still have any faith in originality? am losing mine. just by the sheer number of people doing the same bloody thing. just by probability i lost faith in it. i mean if you never read a book at all and just write you can claim to be original. but then by some screwed chance it will match another person from Romania or something. so if we try to read all the famous authors and try to evolve a new style again it is not original. added to the probability factor , it is derived so its fucked. so if we can not be original at all why be?


relativelytruthful said...

copyright law says that if you have made something exactly the same as someone else, you can have a copyright on it as long as you show you didnt exactly copy it but came up with the idea yourself.

so depressing no? :D

Tangled up in blue... said...

There is an idea Jung had, it was about a collective consciousness. He claimed that all humans shared a special specific (specific as an adjective form of the word species) consciousness level which allows us to have certain common themes in our experiences and creativity even if we are far separated in space and time.

I am fascinated by this idea and your post reminds me of it.

Why not look at it another way? Think of it as interpretation instead of mere derivation. You read the famous authors and your writing can be derived from theirs. It's like in science. Those that come before clear the way for those that come after and make things easier for them.

This does not trivialise the achievements of those that have come after, in any way.

Besides, as a lot of Indian film makers and music composers believe, imitation is the best form of flattery.

Or go the Kaavya Vishwanathan way and claim to have been "unconsciously inspired". It'll make you wonder if all that Kaavya is really saying is that originality is over-rated. :D

Pesto Sauce said...

Sometimes originality gets copied

Srishti said...

Hey man! Whats up? ;)

soin said...

@spaz..it was. until i started working in medical patents scenario. that industry is way more screwed than doctors or lawyers.free

@tuib. after lawyer a doctor.anyways this collective thinking fascinates me. when we go on photowalks about 30 people click the same darn thing and no two are the same. but you can always give a sequential evolution chart from it. like start with one persons photo proceed to next nearest photo and finally arrive at the most drastic photo.everyone claim theirs to be original. but no one cares who short it first. and usually the first person never has the best image coz he just clicked it. the next one searches for a better angle. see who is original now?

@pesto. yes thats what sort of bugs me. lets just kill half the world and then we can all be original. just by probability.

@srishti.. its a direction kid.sorry that was bad.free

Express said...

Styles can be influenced, ideas can be influenced, interpretations can also be influenced.

If the whole of research world is running on 'influenced' stuff, the belief in originality does waver.

But, if one stays true to their interpretations; and gives due credits to places he got inspired from.. originality can be saved i guess..

soin said...

credits? hmm that doesnt go well with me.free