i am a non-veggie. i consume milk and eggs. they are not vegetables are they? so sitting in kfc sipping or rather sucking the thick straw which promises to pump up the heavenly whipped cookie crushers up our throats. but no sir. it refuses to come up. yes we are there just for the krushers. i have hazar curshes on it. my friend brings a tray to join us. subway. harish takes opens the sauce packets and pours it all over the cookie.. "dei what are you doing da"..."dei this is not a subway vadai? ". three girls giggle. next table. ah jingli (for clarification.. desc order..jingli jikku jillu attu araku gomadhi) . its when am sight adichifying them i listen "hey this social science teacher is giving us loads of assignment,,".. wait social science?? 10th standard girls.. about 2 metres of wire fall down from my stomach. have to stich it up again. as my friend after a few minutes tells me "machi local tasmac bar is the only place where we dont feel out of age. every where else we are senior citizens"..i can only concur. there are kids every where these days

14 15 year olds..city centre..express avenue.. amtheyst..mocha.. saravana bhavan..saravana stores.. temple.. trade fair.. ranganathan street..every where except the tasmac bar. and the scene they put. yo homie wazap nigga line. i admit it. i feel old. sort of stretched. i think there has to be a way for guys to know girls age. not the exact age mind you. rough. like 13-17..17-22.22-26..26-aunty and so on..i have an idea. like the tree ageing thing we can have concentric circles in a girls fore arm. right fore arm. one circle 13-17 category..two circles 17-22.. depending on how full the circle is we can get to the finer things. i find young girls irritating. they screech for everything. eeeeeeeee...and i hate older guys. like 26 27 year olds. they are marrying my batch girls. not fair guys. not at all. be a man. i prefer slightly older women. they dont screech.

its been a week since i got out and stretched a bit. some darn virus. first one L board doctor put tharmameter. 106 degree... aiyo invlova? admit now. 106 is high. what she dint know was that i just put dhum and tea to cure my head ache. hour later some senior doctor came to see how i ave 106.. did you drink anything hot before coming here? cha. i thought i was going to be famous. 106 degree fever. tv news channel. guinnes record and so on. new temp said 104. so hospital staff totally happy that i will stay on for the night.

the last week or so, tis the most frustrated state of mind. ever. locked up. food is bitter. have been doing some thing or the other to keep my self occupied till job starts. but it looks like am running out of things. so many books recos.. but i dont like e book. hate them. to have a paper back lie down in the terrace and read it.. ah. but i is bankrupt. and when life seems fucking boring something good happened. my cousin on a nice friday announced that she is getting married to a christian. all hell broke loose. tears. drama. how i louw my family. she got married this friday. fun. i saw so many cousins after so long. one to be exact. i named her kid. and i had to bribe all the niece and nephew not to call my mama. also i train them to call my cousins by the name, call me amma as aaya..

i feel like writing about hazar things buy feel its pointless. just like why am putting shit in this space. to kill time i suppose. but i could just lay down. its been 3 months since a drop of alcohol wet my tongue. bledy i should have swallowed and corrected some figar or the other. atleast could have killed time. kadlai and oori suthufying. right now talking and hanging out with the same two. also finaly got the moving parts of my dad;s slr working. its heaving bandages. metering doesnt work. but hey i got two good lenses. so got a film and started clicking a bit. maybe i will start doing portraits. if only i get good jingli to pose


ps-gurgaon. i might end up there soon. back to dilli. this time i just wont go near lajpath nagar

pps- been spamming facebook and twitter like never before.ajuss


Rajesh K said...

u can write hazar things.. come to hazrat..

soin said...

then they will call me hazare..no need

Shalini said...

jingli jikku jillu attu araku gomadhi...whats this?? some kind of age classification for girls??
older women huh??? ahem...
howz d fever now?
"my cousin on a nice friday announced that she is getting married to a christian. all hell broke loose. tears. drama."...LOL!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha...
Why not Lajpath Nagar?

Anonymous said...

giggly girls.. yeah even I find them irritating these days :P but then I remember that few yrs back even I was like that :D
106 degree was too much :P
I prefer paperbacks too.. cant read anything online..

soin said...

@shalini.. not age classification. caste with in the brahmind community. if you are a brahmin ask your parents which you belong to. and what ahem? old as in two or three years. not more. not lajpath nagar coz i stayed there for two years and i hate it there.free

@avada.. all girls giggle at some point. as long as the point is not a line.free

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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