does it matter if its soft or harsh. or both. a bit of hair. i never knew.  you see these i am not it and i will be full of black. there are others too. it would be criminal not to consider exceptions. for they form a group among them. and there are more exceptions. so the original group to whom the exceptions were formed are exceptions again. i don't want exceptions. there was once a time when i wanted the exceptions. i wonder if it was some intellectual shit which drove me then. i shall assure you i am rid of such shit. all i want is my polar.  but then i thought i had learnt. learnt enough. not to. i have to confess i find the younger ones irritating. i have been reading of late. a bit. usually i wake up . job. and get high in the nights. i think i forgot how it feels how it is to be just it. no weed or rum or even ciggs. just like that. i was like that for 21 years. i shall be brave here. its not the job. it might be the money. but then its just another excuse. as i was broke yesterday, i emptied my ashtray , picked up the not fully smoked ciggs and lighted them again. rebirth. i believe in it. and am capable of it too apparently. anyways i have been reading. myth and history fascinate me. so i read about shiva, angels and more. and then i remembered the dear reader's recommendations. so when i had just 300 for the last week of this December, i went and got lolita for 150. i guess the rest 150 would have gone up in ashes. bring it back. and as i read lolita the tracks were being layed. one of awe at the sheer lyrical quality and the thought process. and another of pure disgust. no its not about morality. just that how can he falls for that young a girl. they are irritating. so as i read a parallel version with me and an older women in it was written. no not the next door aunty type older women. just a year or two above me (juju if you read this, i promise that none of the women in our office even enter my mind. disgust.) anyways the shrill-ness in the females voice irritates me. as they grow it wanes. maybe not. lets not smoke the exceptions again. the thing is, at 21 to 22 the shrillness goes down. hence i prefer the 24 year female. i the old about to die oldie of 22 . i am confused. i never knew whether the hottie or the intellect. first i have had neither. second it seems like too much unwanted effort , just to gauge this. its been four months in the job. and now i fully appreciate the female brain. i mean just the perspective. am not talking of gossips and kind. just the angle of thinking when we approach a job related problem you know. the influence is clear. i declare that now i will prefer a girlish girl rather than the black wearing tom boy types, which i preferred yesterday. but then i prefer the pink today. ok maybe not pink. but the bright colors. but then tomorrow is a different year. a lot happens in a year. next i shall get catcher in the rye.

is it even worth a fucking dime? its my turn to ask the questions. no shut up. you cant answer. dare not. i know you are never going to be correct.  now you can not ask me if there is an answer at all. like i said dont open your mouth. you could always go on. at least i could. of course i dont want to. because you dear dead people of the living, wont be reading till here. i presume so. for this is not insane. its the insane which is good to read. of course i am saen.  now at this point i want like to say something groovy. like say i will join some really weird facebook groups. you know just to make sure that you dear dead dont think am of the mushy kind who joins the groups like i love my mommy on facebook. at this point am irritated. friends. or alteast some part of them. they are tagging millions of people on photos which say happy new year. the same people who would think simon and garfunkel are my lawyers or something. ok that is lifted. i wish i could draw lovely cartoons. which might say am a rock and island. and the rock feels no pain. i love that song. is there only that much i could hope or do? bad. no really




still have any faith in originality? am losing mine. just by the sheer number of people doing the same bloody thing. just by probability i lost faith in it. i mean if you never read a book at all and just write you can claim to be original. but then by some screwed chance it will match another person from Romania or something. so if we try to read all the famous authors and try to evolve a new style again it is not original. added to the probability factor , it is derived so its fucked. so if we can not be original at all why be?



quick look at my blog index and yes a drastic drop in number of posts. what to do. am closing to avg of 12 hours per day. and to get over it bouts of weed and saraku. till now i was relying on cigarettes to get me through work. but i reached alarming levels of smoking, i mean personally.. sometimes smoking a pack in about 5 hours.. so trying not to smoke. but the this delhi ka mausam is awesum. proper winter. cant resist smoking. still trying. and after three months of buying basic stuff finally this month i have decent money to spend. yay

and to say am struggling to balance my life is an understatement. work takes up the week. week end its you know what. am missing so many arsenal matches. i mean mid week ones. damn. travelling.. footy..photos.. everything out.. i was so exited to go to that jodhpur music festival.. but cash shortage.. so this time when the pushkar fair came up i was like fuck it am making it. 500 rubees budget. enjoyed like hell. packed trains with people sitting on top of train too. winter and night journey and still sitting on train top. damn. and i sat and smoked up with rickshaw wallas in the gurgaon station,which is in a village.i got to go for only a day. but enjoyed a lot. met four faarign photographers. one good jingli. another from my company. other two guys hippie. a sadhu went chillum bana hua hay.. dhum hey thoo  aajao.. the two hippies with me recognised the word chillum and went. so smoked with them too. clicked a lot. roamed a lot. these faarign guys had some pass , so they took me in with them. if not i would have had to shoot some 500 mts away from the procession. thanks to them i was able to shoot as close as it can get. but most of the photos were fucked. reason? over exposure. and thats because I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!!!!!

sabaa. relief. six months ago i was sanctioned money for the camera. too many false dawns. and once i decided to get d5000 and was fishing for a good deal someone said they heard of some rumor about a new nikon camera patented in india. which means cheap. so yeah got original piece with warranty and all with lens for 30k. given the second highest resolution, new awesome sensor and software and first dslr to shoot full hd video.. damn good deal man. since most of you on fb and would have seen the photos no use putting up there. still the jingli who roamed with us.. she reminded me so much of the one piece from prakriti. damn


anyways its been four week ends since i had any rest. first week chennai. second travel back again. then pushkar fair. and the final week we went for team outing to jim corbett. awesum fun. good crowd. drunk absolut walker and bacardi rum all in one night. awesum resort. some 15k suite. lit up swimming pool. did all those adventure stuff. swimming in the river with elephants and smoking and beering..was range..got to know more folks quite well. was nice sitting in the night near the lit up swimming pool , with a bonfire going and chatting our way into the night , nightout and then safari early morning.

and finally my laptop died. for sure. hopefully this month i get to blog more ,travel more, read more, see all arsenal matches, go for few gigs and shoot loads. getting used to the feel of my new camera will take time. but then it would be awesum. the corbett trip pics were much better than the pushkar one. anyways hopefully a good month ahead. some pics from the corbett trip here




another am not busy just lazy post. job is vair niace. we are going jim corbett month end. getting sloshed every week end. went chennai last week full. home shifted to oothukottai, which is near pondi. the corporate monkey life suiting me very well. due is gethu. quarter not that great. but gethu lighting and camera. no shooting for the past two months. that would be all. hopefully write more. may be should start writing tamizh stuff in a diff place. oh and bless the key board short cuts. fully appreciate it now. and waatha this us gone ms pasanga scene over. Halloween with figaars photo lam fb la pottu.. saba.. and yes fm11 and fifa 11 .gethu. ok


பொன்னார்மேனியனே ! வேம்புலிதொல் உடுந்தவனே!
இன்னோர் தோல் கருதி நீ எம்தோள் உரிபதுவோ ?
 முன்னோர் பாற்கடலில் அன்று முழுனஞ்சுன்டவனே !
 பின்னோர் எம்மவற்கும் நஞ்சு பிரித்து வழங்குதீரோ?


blaag is vopan agaen

thought will change template.dint happen


first salary and convocation on the same day

searching for new house.plz roll back a year. old blog. cribbing about house guys not giving for bachelors

70% of office iit guys. they use the word funda a lot. even more than lot. also they make up alternative abbrv for tech terms and think they are genius. i snigger.

also you your self fill up some sentences which talk of awe and disgust at various things. pretty standard. or maybe not.

i dont have a room to stay come 1st oct

i shall write about gurgaon,work, office, team and girls later. i shall write later if you people write too. quad core quo

also am looking forward to va quater cutting. more than endhiran. i mean they have brilliant lyrics. ... kalyani ragam illa.. kizha thatti mela thirugu adhu dhaan sorgam pogam vazhi.. purandha kozhandhai, nimindha manushan kudicha gyana purushanadi.. and most importantly kwotaru kwotaru kwotaru kwotaru kwotaru kwotaru kwotaru.. kuvataru kuaaaataruu.. we saw boss in gurgaon pvr. bless them. they release tamizh movies in gurgaon itself



எந்தை தந்தை தந்தை , தந்தை தன் மூத்தப்பன்


cheena komi chan komi cha cha komi chan

its been long since i went a on a long train journey. 28 hours to delhi. i felt like an ant stuck inside a vibrator dildo. every time i did manage to sleep off a guy will wake me up with a cup of butter and soup stick. every fucking time. it was an automated system response. after one such futile attempt i climbed down from my upper berth. i expected to meet sudarar or vichadarar. but a shapeless lump with a shapeless beard sat there. lets call this entity shankar mahadevan. so i asked him all the questions any eager fan would shoot. sar why do you use a lot of words like kudi soniye and all in your song?...he smiled. sly... let me tell you one thing yaar.. life is about two things.. kudi and kadi.. kudi mane the girl.. kadi mane the food... i had to interrupt him here..sar in chennai also its kudi and kadi.. he blinked.. so i let him continue..he spoke about singing and all.. modulation- he tells me is the most important thing in singing.. you need to get into the feel of the song yaar..( he is correct. see 1.27-1.32 and 2.48-3 in this video)

its my fifth day here in ncr. and i have come to realize loads of things. to start with there are more punjabis in dilli than dilli people. you can obviously tell the male punjabi guys apart from the dilli guys. to start with there are no dilli guys. so that solves the problem. the ladies side aint that complicated. the punjabi girls are easy to spot. they are "well built" or "big bones" as the case be. they are taller than me. now thats pretty easy given am short but still if someone is shorter than me then they are not a punjabi kudi. and then they have moustache. and girdha (dont know englees for that).. and a bit of beard. you see the facial hair is not easy to spot. they shave it off. and they are pretty fair and they dont have black hair. its when the sun shines on her you see the golden coloured hair. some people think that punjabi girls are the dilli guys. please note that it is not. as i have already stated the latter entry donest exist. its extinct. a myth. and the punjabi girls are scary. like really scary. they are violent people. really violent. i mean just see the army. all the singh people are there. the rest of us indians are very peaceful. these punjabis want to fight all the time. we should send them all to pakistan. but really punjabi girls are the most boisterous of the lot. also i find their sense of humour to be of poor quality. no puns. and what was their state called?

now dont mistake me for a prejudiced fellow or worse rasict. am neither. i mean i just dont blindly call all chinkys as chinkys. i also call them nepalinikki. or korea. the point is am neither prejudiced or rasict. . only those humans whose face resembles a damaged kinetic honda engine which has met with an accident  (or resembles the crushed vadai in the vada poche vadivel scene), only those people who have small eyes that they try to make all the devices to their eye sight scale (and the world thinks they are genius and  hail them. smaller the device the costlier it is) , they have voldermot slits for nose and stand at about 73.6 cms from the ground. these people are chinkys. other chinkys are not chinkys. they are humans. they need to be respected. this of course means chinkys are not humans. they are just not our size. in all departments. most of the viagra ads are in chinese. people say there are so many chinese in the world. but if you consider the total volume , like in metre cube, i think all races equate pretty much the same.[ i hope you have listened to that excellent song by bruno on world peace and koreans]. so now that i have clarified let me type on.

the work. ah yes. you know something is fundamentally fucked up with the company when the firsr hr girl who addresses the new comers first is a white girlish version of sendhil. impress us guys. alteast show us some hope on the first day. later you can kill us. send some good chicks atleast for the formal hello welcome to shit intro. so only six of us. i like this. not part of a big herd. company has 300 employees. 3 offices in gurgaon. from friday new office. training for two weeks. people are pretty lax here. or so it appears. they walk in t-shirts and jeans. no dress code. but they are bloody efficient. pharma based company. these people basically tell the pharma companies how to cheat you. so pretty much in the class of doctors and lawyers. they explained to us how the industry works. the pharma side and what we are to do. its pretty evil work. am i evil? yes i am. so from monday i start two week training in a nice place. loads of eat outs. and smoking chicks. i hope i get a kudikum kudi.

also unexpected stuff and people overwhelm you. thank you two random people and two more random facebook frands..and when someone whom you respect a lot tells you nice things..it does feel good..  of course all these five people above are saying is fuck you bastard. go kill your life.  i know am blowing my own nadhaswaram here.. but this is the only mushy pheelings outlet la..feels nice to type out.

that would be it



its been what fifteen years here? and am yet to live here. and am leaving. am yet to pack. the train is at 6. my parents will make sure am out of the house by 5. there are so many new stuff around me. infact everything from jetti to the suitcase carrying it is new. so this might turn out to be long personal emo post. maybe not. and to get into the corporation feel-bullets. organisations. life needs it. so the positives

-all you 8.3 people ( 8 real people and 3 virtual people) who cursed that i shouldnt become a software engg got your wishes. work here promises to be better than what i had signed up for.

-every three years in my life i have got a chance for like total restart.from scratch. am thankful for that. guess have used it well.

-i dont like gurgaon by the sounds and net of it. i hope i get to live near hauz ghas or something like that. lets see.

-also its nice that i have had complete freedom. lucky that way. one day i fellied in bcom form and asked dad to sign it. two days later i join that darn nit and ask them yo pay fee. not a single word. lucky

-also i realize i have been bloody lucky. right from school, crowd, college now to job. that you universe

-everyone who is working has warned me. yet here is my hoping i get to roam a lot. trek a bit. shoot a bit. himachal, rajasthan, up and upper mp.

-i will try and let go of prejudices. about setjis and the like. i guess after ten years in hindhi speaking part of the country there is no point in my hating it blindly. there is so much literature. and is gateway for sanskrit. so here is me promising i will learn hindhi properly.

-since i can remember, this is the first time i went and got dresses for myself. i dont like that shopping part. so since i was a kid my parents just go and get something. result is me having crazy joker assortment of clothes. i pramis to take get myself proper dresses.

-my personal hygiene is about 0.1 out of 100. that .1 is because after two day , third day morning when i go to poop i wear my underwear inside out. i cant do that in this aapice. so will maintain decent level

-i cant whistle. i cant shave. it shall change

-till now its been trim the hair and shave once in six months. not it shall be six days or something like that

-also on the thankful part. my brother now completely cured. nothing has made me happier. free

-when i was leaving for college the maximum time me and my amma can speak without trying to burn each other was 3 milli seconds. not its 30 mins. we are trying

- i shall not discriminate against the female population. will try and respect them and all that shit.

-from now on i will try to be punctual as much as i can

-also i told my parents that i smoke and drink. wasnt that bad. big guilt balloon offloaded. phew. i havent smoked yet . i guess it shall be the best one yet

-the same laptop that has served me well for the last four years, the very same plain black coffee mug. and the same room mate of four years. sometimes it does feel good to carry a bit of past into now

-and a,b,c and almost d. my bad. mistake. my loss

that would be it. i need to wade through my house. find my stuff. and the pack. tata chennai. you have been good to me. specially the last three months. i have never known you.i shall be back. hello gurgaon



Decency Defied

note-first things first. three deadlines over.juju you bastard.. where is the blogpost? blog you bitch.blog you bitch (to the tune of fuck you bitch from soad). two days no blogpost you are dead..i will ambalavanar-padhuthfy your love life

one two three... well theres seventeen things i can rant about right now.. wait.. 18 19.. ok 23 to be exact. to borrow words from that richmond guy "say who gives a fuck?"..life seems a sine graph. its either extreme pressure situation or pointless nothing to look forward to state like i am in. i seem to sleep through the transition period. ir maybe its a step graph. its getting too technical. also i went to this high class party yesterday thanks to ro. it was sema comedy.

apparently there is some annual private performance festival at some five star hotel in chennai. and one organisation whose events i have attended twice , is responsible for it. in one minute it went from ah what a nice guardian of local arts to oh fuck another richppl playtoy. there are old age home escaped thatha pati all dressed in the we-stole-mani rathnam movie-costume style... then there were these middle aged people who were writers, poets and actors . basically all were rich. and figure. drool worth girls. all in chick dress. one girl was like wearing a single piece that just covered her boobs and her upper thighs. she got sexy vazhathandu legs. there were a total of five girls who looked my age and would have passed any guy's level.waatha.. and oc saraku.. it was supposed to be at 7. we went tonty mins late. they told us the main person was yet to come and it was about 8 before they even went in. all grandma and grandpa were drinking off. it seems the whole crowd just came for the oc saraku. and there were so many photographers. bindhu paper.. times.. all were there..and each of these five figures came over said hi to ro and got introed. including the single piece dhevadhai. and she sat next to me. saraku control panradha illati indha feelings control panradha.. oh radha..bledy. the max figure i have seen is renganadhan stores t nagar farud tambram who is white and studying in crescent engg college.

anyways sema fun. so many girls. so little time. and this single piece girl got drunk slitcha. just when i was thinking oh no another peter.. the performance started.. ghatam fusion. main reason i was there. no the jingli or the oc high class saraku dint hold me. and when they started this girl was putting a misrachappu thalam perfectly. seven sir. waatha. also there was this real good piece and i was asking ro if she had any idea about it. this girl butt in and proudly proclaims its rathipathi ragam and recited a kalidasa piece. and frm there on she went 20 on scale of ten on overall package rating. hot. knows carnatic so well. and speaks local level tamil too. our conversation ended in kalyani heating part and old anamali wines. plays the violin it seems. and she showed her foto in iyengar style saree. aiyo rama. these rich people confuse me. and then one aunty came over and sat near us. was also wearing peter dress. after party over i get to know that she is this one peice jingli mother. anyways the main event is in two weeks. i got the pass. yay! and facebook events i saw. she is coming. and ro was was rj giving running commentary on every one there in hushed voices. lol rich people are comedy people. idiots. and tyrants. the amount of amit-ness in high level brahmins amazes me. indian terrain kurtas. dei naiye. and the things they speak of. comparing daughter mother butt sizes. and 60 year old grandmas who cant hold a pen puttin saraku. one thing that the single piece jingli disaapointed me-vodka. its ok girls drinking vodka. but to call it wadkha and not voduka.. cha.. wadkha.. woaka.. waatha..

and i should get my hopes high. like aishwarya rai who now repents every second why she accepted the movies jeans she might repent speaking with me. i think mrs.rai would avoid prashanth if they met in any parties by mistake.. thu.. naiye .. i dont know you.. its one of the worst casting case.. the other being abbas in kk..also i think the 21 year old aishwarya rai was the most beautiful women i have ever seen. her hair in a bun. yellow blazer, white shirt, hardly any make up.. advertising the eye donation campaign.. she stole my 2nd standard heart.. and then iruvar.. gorgeous. after that it was downhill. but that women who looked like an angel in that ad..

also you people are very bad. when i have loads of stuff to occupy me you all do one blog post every two days. and now i have nothing to do or look forward to you people dont blog. fuckers. i am going to block you all. i will do voodoo pooja that the single piece jingli speak to me at the concert and dispels my hate for rich and fair people and strengthens my belief that am the next dhanush. thala your movies only i see. i believe all your movies are real. i know it will happen to me. one rich girl will correct me and i will be rich over night. anyways screw riff. there is no guarantee of chicks there. i will save and go for this thing. one day i got pass. other three days gota pay. riff next year pathukulam.

so basically i have nothing to do. wake up daily. sleep and hope that i wake up the next day. yes i have been roaming here and there. i just like eating a sack of dry fine sand and keep on walking rajhasthan. i wonder if my body would get intelligent and drink the water in my blood since i was never going to drink water. the stomach will never fell hungry coz of all the sand in it. and my blood will become solid. my body will be numb and wont feel any pain. it can rot away who cares. and i can die a real peaceful death. getting used to peace is easy. switching between peace and life is tough. or so they say.

have seen many classic movies and all. even saw two woody allen movies. loads of new music.  i somehow altered my policy and have started reading ebook. half you people hate catcher in rye .why? to both the half. anyways i have started with war and peace and lolita. i want to write sort of modern spoofish version. how much space does a man need. i wrote that as a blog post . have to finish it. and war and piece as a synopsis i might try. kills time. also since may 16th i havent touched a drop of alcohol. even when college people came over and we went pondicherry. even when we had oc saraku yesterday. i need it.


pps- i take back few stuff about younger girls. they are proving to be highly amusing and wild. still irritating



i am a non-veggie. i consume milk and eggs. they are not vegetables are they? so sitting in kfc sipping or rather sucking the thick straw which promises to pump up the heavenly whipped cookie crushers up our throats. but no sir. it refuses to come up. yes we are there just for the krushers. i have hazar curshes on it. my friend brings a tray to join us. subway. harish takes opens the sauce packets and pours it all over the cookie.. "dei what are you doing da"..."dei this is not a subway vadai? ". three girls giggle. next table. ah jingli (for clarification.. desc order..jingli jikku jillu attu araku gomadhi) . its when am sight adichifying them i listen "hey this social science teacher is giving us loads of assignment,,".. wait social science?? 10th standard girls.. about 2 metres of wire fall down from my stomach. have to stich it up again. as my friend after a few minutes tells me "machi local tasmac bar is the only place where we dont feel out of age. every where else we are senior citizens"..i can only concur. there are kids every where these days

14 15 year olds..city centre..express avenue.. amtheyst..mocha.. saravana bhavan..saravana stores.. temple.. trade fair.. ranganathan street..every where except the tasmac bar. and the scene they put. yo homie wazap nigga line. i admit it. i feel old. sort of stretched. i think there has to be a way for guys to know girls age. not the exact age mind you. rough. like 13-17..17-22.22-26..26-aunty and so on..i have an idea. like the tree ageing thing we can have concentric circles in a girls fore arm. right fore arm. one circle 13-17 category..two circles 17-22.. depending on how full the circle is we can get to the finer things. i find young girls irritating. they screech for everything. eeeeeeeee...and i hate older guys. like 26 27 year olds. they are marrying my batch girls. not fair guys. not at all. be a man. i prefer slightly older women. they dont screech.

its been a week since i got out and stretched a bit. some darn virus. first one L board doctor put tharmameter. 106 degree... aiyo invlova? admit now. 106 is high. what she dint know was that i just put dhum and tea to cure my head ache. hour later some senior doctor came to see how i ave 106.. did you drink anything hot before coming here? cha. i thought i was going to be famous. 106 degree fever. tv news channel. guinnes record and so on. new temp said 104. so hospital staff totally happy that i will stay on for the night.

the last week or so, tis the most frustrated state of mind. ever. locked up. food is bitter. have been doing some thing or the other to keep my self occupied till job starts. but it looks like am running out of things. so many books recos.. but i dont like e book. hate them. to have a paper back lie down in the terrace and read it.. ah. but i is bankrupt. and when life seems fucking boring something good happened. my cousin on a nice friday announced that she is getting married to a christian. all hell broke loose. tears. drama. how i louw my family. she got married this friday. fun. i saw so many cousins after so long. one to be exact. i named her kid. and i had to bribe all the niece and nephew not to call my mama. also i train them to call my cousins by the name, call me amma as aaya..

i feel like writing about hazar things buy feel its pointless. just like why am putting shit in this space. to kill time i suppose. but i could just lay down. its been 3 months since a drop of alcohol wet my tongue. bledy i should have swallowed and corrected some figar or the other. atleast could have killed time. kadlai and oori suthufying. right now talking and hanging out with the same two. also finaly got the moving parts of my dad;s slr working. its heaving bandages. metering doesnt work. but hey i got two good lenses. so got a film and started clicking a bit. maybe i will start doing portraits. if only i get good jingli to pose


ps-gurgaon. i might end up there soon. back to dilli. this time i just wont go near lajpath nagar

pps- been spamming facebook and twitter like never before.ajuss


sweet burn

there was once a lady who had a big farm. she grew nothing but chillies on it. her brand of chillies were very famous and hence costly. everyone suspected she was doing something different. some hushes voices spoke of black magic. she was a queer lady. quiet. she kept to herself. she liked her chocolate dark and bitter.she added a ton of sugar to her coffee,she liked it sweet.

the famine came. all seem to wither with a curse of an angry goddess. but her crops stood strong. the hushes of black magic became whispers. she harvested the chillies. they sold at unbelievable prices. the rich and wealthy brought it. and they used it and then spat it out. the chillies were all sweet. they took it to her and asked "what injustice is this?? the chillies are sweet.you cheated us.we want our money back". she gave their money back. she was hurt and angry. she vowed never to farm again. she died soon. since then never a single chilli had grown in that town.



grey rabbit

it was around 5 in the morning. tap or two on the door. the door was opened "yes ayya?".."amma you will have to leave this place..kalingar ayya has allocated space for you near neelangarai".."what? why should i move? why all of a sudden. i have lived here since independence.".."yes amma you are correct. but now they are going to clean the cooum ma. world bank ma. we cant do anything. you have been allocated new house. cement house ma.in neelangarai".."but its so far. wait is it my skin colour? the cooum was black and i was black and you let me live here. now it will become white. please. i will use fair and lovely. ".."aiyo amma fair and lovely is fraud.it wont change skin colour. and even if you change colour you have to move amma".."it doesnt work? farud. see how they fool people sir. the place where i sweep the lady is using it for 15 years. she says once the effect starts she will turn white . she expects the effect to kick in about a month"..."thank you amma. so you are moving right?"..."no no i wont move this place..noooo..."..."srija wake up. its 6 already. exam day.amma has already sat in poojai".

its was 7 before srija was ready. the bell signalled her amma's entry. srija was busy . make up. "srija loosu, what are you doing?".."decreasing the tension ma. its my first board exam remember. revathi miss said go to exam like you go outside with friends. no tension. and amma look at this new pencil thing. garnier ma. reduces dark circles under your eyes".."aiyo rama. please save this stupid girl.ok go fast to anjaneyar temple.."..and as she turned amma hit srija's elbow.."aiiyyyoo,amma this garnier pen has hit my eye. it burning..aiyooo"..."shaniyane. yendi ipidi panra?"

its was five minutes before srija reached the masoodhi theru anjaneyar kovil. it was a small modest temple. the main hanuman shrine. then a ramar and krishnar shrine. on exam days this temple would resemble the great ranganadhan street. this was by no means one of the older temples in mylapore. but it was famous among the students. of the various reasons , sreepadhy was one major draw. sreepadhy was a 30 year bearded priest. unlike the other two priest in the temple sreepadhy dint come to god after others failed. ever since anyone could remember him, he was always a man of god. every time he did an archanai, he will bless the bhakthas with the bestest of blessings. for every student to go there and be told that they will do bloody well was as good a boost as any. it was in the way sreepadhi put it across. he was ever smiling fellow. all the money that the archanai plate recieved was promptly passed over to the temple authorities. he would just take home him set salary of four thousand. everyone called him a man of honour and so on. but not his wife charukesi. she was really frustrated at the limited income. this meant she had to work too.

in the same compound of the temple there was a small building. an old one in dull green. here too many would flock. the great astrologer varadhan lived here. he was the patron of the temple , funding it as and when he could. he was also a saint. and a leader. only a month ago he was chosen as the head of the hindu swasida party. without any competition. this meant varadhan was not just busy and popular but powerful too. but he was a wise one. he never let the all this get to his head. he was 60 and still unmarried. he would get up , do the sandhyavardhanam then the saligramam poojas, then visit the anjaneyar temple and then only start work. he was an expert reader of the horoscopes. he never charged the poor. he would rest for hour and a half in the afternoon. this is time charu used to bring him lunch. charukesi was vardhan's cook. she used to cook and earn so that she could cook again. varadhan looked after charu like his own daughter. and when she lamented about her husband he asked for her horoscope. "raja yogam. dont worry good times are upon very soon"

it was about five weeks since varadhan predicted good times for charu but nothing had improved. until that monday. she got pregnent. after the initial happines evaporated,she started cursing varadhan mama."already we dont have money. now i cant work. on top of that doctor medicine and all. aiyo rama.." .."dont worry di. i will try to get some other part time job. maybe in the afternoon or night. we will manage dont worry"..at the very moment varadhan came over their room.."yenadi charuma you dint even tell me. very good news da sree. dont worry you need not come to cook. i will take care of all the medical expenses. i have no kids . what will i do with all this money? dei sree you need not come temple as often as now. take care of her" very happy sree went back to the temple that evening. everyone noticed his extra enthu that day. srija came and dropped a 100 rupee note in the plate "nan pass aiten"..for the first time sreepadhi took the 100 rupee note and folded it in his dothi.  he walked a few kilometres to radhakrishnan salai , krishna sweets to be precise and got half a kilo of the mysorepa his wife loved so dearly.

janaki was 58 years old. a doctor. she had expected her son to take her along to newzealand and ask her to sit at a home. instead she was left here alone to look after the nursing home. her husband had passed away when she was 40. unlike many doctors who claimed that this profession provided everything you expect from humanity janaki hated it. she hated the wailing babies. their shapeless features. the amount of drama during each delivery. how some women pooped all over the room just after delivery. so when sree called in she was far from happy. all these mylapore maamis were extra theatrical.  "yeah bring her in an auto. arambichachu yezhavu.. amma valikudha.. aatha yeriyudhu.. yenamo namellam kozhandhaiye peradha madhiri..(*drama like we never pregs*)"

it would have 3 or 6 hours sreepadhi could never know. yet there was no sign of the baby. it was early morning when varadhan came over. another 30 mins. janaki finally came out."its a boy. healthy. but before you see the baby we need to talk". janaki's room was a large spacious room with old furniture. across her table a beeming varadhan and a tensed sreepadhy sat.."see here mr.sreepadhy..the kid is healthy and all. but its a bit abnormal."...a nurse knocked.."excuse me madam the kid is washed and ready"..."seri you go. its better you come and see". and a clean white room with 10 craddle lay before them. just one of them had a baby in it. the baby was bundled in white dhothi. sree was very happy. it looked as beautiful as a baby he had known. he went near by and placed his right thumb in its small soft palm. it closed it tiny fingers around it. "hmm sreepadhy it better you unwrap and see it once"...it was nothing sree had expected. the baby looked quite old. it had facial hair around its jaws. its mouth seemed a bit bulging. and it had a small tail. yes a tail.

sree was composed. he dint expect this. but it was as if something or rather someone was holding him from falling down. it was varadhan. sree placed the baby carefully back and walked out."dei sree this is unbelievable da. the very god you have been praying to has come down as your child. can you even believe this? ah dear god. is there no end to your leela??".. sree dint say anything.."look sree this is big. we should pay these people to keep it under wraps. stay in my house for few days till we figure it out". sree dint utter a word. varadhan took it for granted it was him who will break it to charu. three days later they had spent two days in varadhans house. hidden. sree hadnt spoken yet. that night varadhan called them both "has the kid slept off? ok. i still cant believe that lord rama picked you both. this kid will unite all the tribes. convert the non-belivers. we cant keep this under wraps anymore. i have made the necessary arrangements. day after tomorrow we release pictures and videos . this baby is meant for really big things. we all knew it staright away. my hindu swasida party will take care of security. you will get a new big house and all that. you know its the god order. things are in motion. "..."yes mama i knew this would come. my son is meant to be the saviour of this failing hindu religion. am sure sree will like a good big temple with devotess packed. we are ok mama." . sree dint say anything.

and all the things happened as varadhan expected. the neighbouring house were brought with limitless cash. the temple and the house were expanded. everyone flocked too see bala anjaneyar. that was the baby's name.with a small crown studded with stones on its head which prevented it form tilting its head often, hourly poojas and darshan, bala's life was far from normal. he dint grow up as a human but rather as an institution. his first birthday put political party meetings to shame.  charu was so happy. she had everything she could have ever wanted. they adressed her as deva maatha. sreepadhy continued his job as a priest. but no one liked him any more. he was rich. he was no more cheer full. he would just chant the mantras and give away the prasadams. no more choice of blessings. but the devotees dint mind. he was a holy man. of course the guy to milk the most was varadhan. he started to become famous. and powerful. he was now known on a national circuit now. varadhan ji they called him. in short life was good for everyone.

all except the dravidian party members. atheists. they had lost they foot hold. and rumours. of a new hindu national wide party. with the bala hanuman as its mascot. 40 years of political life was vanishing in a wisp. they dint know what to do. they went and saw the kid. it was not a fake. he looked like hanuman him self. something had to be done. and meena azaghuraja decided she had to act soon. her father was one of the big shots during the dravidian movement. and she was well respected. if she could end the hanuman menance she would be the queen. or so she dreamed. but she was never able to do anything. a year passed. not just her but the whole party was under jeopardy. retired hindu leaders had come back into politics. all over the country all the hindus were galvanised. with election a year away it seemed inevitalbe. the whole scale of it all of course amazed everyone. including varadhan. but such is gods plan for him. he was always special but this . he never knew god had meant such things for him. to lead on all the hindus . to where he dint know. maybe once he became the pm he would.

 meena decided to visit the bala hanuman. he had grown as a 3 year old would. with more beard and a bigger tail. he was already being trained in the vedas and such stuff. what ever he wished it came to be. people waited for hours for him to throw tantrums settle down and call out their names and say good things. varadhan had trained him well. next called out the attendant. meena stepped forward. "are you really hanuman?".."yes he is. are you an idiot?".."wait let him talk.tell me kid are you hanuman?"..."yesss"..."what makes you think so?"..."i have face like him. i dress like him. i have a tail."..."that doesnt make you a hanuman. prove to me you are hanuman. do what hanuman did. can you jump through the trees and go to kapaleshwarar kovil form here?"....varadhan interrupted "idiot lady. who are you? how dare you talk.."...:"dont shout mama. prove it. hanuman was always able to to jump like that. we all know it. do it and prove it"'..varadhan dint hesitate for a moment. with great respect in his voice he turned to bala  "she is an idiot. please do this and prove it to her beyond doubt . just climb on the wall here and you will know what to do. you are afterall god". bala blinked. varadhan got up lifted bala and put him on the nearest tree which was a mango tree. all the devotess started chanting.. jai hanuman..maruthi deva.. and so on.. cheered on bala started moving among branches. it was five mins before he got to the branch nearest to the next tree. jump said varadhan. bala obliged. to everyones surprise he fell down and lay limp. blood everywhere. screams. confusions. meena was smiling. this is enough..she tuned to her aasnt "you recorded it fully right?"..yes madam.. meena left the place. next day morning there was a huge crowd in front of meena's house. all the party members had come over.,."madam you are great. just now we got confirm news. that hanuman paiyan is dead"

charu had gone into a state of shock. she dint speak a word. she sat in a corner. sreepadhi was his usual self. dint say anything. dint do anything. varadhan was no where to be fond. rumour was he had run away. fact was he had gone to his village to recover. everything, the whole empire built over 3 years had destroyed. just before the election. varadhan was broke. things were back to normal. or they seemed. the temple was deserted. charu looked more like a beggar now. varadhan returned after a month. that night he met sreepadhy . for the first time sreepadhy saw varadhan break down. varadhan cried. "mama please dont cry. look i am the father and am ok. its fine. its gods will. you said so".."sree what can i do now? we have failed all the hindus. look how fickle all this crowd is. sree promise me. promise me you will have a child as early as possible"..."no mama. i wont have another child. i had a child. i would have silently taken him away to some obscoure village and brought him up. but my wife was greedy and now we are childless."..."sreee you owe us all. do it or i will as well as commit suicide today. rama comes in my dreams and curses me for not finishing the job". finally sree gave in.

a month and few pregnancy test later, no sign of a child. varadhan started to blackmail and threaten sree. emotionally of course. sree felt he owned varadhan ,religion and god quite a bit. he tried. but no sign of the baby. charu was no more interested. she was just numb. her body felt like a vessel . everytime sree fucked her she felt nothing at all. nothing happened. varadhan passed away suddenly. and the guilt quotient in sree increased. he became desperate. one clear sunday morning charu just woke up. when she came to the hall it felt wierd. all windows were closed. there was a big steel cage. in it was a monkey. it appeared dead. sree was sitting next to it "charu this is your last chance. the monkey is sedated. take it to the bed room. do what ever you want. i want a baby in ten months. now take it and go in.."..."are you mad??".."no am not. i know how you had bala in first place. i dont know where you got the monkey from. you never had much sex with me. where did the tail and all come from? simple. you had sex with the monkey.i dont know how. i couldnt satisfy you. you couldnt go to another man. was it in sozhinganallur?? "..."hear youself. you are insane.i dont want to live with you anymore".."come back here. i have lost everything because of you. you owe me this. i dont know why we are not having a baby again. i tried all i could. so take this monkey before it wakes up"..the next morning sree was found hanging. charu was no where to be found
ps-as usual since its translated i got lazy and swallowed a lot



sort of pointless since most of you is fb franseep. anyways hampi photos here. with this photos work done. now onwards will write regularly.

also click this image and see #5 and #9. yes for my blag. whatey




i know am awesome and all that but sometimes i amaze myself to no end. this is one of those times. i actually sat through 984 photos clicked in kanchipuram waddled through processed them and uploaded them. 2 days it took. too many photos to put here. so album here. still i have about 500 from tirupathi trip, more than 1k from hampi. god knows when i will process them. and after this sridhar's photos also to waffle through.sabaa....




what is human pain known as?? how can you claim your part of food when we are co feeding in the same plate just because you are lazy to get the plates from mess to hostel? the answer is mysore. it is beautiful place. i like it better than blore. anyways week and a half- kanchipuram , tirupathi , hampi , banglore mysore and then chennai. clicked over 2k images. so instead of just putting them up like a clutter am grouping them. and i hope i atleast sort them once before i get bored of all this shit.

set #1- ash to dust
i never get to click potraits coz i never have subjects. also cigg fascinates me from photos point of view. but somehow when i tried to click am not able to tell the other what i want. so basic shit is that these are b/w photos of me smoking. sridhar and me experimented a lot with lights angles timings and what not. so these are the base ones. more to come. since new with this genre tell me which ones are decent and which are good. as you can see, you have plenty of choices. all shots are cliched but still...

                                                        1.look ahead but keep on turning

2.high and low





7.which one of these is less bad?


9.ash to ash

10.good morning


12. no name





17.medula oblangata


so i cant find titles. alternate ones please. will write more later. or type. whatever



fake messiah

where did all these people come from? who even called them? people. so many.  from here all i can see is the sea. sea of heads. rock, plants and sea. the night sky. the moon almost full. the atmosphere electric. you can sense it. i always knew i was special. but this special? am i to lead these people on? to where? but am just a man. dear god what have you done? humanity rests on the tip of a used tooth pick. it stinks. but still can be washed and used again. i can feel it. dawn is not far off. we shall have new religions. names should have no meanings. like the african teams. Nigeria. like the Nigerian under 20 women team. they reached the finals. and i watched the whole match in one hope. that they will exchange their jerseys like the men do. no they dint do it. unsporting cunts. and they dint even cry like many men do after winning the world cup. all they care is to celebrate. thu. and the Nigerian u20 ladies..their names are classic. just put beeda and spit and make some noise at the same time and voila we have new unique names. wait can i do that? spit and make new sound at the same time? its very tough. but am the chosen one. i shall do what is required. i shall change things. show them the light. and then take over the world. it has to be done. for the greater food. i mean greater good. who even placed the f near the g on the qwerty keyboard? why did qwerty come to be? ah i shall change all this. they are all looking to me to put things right. but first i need to know if they are with me. hmm. lets try. ...

its at this point that i pointed at the front guy and yelled go in da...the crowd responded. wow. go-in-da.. go-in-da.. i could hear the same sound vibrate all over. and the guy turned and told me going da... and they repeated it too.. going-da... going-da.... and he went inside. my cell phone vibrates. with it resonates my balls. having two balls is tough. i wonder how long before the third grows. will my jatti size increase? and why do some ladies judge the gentlemen with their penis size? btw can we judge the ladies with the vagina depth? it seems fair. btw whats the avg depth of a vagina? should i use inches or senti-metres. wait is that why we indians use sentimetres? we are sentimental. more than the ameriga. questions questions questions. questions that need answers urgently. i shall find out.

anyways two days in kanchipuram. and then the parents and sridhar along went tirupathi. some things have to be done for my owners sake. but i love driving the car. highway. where you brake to slow down and you are still at 90 speed. i loathe driving in the city. i have been told chennai is one of the less irritating city to drive. and i loose it every time i drive here. and my appa nicely takes away two wheeler to office and leave the car behind. i loathe driving the car in the city that i cycle every where. i love cycling. anyways loads of photos. and tomorrow off to the hampi.

and do you hate it when people are soobar happy and exited that they jump up and down and type in all caps? do you? do you? huh? i presume so.

i am getting a dslr. nikon d5000. the funds have been released by my owners. *does the naga tribal dance.grandpa comes from ground floor asks me to stop*.. ok I AM GETTING NEW CAEMRAAAAAAAA.... HEEEEEE HAAAAAAAWWW...do i sound like 14 year old girl? fag aff...and people appy francheap day. *rings neck and dies, comes back from the dead to buy the camera*..treat for anyone who asks now. except for gs.

govindha goooovindhaaaa... win win da..

and lets talk it that food. the blueberrys place in mylapore is gethu. slitcha high price. but goodu foodu. nice ambience. hidden. nice place for the kadlai date parties.

cusine-temple food or prasadam. the very bestu..

puliyodarai- madhava perumal temple and the kesavar temple (both mylapore)
chakarapongal-varadaraja perumal koil in kacnchipuram at 8.30 am. when its haat..
thenkozhal (peters-it muruku type)-sri rangam temple. also chill appam
melagu vadai or the kara kara vadai-thiruallikeni temple,triplicane
dhodyonam or the curdu rice- madurai temple
idli- kanchi varadar temple. it special. called kanchivaram idli. tumblur shaped.
upma or kitchidi- thiruvallur veeraragaswamy temple
ladoo- tirupathi.obv..
pepper rice type kadamba sadham. ditto. tirupathi..
adhirsam- triplicane temple
sojji appam- kumbakonam temple
ellu sadham-chidambaram temple
so it goes..
as my thalaivar sendhil says-inparmayson is veldthu.

and if you suddenly need to go thirupathi..no tickets for darshan and all that thing..check this.. if you climb up from the base half way through you get darshan tickets. no crowd. these tickets are special. they let you in directly. darshan over in less than 60 mins in weekdays. week ends 90 mins. the ticket is not only free but includes stay and food. it takes four hours to climb. now more inparmayson.. there is a place called chandragiri near the foot hills. take a bus there. from there another route exists to climb up. really small. takes just about 80 mins to climb. and you get this special ticket here too. very few people know this route. to persuade you to take the stairs and ditch the car ride to the temple uptop- the day before we went the foot route was closed as a cheetah tried to snatch a baby. then we climbed. the next day it was closed again as another cheetah attacked some lady. also go talakona falls if you can.




some nice lady said she wanted to buy my image . she even said she would pay for it. idiot. just right click from flickr and save. anyways periaya dash madhiri i told her no money ,take it. kaachaks. then she gave specifics. then only i found out that i dont have the original image. me was very afraid she will say ada thu. the flick image is very low resolution and all that.

its this image-the mylapore temple.i can always click a thousand angles.one more here
kapaleeshwar temple

me thinks this is not difficult to shoot at all and said i will click it again. three days more than 200 shots and am not able to get one like. freeya left. and i think in another year or two i might loose that louw i got for chennai. first they ban ciricket in marina beach. some rich setu thevdiya payan wants to walk on sunday morning and this is what happens. what fucking reason behind the ban. and corporation in name of renovations kill many grounds. and now the announcement of a fly over. me is orey angry at this. the fly over is from light house to out side city so helping port people. thaioli. oorotha thevdiya. suitcase changed hands. first proposal was rightly turned down. imagine fly over all along the beaches. instead of wave sounds horns. instead of couple sitting and holding hands they will do matter behind fat pillars. waatha whole charm of beach is lost. i hope massive protests. one is there as soon as this sunday. and unlike those idiotic mumbai and delhi people we dont hold candles in current illadha mambalam and kosu adichify. lets get broootal. 

and now i see dim wits having photography pages on fb.. and people becoming "fans"..ada thu... when guys like jagan have one its justified. quality. but onum theriyadha onan and all. have money. get one dslr. waatha 16 17 year olds have dslr. do they even know whats iso and how to work it? and when they talk of meaning of photos and all. haiyo saamy. dei dags when you click do yo actually see this log signifies death,flower life and all such shit? most of photograaphy is fluke. you infer and see things after hours of post processing and they talk as if they saw all this in photo and clicked it. rightu vidu

friday ultra bored and just wanted to see some movie. saw salt. who is salt? yaaru uppu? thuppu..not worth its salt. shit movie. jolie paaty matter scene obv cut in indian theatre. and saturday saw khatta meeta. first ever akshay movie me seeing. to see the director of movies like kala paani and kancheevaram do shit like this.. saaba me is vindicated. never turn your passion into main stream livelihood. sunday i looked for a movie called bhel puri it was not that. seri tv atleast test match we can see cook and vessel me think but no india loosing test to india a or something.  and i see that chick alonso wins the race after one pottai move by ferrari engg. maasa respectu. 

with so much time me is writing a lot. mainly in tamizh. lamba kahaniis. look ma i learnt hindhi from khata meeta. anyways i know only one and half of you here can read tamizh so no point in uploading. and to type it in english is mokkai. half content is lost as i cant find proper words and the rest is lost in laziness. talk me should i put any stories at all? one really long one or in parts? i think one long one. in that way you can just scroll down and saw nice things. i make it easier. thats my mottai of life. and with more time am editing old images. that times i just clicked and uploaded. loads of mistakes, noise and all. now that i have learnt a bit am trying to edit a few. i need one signature shtyle of editing. like main saar has low lightings. like balamurali krishna mispronounces thamizh. i mean what atrocity is that? take that famous song of his from thiruvilayadal.. oru naal podhuma.. tamizh saaga oru naal podhuma.. its nawl.. not nal.. and he is considered great. so many mistakes. 

and why are people liking this madrasapatinam movie? lame story? tick. udit narayanan kathifying in tamizh ? tick.. the only reason me wanted to see are for those sets of old madras. me is struck in wrong times. i should have been there in old madras. when it was fort,black town(george town),santhome,triplicane and mylapore. thasall madras. no no. that time means being the iyengar safe type i would have served british and all. ok take me back to 2ad. valluvar. no st.thomas controversy. just mylapore on the beach. sigh. anyways the sets. a dhobi is washing clothes on that big stone used by dhobi and the stone is shaking with each hit! cracks. thats in the second scene. i can see it so explicitly. dint the camera art and editing guys see it? from there on so many mistakes here and there. when you put such sets why no research? there are old photos. old movies like sadhu mirandal (nagesh hero) which was one of the first movie to shoot in outdoor locations, which showed 60 cetral, buckingham, marina and 60's psbb. yeah psbb. aiyo aiyo. and maps. yes russain and american armies mapped us in 1950s. see here. anyways movie could have been better. much better. we went for preview show. so saw that amy adams. sema figure. and to see that she lip synched so brilliantly and dubbed..pah.. these tamizh heroines all daba. dont even lip sync properly.

also sudden plans. me is happy. sridhar is bored. so he come over.. two days in kanchi.. two in tirupathi (both parents forcing and blackmailing).. and then four days in hampi.. yay.. overall photos main agenda..old temples and all. should be nice. after hampi and kanchi is done rajashthan next on list. please. let me finish that state too before job.

the higest waterfall in andhra pradesh is talakona falls. 84 mts. 2 hours from tirupathi. now what happens when some kindered souls (like me. yeah justu) think its time to explore. well you get real tough paths. you get waterfalls. you get bear slaps. you get elephants chasing you. so the chennai treeking club guys went on this hard trek. and found a waterfall which is minimum 200 mts high. dont know exact height. whoa.. to put it into context, ap govt lists 84 mts as highest waterfall, indian govt list job falls (230mts) as highest.

wait for image to load.zoom and see guy near base of waterfall to get the feel of the heights. and oh the full fall doesnt come in one shot.

its a brilliant place. see the whole album here. these guys are nice. they trek. they click a lot. take suv for rides. like in palar river. then get irulas and go on dangerous snake walks. cycling club. sand castle buildings and all. in short you are never bored. and bloody sava tada on aug 8th and i will be in hampi. cha. 

also me is going to buy books. leo tolstoy me is liking. so war and peace, anna karenina. sicilian. whatey book. i knew the book upside down. now forgot. so sicilian. and i want to see what this woodhouse chap is about. which book to start with? just finished how to kill a mocking bird. pretty decent. and there is this book i want. 1000 pages. in tamizh. traces tamizh and specifically madurai history. bloody brilliant me hears. no money now. was going to order ramani's painted converse shoes. but now hampi. no dubbu. later hopefully. but you should check the ones she is selling. vair naice. when ever i use vair naice i remember sasha cohen. and isla fishcer. she is neither hot or beautiful and still i like her. but the bestesht ever is natalie portman. all other after only. i used to like kristen stewart before twilight. decent actress.. sema figure.. and then twilight. thuuuuuu (jeans radhika shtyle).  so suggest any books. please make sure they are available in pirate copy in moor market or pliss be sending you book and i will read and naradichufy and send back.

those images that have already been putted in this blog have been edited and putted here.  i mean old ones. chuma tell if old ones better or these edited ones. and you people say such nice things and yethufy my ego. feels naice. flickr also. the kids trek photos getting so many hits. they are not that good. dont know why people find it better. the older ones were better.whatever

1.sun set in raipur as seen from my house

2.from the mylapore festival. loads of kids and girls put ambal life as dance play. dint get proper place to stand. so drr images. trying to compensate that drr camera with software







9.cold january.less than 10 deg. chuma suddenly decided to go rajim kumbh. pah rode full night.hands frozen.i made three atempts on sisir life including wheeling on hair pin.he survived shouting sai baba sai baba

11.me and dawg

12.same as 11

13.from mumbai trip

14.special photo. it came out in better photography. thats a famous photo magazine. they are choosy it seems.and my first photo got features. many people said many naice things. inferred many things. total fluke shot.

15.kuchi smoing.raipur

16.in the dense virgin jungles of chattisgarh, maoist infected bastar region.beautiful. we trekked down the tirathgar waterfalls. kuchi and me

17.in our raipur house

18. third house during the four year kaloori

19.chitragot waterfall,cg

20.last from kodai

by sitting and editing,putting it here and writing you should realize how vetti i am. so yeah tell which are not good.


ps-so many photos so that the disappointed lady can have a look and take another image



-saw udaan. its a miracle. we were not thrown out of the theatre. we were at our racist best. waatha indha setu thevidya pasanga sirikave andha sex joke thirupi podranga...this is why you shouldnt take harish for a hindhi movie. invariably we join him. and the movie was soddingly bored that no one told us off. the last time i saw a hindhi movie with harish we were chucked out of the theatre. i think the movie was my brother nikhil. so much kalai. some girls complained and we were warned. dint care. so second complaint we were chucked out. ten of us. but its gethu fun. go to hindhi movie. many dont understand anything. so sema kalai it will be. die naiye kuthu paatu podral.dei title song illaya?? waatha. yenadhu heroine illaya? so it goes..

-loads of new songs out. me is happy. yuvan three albums meh only. arr goltu decent. all goltu desam outraged over the pronunciation. jefferson airplane-i louw them ma. diamonhead,rod stewart,yes, tom petty and heartbreakers-downloaded their disco and listening. me is happy. this 4mbps line is a treat. so much music. me is very very happy.

-satuday night after seeing udaan headache. so went to put dum, and there saw one sema figure. liked the way she carried herself. simple dress and still looked chick. and the way she smoked. ah sexy does not justice. as kuchi will testify that girl in blue top we saw in jadhavpur univ in kolkata. that bong girl smoking was sexy. that casual non-chalance air about. ah i love the sexy smokers (and this girl somehow reminds me of that girl.i never understand what she writes half the time still read). and this girl seemed better. and me was sight adichifying. and girl gave one kevalamana stare. and then walked towards me. one asatu smile . and then i realized. it was my 10th clas mate. waatha. what difference 6 years make. that time she was slight flab, asatu ponnu, did everyones bidding, was teased to the point of crying. and now she lost a bit of weight , added a bit of sheen and carries her self so well. cha if only i knew this could happen. anyways she was going for a photo shoot and another of my class mate was one of the camera man it seems. was invited. tongue thongapodadha korai. i went

was fun. learnt a lot. so many figures. so much drool. pah life's worth met. four designers. tonty models. five photographers. even i clicked a bit. ok now where is the topless part of the photoshoot? where? where? what not there? fucking ftv. they fooled me after all. cunts. i will deal with them later. and me looks at watch. 3am. i rush home by 3.15 and sleep off. have to wake at 4am. all i remember is a a phone call later. arse. thats the first word i hear on a sunday morning.

-as a part of the social trek of chennai trekking club it was arranged to take 25 kids from hope india to a small trek. just outside chennai. as there was shortage of vehicles i also signed in for driving the kids. and was asked to report at 4.45. and me was in home at 5 and still sleeping. and peter being belgium fellow couldnt understand his english easily. anyways someone else went to pick up the kids and i was sent pick some volunteers. and it was raining badly. five in my car. a goltu guy from cts (fack). a mallu girl from cts. thu. one girl from tata mcgrawhill. another bong girl who i dint catch where she worked. dirivng was pain. sleep. rain. slow traffic. and finally we reached. worstu route. fit only for suv. my car cried its heart out. anyways we we started the trek. it was fun. such a varied group we had. kids. people who hardly knew tamizh. kids trying to speak in borken english. i coach you in tamizh na... malayalam steal tamil..they kill tamil i also kill english. some contagious energy. 40 year old uncles so enthu and happy. since i have trekked a bit and had just seen better spots in kerala chattisgar and all it dint surprise me as it did to the never been out of chennai software people. laods of photographers. i realized i forgot my battery. thankfully someone gave me their gps batteries. so clicked a little. very little. i enjoyed. good trek route. clear and varied depth pool. loads of fishes. small waterfalls. waterslides. and kids. me was very happy. it was 11 before i reached home. exhausted.

the first water point-

more splash

nithya,one of the kids

one with nature


second pool

hold still

like i said the kids dint know much english. karthick here doesnt know tamizh. the talked long

king feeling..

and lets click da..

this is what we tried to click.he wont rest. clicked a lot and this one came out decent
lets fly

thanks to some experimentation i got this real close macro using a slr lens (in reverse) and a point and shoot got this.i still hate it i have only a point and shoot. i want dslr. lens. please sponsor
close up

the last water point. nice place to lie down. the guy on the right is the founder of ctc. peter van.
3 paruthiverrargal

the group photos.compulsary
-and i come back home to find that my parents home. orey shock. they were supposed to come monday morning. since this was my last chance to smoke in my home i had smoked a couple of ciggs in my home. ah the pleasure. gethu. and in the hurry i had left the cigg and the ash in a newspaper in the hall. it was rolled thankfully. so i casually picked it up and threw it out. no question till now. thu. could have been caught.

-and someone from the photoshoot crowd put me onto some informal interview. i went to that place. the door proclaimed dont ring the bell,we will cut your fingers just walk in. i did. so many people there. we were briefed. about the various portfolios available. its for the metroplus theatre festival . apparently the biggest in india. all the biggies in india like shaba azmi (other name si recognised but cant remember as such) come. theatre groups frm europe,usa china and all coming. they gave us a small form which asked for experience. i thought of walking out. and i looked around. again lot of figures. so me think ok sit for some time till turn comes chuma sit through interview like college and viva and go off.  so much sight adichifying never comes this easily. since i dint know anything i applied for online job. like promotion. the lady who interviewed me asked me which school  and college i was form. dav? the gopalapuram one? cbse? nit? which one? and then she said something in high english that i dint under stand. oh you study a lot heh?book worm. thu. prejudice. not all dav guys are like that. asked a few questions and she said she was switching the portfolio i was applying for. production team. the most glamorous one. you get to interact with all of them. high end technicians. learn a lot. roam chennai a lot. all those people with so much experience and fat resume me has no chance. but still it was interesting. i now know how theatre tries to work. btw if i do get the gig i will treat you all.

-ok last thing. anyone wana come along for a poetry reading. details here . i just dont like going there alone. after this madras terrace house is shifting. dress sale and all on.

-another last thing. what? am indian. anyways if you used to read my old blog, remember chai kadai? yeah group blog like thing for enthu youth like us. yeah they came out with an online magazine. first issue this month. its here. its gethu. and with time it will get better. check it. and yes try to write for it if you want. yet again they are on facebook search if you want. too much linking already.

am bored even thought am doing a lot of things. friday going to peter house and learn how to trek. like find new trek routes and all. how to use all those gadgets. and worsht have a friends metal gig at the same time. bloody. btw saturday is international photowalkers day. the classic chennai route along mount road. again company please? also for future treks. and why are all good things about madras in closed loop? ctc. terrace house. madras local. photowalk group. chai kadai. well atleast i knew these few. surely lot more there. communicate and entertain. and all of you blog more. me is bored. thu


ps-yes no point. am bored. yes no humor sarcasm or wit here. shoo go away. am bored. btw the tamizh word for pun is pundai. like for real. just like harish claims lavada is a tamizh word and asks me to find the hindhi word for lavada