wonder how people keep on writing... what a mokkai life that is.. just keep thinking and writing.. or as in most cases, write without thinking. precisely what i am doing.. so let me start with things familiar

the last year or so. never had this unhealthy a life style in these 22 years. and this is because everything feels pointless. a year back i never had any money, and used to travel in general to most of the places. it might been out of choice but still. and today without second thought i book flight to go to chennai. dead feeling only.

but on the bright side-chennai. its been six years i have been away. and it doesnt chance at all. except for one or two one ways in pondy bazar. of course the brilliant kaiyendhi is gone.but i hope the other places are still there. the ratna cafe. rayar cafe. the pakoda shops i go to. the chaat shops. also i havent been home since diwali. and i was given off since they told me i cant take off till september. drrr only.

totally settled with the team,job and all. just not with few things in the company. i know i have been totally interesting til now, but i dint mean to be.

am yes camera. i was wondering why i brought it at all. i dint want to use auto mode and it took me time to use it in manual mode. i was so comfortable with my old point and shoot. but now after a few trips i guess me and the camera understand each other. and now that i can understand the colors, this camera feels much more powerful. especially given my love for low light photos, this camera is now awesome.

close to eight months and i still dont know much people in delhi. so its sort of boring. i mean sit with the same people for 10 hours a day. then week end also roam with them. they are fun and nice. but still it would be nice to go out places in delhi, which you can do only if someone else comes along. worshtu situation.

and this being the first summer in job, it sucks. i want my two months off!! fuckers. and also am loving the quitting cycle that is going on. it happens every summer. no promised promotion blah blah, so they quit just to dive into another shit hole. i feel all the shit holes are same. how is an indian's shit different from a brazillian one? its all shit in the end.

arsenal. sigh. but still love you ma. doesnt matter if we get relegated. just that its frustrating when you guys are so good and still dont do it. its ok i guess.

that would be it. the end of this really interesting microscopic piece on a decaying human life writing in poetic english.