. sly... let me tell you one thing yaar.. life is about two things.. kudi and kadi.. kudi mane the girl.. kadi mane the food... i had to interrupt him here..sar in chennai also its kudi and kadi.. he blinked.. so i let him continue..he spoke about singing and all.. modulation- he tells me is the most important thing in singing.. you need to get into the feel of the song yaar..( he is correct. see 1.27-1.32 and 2.48-3 in this video)

its my fifth day here in ncr. and i have come to realize loads of things. to start with there are more punjabis in dilli than dilli people. you can obviously tell the male punjabi guys apart from the dilli guys. to start with there are no dilli guys. so that solves the problem. the ladies side aint that complicated. the punjabi girls are easy to spot. they are "well built" or "big bones" as the case be. they are taller than me. now thats pretty easy given am short but still if someone is shorter than me then they are not a punjabi kudi. and then they have moustache. and girdha (dont know englees for that).. and a bit of beard. you see the facial hair is not easy to spot. they shave it off. and they are pretty fair and they dont have black hair. its when the sun shines on her you see the golden coloured hair. some people think that punjabi girls are the dilli guys. please note that it is not. as i have already stated the latter entry donest exist. its extinct. a myth. and the punjabi girls are scary. like really scary. they are violent people. really violent. i mean just see the army. all the singh people are there. the rest of us indians are very peaceful. these punjabis want to fight all the time. we should send them all to pakistan. but really punjabi girls are the most boisterous of the lot. also i find their sense of humour to be of poor quality. no puns. and what was their state called?

now dont mistake me for a prejudiced fellow or worse rasict. am neither. i mean i just dont blindly call all chinkys as chinkys. i also call them nepalinikki. or korea. the point is am neither prejudiced or rasict. . only those humans whose face resembles a damaged kinetic honda engine which has met with an accident  (or resembles the crushed vadai in the vada poche vadivel scene), only those people who have small eyes that they try to make all the devices to their eye sight scale (and the world thinks they are genius and  hail them. smaller the device the costlier it is) , they have voldermot slits for nose and stand at about 73.6 cms from the ground. these people are chinkys. other chinkys are not chinkys. they are humans. they need to be respected. this of course means chinkys are not humans. they are just not our size. in all departments. most of the viagra ads are in chinese. people say there are so many chinese in the world. but if you consider the total volume , like in metre cube, i think all races equate pretty much the same.[ i hope you have listened to that excellent song by bruno on world peace and koreans]. so now that i have clarified let me type on.

the work. ah yes. you know something is fundamentally fucked up with the company when the firsr hr girl who addresses the new comers first is a white girlish version of sendhil. impress us guys. alteast show us some hope on the first day. later you can kill us. send some good chicks atleast for the formal hello welcome to shit intro. so only six of us. i like this. not part of a big herd. company has 300 employees. 3 offices in gurgaon. from friday new office. training for two weeks. people are pretty lax here. or so it appears. they walk in t-shirts and jeans. no dress code. but they are bloody efficient. pharma based company. these people basically tell the pharma companies how to cheat you. so pretty much in the class of doctors and lawyers. they explained to us how the industry works. the pharma side and what we are to do. its pretty evil work. am i evil? yes i am. so from monday i start two week training in a nice place. loads of eat outs. and smoking chicks. i hope i get a kudikum kudi.

also unexpected stuff and people overwhelm you. thank you two random people and two more random facebook frands..and when someone whom you respect a lot tells you nice things..it does feel good..  of course all these five people above are saying is fuck you bastard. go kill your life.  i know am blowing my own nadhaswaram here.. but this is the only mushy pheelings outlet la..feels nice to type out.

that would be it



its been what fifteen years here? and am yet to live here. and am leaving. am yet to pack. the train is at 6. my parents will make sure am out of the house by 5. there are so many new stuff around me. infact everything from jetti to the suitcase carrying it is new. so this might turn out to be long personal emo post. maybe not. and to get into the corporation feel-bullets. organisations. life needs it. so the positives

-all you 8.3 people ( 8 real people and 3 virtual people) who cursed that i shouldnt become a software engg got your wishes. work here promises to be better than what i had signed up for.

-every three years in my life i have got a chance for like total restart.from scratch. am thankful for that. guess have used it well.

-i dont like gurgaon by the sounds and net of it. i hope i get to live near hauz ghas or something like that. lets see.

-also its nice that i have had complete freedom. lucky that way. one day i fellied in bcom form and asked dad to sign it. two days later i join that darn nit and ask them yo pay fee. not a single word. lucky

-also i realize i have been bloody lucky. right from school, crowd, college now to job. that you universe

-everyone who is working has warned me. yet here is my hoping i get to roam a lot. trek a bit. shoot a bit. himachal, rajasthan, up and upper mp.

-i will try and let go of prejudices. about setjis and the like. i guess after ten years in hindhi speaking part of the country there is no point in my hating it blindly. there is so much literature. and is gateway for sanskrit. so here is me promising i will learn hindhi properly.

-since i can remember, this is the first time i went and got dresses for myself. i dont like that shopping part. so since i was a kid my parents just go and get something. result is me having crazy joker assortment of clothes. i pramis to take get myself proper dresses.

-my personal hygiene is about 0.1 out of 100. that .1 is because after two day , third day morning when i go to poop i wear my underwear inside out. i cant do that in this aapice. so will maintain decent level

-i cant whistle. i cant shave. it shall change

-till now its been trim the hair and shave once in six months. not it shall be six days or something like that

-also on the thankful part. my brother now completely cured. nothing has made me happier. free

-when i was leaving for college the maximum time me and my amma can speak without trying to burn each other was 3 milli seconds. not its 30 mins. we are trying

- i shall not discriminate against the female population. will try and respect them and all that shit.

-from now on i will try to be punctual as much as i can

-also i told my parents that i smoke and drink. wasnt that bad. big guilt balloon offloaded. phew. i havent smoked yet . i guess it shall be the best one yet

-the same laptop that has served me well for the last four years, the very same plain black coffee mug. and the same room mate of four years. sometimes it does feel good to carry a bit of past into now

-and a,b,c and almost d. my bad. mistake. my loss

that would be it. i need to wade through my house. find my stuff. and the pack. tata chennai. you have been good to me. specially the last three months. i have never known you.i shall be back. hello gurgaon



Decency Defied

note-first things first. three deadlines over.juju you bastard.. where is the blogpost? blog you bitch.blog you bitch (to the tune of fuck you bitch from soad). two days no blogpost you are dead..i will ambalavanar-padhuthfy your love life

one two three... well theres seventeen things i can rant about right now.. wait.. 18 19.. ok 23 to be exact. to borrow words from that richmond guy "say who gives a fuck?"..life seems a sine graph. its either extreme pressure situation or pointless nothing to look forward to state like i am in. i seem to sleep through the transition period. ir maybe its a step graph. its getting too technical. also i went to this high class party yesterday thanks to ro. it was sema comedy.

apparently there is some annual private performance festival at some five star hotel in chennai. and one organisation whose events i have attended twice , is responsible for it. in one minute it went from ah what a nice guardian of local arts to oh fuck another richppl playtoy. there are old age home escaped thatha pati all dressed in the we-stole-mani rathnam movie-costume style... then there were these middle aged people who were writers, poets and actors . basically all were rich. and figure. drool worth girls. all in chick dress. one girl was like wearing a single piece that just covered her boobs and her upper thighs. she got sexy vazhathandu legs. there were a total of five girls who looked my age and would have passed any guy's level.waatha.. and oc saraku.. it was supposed to be at 7. we went tonty mins late. they told us the main person was yet to come and it was about 8 before they even went in. all grandma and grandpa were drinking off. it seems the whole crowd just came for the oc saraku. and there were so many photographers. bindhu paper.. times.. all were there..and each of these five figures came over said hi to ro and got introed. including the single piece dhevadhai. and she sat next to me. saraku control panradha illati indha feelings control panradha.. oh radha..bledy. the max figure i have seen is renganadhan stores t nagar farud tambram who is white and studying in crescent engg college.

anyways sema fun. so many girls. so little time. and this single piece girl got drunk slitcha. just when i was thinking oh no another peter.. the performance started.. ghatam fusion. main reason i was there. no the jingli or the oc high class saraku dint hold me. and when they started this girl was putting a misrachappu thalam perfectly. seven sir. waatha. also there was this real good piece and i was asking ro if she had any idea about it. this girl butt in and proudly proclaims its rathipathi ragam and recited a kalidasa piece. and frm there on she went 20 on scale of ten on overall package rating. hot. knows carnatic so well. and speaks local level tamil too. our conversation ended in kalyani heating part and old anamali wines. plays the violin it seems. and she showed her foto in iyengar style saree. aiyo rama. these rich people confuse me. and then one aunty came over and sat near us. was also wearing peter dress. after party over i get to know that she is this one peice jingli mother. anyways the main event is in two weeks. i got the pass. yay! and facebook events i saw. she is coming. and ro was was rj giving running commentary on every one there in hushed voices. lol rich people are comedy people. idiots. and tyrants. the amount of amit-ness in high level brahmins amazes me. indian terrain kurtas. dei naiye. and the things they speak of. comparing daughter mother butt sizes. and 60 year old grandmas who cant hold a pen puttin saraku. one thing that the single piece jingli disaapointed me-vodka. its ok girls drinking vodka. but to call it wadkha and not voduka.. cha.. wadkha.. woaka.. waatha..

and i should get my hopes high. like aishwarya rai who now repents every second why she accepted the movies jeans she might repent speaking with me. i think mrs.rai would avoid prashanth if they met in any parties by mistake.. thu.. naiye .. i dont know you.. its one of the worst casting case.. the other being abbas in kk..also i think the 21 year old aishwarya rai was the most beautiful women i have ever seen. her hair in a bun. yellow blazer, white shirt, hardly any make up.. advertising the eye donation campaign.. she stole my 2nd standard heart.. and then iruvar.. gorgeous. after that it was downhill. but that women who looked like an angel in that ad..

also you people are very bad. when i have loads of stuff to occupy me you all do one blog post every two days. and now i have nothing to do or look forward to you people dont blog. fuckers. i am going to block you all. i will do voodoo pooja that the single piece jingli speak to me at the concert and dispels my hate for rich and fair people and strengthens my belief that am the next dhanush. thala your movies only i see. i believe all your movies are real. i know it will happen to me. one rich girl will correct me and i will be rich over night. anyways screw riff. there is no guarantee of chicks there. i will save and go for this thing. one day i got pass. other three days gota pay. riff next year pathukulam.

so basically i have nothing to do. wake up daily. sleep and hope that i wake up the next day. yes i have been roaming here and there. i just like eating a sack of dry fine sand and keep on walking rajhasthan. i wonder if my body would get intelligent and drink the water in my blood since i was never going to drink water. the stomach will never fell hungry coz of all the sand in it. and my blood will become solid. my body will be numb and wont feel any pain. it can rot away who cares. and i can die a real peaceful death. getting used to peace is easy. switching between peace and life is tough. or so they say.

have seen many classic movies and all. even saw two woody allen movies. loads of new music.  i somehow altered my policy and have started reading ebook. half you people hate catcher in rye .why? to both the half. anyways i have started with war and peace and lolita. i want to write sort of modern spoofish version. how much space does a man need. i wrote that as a blog post . have to finish it. and war and piece as a synopsis i might try. kills time. also since may 16th i havent touched a drop of alcohol. even when college people came over and we went pondicherry. even when we had oc saraku yesterday. i need it.


pps- i take back few stuff about younger girls. they are proving to be highly amusing and wild. still irritating