what is human pain known as?? how can you claim your part of food when we are co feeding in the same plate just because you are lazy to get the plates from mess to hostel? the answer is mysore. it is beautiful place. i like it better than blore. anyways week and a half- kanchipuram , tirupathi , hampi , banglore mysore and then chennai. clicked over 2k images. so instead of just putting them up like a clutter am grouping them. and i hope i atleast sort them once before i get bored of all this shit.

set #1- ash to dust
i never get to click potraits coz i never have subjects. also cigg fascinates me from photos point of view. but somehow when i tried to click am not able to tell the other what i want. so basic shit is that these are b/w photos of me smoking. sridhar and me experimented a lot with lights angles timings and what not. so these are the base ones. more to come. since new with this genre tell me which ones are decent and which are good. as you can see, you have plenty of choices. all shots are cliched but still...

                                                        1.look ahead but keep on turning

2.high and low





7.which one of these is less bad?


9.ash to ash

10.good morning


12. no name





17.medula oblangata


so i cant find titles. alternate ones please. will write more later. or type. whatever



Jil Jil Ramamani said...

Really really liked 7,8,10,11(esp the title) and title 17. Photos of smokers as it is hot. B&W even more so.

Insignia said...

Each one is strong. My favorite is good morning :-) It says so much.

Keep clicking!

Rajesh K said...

1.look ahead but keep on turning - little more detail will do .. i think

2.high and low - classic

3.long - u r like a nega

4.4.did - i dint get what u foccussed on..

5.fuel - is that light shakn or smoke in straihgt line?

6.up - lighting anglt.. good effect

7.which one of these is less bad? - not able to make out smoke

8.wake - brilliant.. absolutely.. easily my favourite of the album

9.ash to ash - great combo?

10.good morning - excellent.. 2nd fav

11.levitate - looking like ash on mercury.. nice

12. no name - smoke pattern brilliant

13.grey - same as above

14.down - pathhind(h)u yeriyaradhe...

15.up - this is what u call a smokescreen

16.horizontal - is it wanted effect? or camera effect?

17.medula oblangata - as i said.. raging bull except for the eye part

18.noname - good try..

Shalini said...

2, 8, 9 and 14 are brilliant!

N said...

What do you shoot with??

soin said...

nandri hai all.free

Tangled up in blue... said...

loved loved loved nos. 2, 8, 10, 11, 12 and 13!

Tangled up in blue... said...

and no. 18 just loaded, that one too!

soin said...

thank you