its been what fifteen years here? and am yet to live here. and am leaving. am yet to pack. the train is at 6. my parents will make sure am out of the house by 5. there are so many new stuff around me. infact everything from jetti to the suitcase carrying it is new. so this might turn out to be long personal emo post. maybe not. and to get into the corporation feel-bullets. organisations. life needs it. so the positives

-all you 8.3 people ( 8 real people and 3 virtual people) who cursed that i shouldnt become a software engg got your wishes. work here promises to be better than what i had signed up for.

-every three years in my life i have got a chance for like total restart.from scratch. am thankful for that. guess have used it well.

-i dont like gurgaon by the sounds and net of it. i hope i get to live near hauz ghas or something like that. lets see.

-also its nice that i have had complete freedom. lucky that way. one day i fellied in bcom form and asked dad to sign it. two days later i join that darn nit and ask them yo pay fee. not a single word. lucky

-also i realize i have been bloody lucky. right from school, crowd, college now to job. that you universe

-everyone who is working has warned me. yet here is my hoping i get to roam a lot. trek a bit. shoot a bit. himachal, rajasthan, up and upper mp.

-i will try and let go of prejudices. about setjis and the like. i guess after ten years in hindhi speaking part of the country there is no point in my hating it blindly. there is so much literature. and is gateway for sanskrit. so here is me promising i will learn hindhi properly.

-since i can remember, this is the first time i went and got dresses for myself. i dont like that shopping part. so since i was a kid my parents just go and get something. result is me having crazy joker assortment of clothes. i pramis to take get myself proper dresses.

-my personal hygiene is about 0.1 out of 100. that .1 is because after two day , third day morning when i go to poop i wear my underwear inside out. i cant do that in this aapice. so will maintain decent level

-i cant whistle. i cant shave. it shall change

-till now its been trim the hair and shave once in six months. not it shall be six days or something like that

-also on the thankful part. my brother now completely cured. nothing has made me happier. free

-when i was leaving for college the maximum time me and my amma can speak without trying to burn each other was 3 milli seconds. not its 30 mins. we are trying

- i shall not discriminate against the female population. will try and respect them and all that shit.

-from now on i will try to be punctual as much as i can

-also i told my parents that i smoke and drink. wasnt that bad. big guilt balloon offloaded. phew. i havent smoked yet . i guess it shall be the best one yet

-the same laptop that has served me well for the last four years, the very same plain black coffee mug. and the same room mate of four years. sometimes it does feel good to carry a bit of past into now

-and a,b,c and almost d. my bad. mistake. my loss

that would be it. i need to wade through my house. find my stuff. and the pack. tata chennai. you have been good to me. specially the last three months. i have never known you.i shall be back. hello gurgaon



Saya said...

my god. soin turned good. new leaf n all tat. mudiyala da saami.

Tangled up in blue... said...

ooh good luck with all your endeavours! esp. learning to whistle..;) and not so much with learning to smoke! :P

and I've lived in Bombay my whole life and I still dont speak good Hindi..but "setjis" haha too funny! :D

and "it does feel good to carry a bit of past into now" absolutely! :)

Spaz Kumari said...

best of luck.

nishi said...

hey good luck!!!! have funnnn

Shalini said...

Cool!!! U coming to NCR eh?? Lucky for you...gurgaon is now connected to the whole city via metro!
All the best!!!

Srishti said...

WHOA! GURGAON? Awesome! I was there yesterday. :D And my dad's in Chennai abhi :D How cool.

Anywhooo, ALL THE VERY BEST! Hope to bump into you sometime ;)

soin said...

@saya.. abeyar me was goodu boy hamesha.. now tho better boy become chatha hoon and you such cynical comment dalthai hai. kya yaar. mufth

@tuib.. do you speak marathi? i am shiv sena agent.free

@spaz..i need luck. nandri hai

@nishi.. thank you.free

@shalini first gurgaon needs to connect it self. roads here are pathetic.free

@srishti..thank you. i refrain from typing some poor pj about bumping.free

Spaz Kumari said...

ai! i forgot. what about scene with madras one piece jingli?

Tangled up in blue... said...

My mother tongue is Konkani, which is a dialect of Marathi, spoken in Mangalore. So technically I do speak Marathi. And I'm precisely the kind of Marathi-speaker the Shiv Sena instinctively hates, but what to do, that feeling is mutual! :D

soin said...

@spaz.. waatha kadupu yethada di. yenake oru figure pidicha apuram track panalamnu paatha office fucked me up. you shall die a painful death. this is my crush on you.free

@tuib..huh was thinking they speak tulu in mlore. dint know they speak konkani too.free

Jil Jil Ramamani said...

hahaha...watte...Freudian slip-aa...curse on you, crush on you-va maari poyiduchu! :D

Ei please do off Kaadhal Kottai type kasa musa with jingli maal, sema entertainment it will be for us

Jil Jil Ramamani said...

Oh oh oh, besties for gurgaon. Welgum to the naarth! :)

soin said...

@jiljil.. arrey yaar one of my teacher used to say crush for curse..apidiye ottikuchu.. he also said buunzene for benzene..

kadhal kottai?? my cousin was right when he said doctors and lawyers are case..anyway get me a jingli maal i will do kasa musa yentertainment..

and i am naart born and bart up only yaar..free

Tangled up in blue... said...

My maternal grandmom's a Mangalorean but my mum was born in Goa so they have a sort of hybrid language we speak now which is mostly the Mangalorean version of Konkani. I think its so cool that these people learned so many languages but I just make do with English wherever I go without really learning local languages.

Sachita said...

'un' comment space is way too funny:)
Why did u ditch CTS?

soin said...

@tuib..so you are telling you can speak. ok good.free

@sachita.. waht to do yar.. they are always making fun of me. i yam very innacant fellow. and why i ditched cts? coz of saya of course..free

Vishnu said...


soin said...

aaargh..aaaargh..aaah aaargh.. ton to tonto tontodoin.. tododoin..