quick look at my blog index and yes a drastic drop in number of posts. what to do. am closing to avg of 12 hours per day. and to get over it bouts of weed and saraku. till now i was relying on cigarettes to get me through work. but i reached alarming levels of smoking, i mean personally.. sometimes smoking a pack in about 5 hours.. so trying not to smoke. but the this delhi ka mausam is awesum. proper winter. cant resist smoking. still trying. and after three months of buying basic stuff finally this month i have decent money to spend. yay

and to say am struggling to balance my life is an understatement. work takes up the week. week end its you know what. am missing so many arsenal matches. i mean mid week ones. damn. travelling.. footy..photos.. everything out.. i was so exited to go to that jodhpur music festival.. but cash shortage.. so this time when the pushkar fair came up i was like fuck it am making it. 500 rubees budget. enjoyed like hell. packed trains with people sitting on top of train too. winter and night journey and still sitting on train top. damn. and i sat and smoked up with rickshaw wallas in the gurgaon station,which is in a village.i got to go for only a day. but enjoyed a lot. met four faarign photographers. one good jingli. another from my company. other two guys hippie. a sadhu went chillum bana hua hay.. dhum hey thoo  aajao.. the two hippies with me recognised the word chillum and went. so smoked with them too. clicked a lot. roamed a lot. these faarign guys had some pass , so they took me in with them. if not i would have had to shoot some 500 mts away from the procession. thanks to them i was able to shoot as close as it can get. but most of the photos were fucked. reason? over exposure. and thats because I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!!!!!

sabaa. relief. six months ago i was sanctioned money for the camera. too many false dawns. and once i decided to get d5000 and was fishing for a good deal someone said they heard of some rumor about a new nikon camera patented in india. which means cheap. so yeah got original piece with warranty and all with lens for 30k. given the second highest resolution, new awesome sensor and software and first dslr to shoot full hd video.. damn good deal man. since most of you on fb and would have seen the photos no use putting up there. still the jingli who roamed with us.. she reminded me so much of the one piece from prakriti. damn


anyways its been four week ends since i had any rest. first week chennai. second travel back again. then pushkar fair. and the final week we went for team outing to jim corbett. awesum fun. good crowd. drunk absolut walker and bacardi rum all in one night. awesum resort. some 15k suite. lit up swimming pool. did all those adventure stuff. swimming in the river with elephants and smoking and beering..was range..got to know more folks quite well. was nice sitting in the night near the lit up swimming pool , with a bonfire going and chatting our way into the night , nightout and then safari early morning.

and finally my laptop died. for sure. hopefully this month i get to blog more ,travel more, read more, see all arsenal matches, go for few gigs and shoot loads. getting used to the feel of my new camera will take time. but then it would be awesum. the corbett trip pics were much better than the pushkar one. anyways hopefully a good month ahead. some pics from the corbett trip here



Insignia said...

All party and yet you say you are worked up! Enjoy!

relativelytruthful said...

that is the best picture of the lot

Naarya said...

did u take the pic of that girl??! awesome!

HaRy!! said...

mothathula saraku ilama nam yelam polaika matoom!

soin said...

@insignia.. ungaluku puriyaadhu..

@spaz..nandri hai

@naarya.. yes

@hary.. yov aalu kaanum