fake messiah

where did all these people come from? who even called them? people. so many.  from here all i can see is the sea. sea of heads. rock, plants and sea. the night sky. the moon almost full. the atmosphere electric. you can sense it. i always knew i was special. but this special? am i to lead these people on? to where? but am just a man. dear god what have you done? humanity rests on the tip of a used tooth pick. it stinks. but still can be washed and used again. i can feel it. dawn is not far off. we shall have new religions. names should have no meanings. like the african teams. Nigeria. like the Nigerian under 20 women team. they reached the finals. and i watched the whole match in one hope. that they will exchange their jerseys like the men do. no they dint do it. unsporting cunts. and they dint even cry like many men do after winning the world cup. all they care is to celebrate. thu. and the Nigerian u20 ladies..their names are classic. just put beeda and spit and make some noise at the same time and voila we have new unique names. wait can i do that? spit and make new sound at the same time? its very tough. but am the chosen one. i shall do what is required. i shall change things. show them the light. and then take over the world. it has to be done. for the greater food. i mean greater good. who even placed the f near the g on the qwerty keyboard? why did qwerty come to be? ah i shall change all this. they are all looking to me to put things right. but first i need to know if they are with me. hmm. lets try. ...

its at this point that i pointed at the front guy and yelled go in da...the crowd responded. wow. go-in-da.. go-in-da.. i could hear the same sound vibrate all over. and the guy turned and told me going da... and they repeated it too.. going-da... going-da.... and he went inside. my cell phone vibrates. with it resonates my balls. having two balls is tough. i wonder how long before the third grows. will my jatti size increase? and why do some ladies judge the gentlemen with their penis size? btw can we judge the ladies with the vagina depth? it seems fair. btw whats the avg depth of a vagina? should i use inches or senti-metres. wait is that why we indians use sentimetres? we are sentimental. more than the ameriga. questions questions questions. questions that need answers urgently. i shall find out.

anyways two days in kanchipuram. and then the parents and sridhar along went tirupathi. some things have to be done for my owners sake. but i love driving the car. highway. where you brake to slow down and you are still at 90 speed. i loathe driving in the city. i have been told chennai is one of the less irritating city to drive. and i loose it every time i drive here. and my appa nicely takes away two wheeler to office and leave the car behind. i loathe driving the car in the city that i cycle every where. i love cycling. anyways loads of photos. and tomorrow off to the hampi.

and do you hate it when people are soobar happy and exited that they jump up and down and type in all caps? do you? do you? huh? i presume so.

i am getting a dslr. nikon d5000. the funds have been released by my owners. *does the naga tribal dance.grandpa comes from ground floor asks me to stop*.. ok I AM GETTING NEW CAEMRAAAAAAAA.... HEEEEEE HAAAAAAAWWW...do i sound like 14 year old girl? fag aff...and people appy francheap day. *rings neck and dies, comes back from the dead to buy the camera*..treat for anyone who asks now. except for gs.

govindha goooovindhaaaa... win win da..

and lets talk it that food. the blueberrys place in mylapore is gethu. slitcha high price. but goodu foodu. nice ambience. hidden. nice place for the kadlai date parties.

cusine-temple food or prasadam. the very bestu..

puliyodarai- madhava perumal temple and the kesavar temple (both mylapore)
chakarapongal-varadaraja perumal koil in kacnchipuram at 8.30 am. when its haat..
thenkozhal (peters-it muruku type)-sri rangam temple. also chill appam
melagu vadai or the kara kara vadai-thiruallikeni temple,triplicane
dhodyonam or the curdu rice- madurai temple
idli- kanchi varadar temple. it special. called kanchivaram idli. tumblur shaped.
upma or kitchidi- thiruvallur veeraragaswamy temple
ladoo- tirupathi.obv..
pepper rice type kadamba sadham. ditto. tirupathi..
adhirsam- triplicane temple
sojji appam- kumbakonam temple
ellu sadham-chidambaram temple
so it goes..
as my thalaivar sendhil says-inparmayson is veldthu.

and if you suddenly need to go thirupathi..no tickets for darshan and all that thing..check this.. if you climb up from the base half way through you get darshan tickets. no crowd. these tickets are special. they let you in directly. darshan over in less than 60 mins in weekdays. week ends 90 mins. the ticket is not only free but includes stay and food. it takes four hours to climb. now more inparmayson.. there is a place called chandragiri near the foot hills. take a bus there. from there another route exists to climb up. really small. takes just about 80 mins to climb. and you get this special ticket here too. very few people know this route. to persuade you to take the stairs and ditch the car ride to the temple uptop- the day before we went the foot route was closed as a cheetah tried to snatch a baby. then we climbed. the next day it was closed again as another cheetah attacked some lady. also go talakona falls if you can.



Jil Jil Ramamani said...

While you are changing all, change off how there are no such prasadams in Jodhpuri temples also.

Srishti said...

Hahaha...I just laughed for a minute. Informative, interesting, with a dash of humor. SO you. :)

kaka said...

all the time i hoped to see the leopard and all we got to see was the monkey and the deer. like govinda govinda , you sing a different tune when you drive. and i of all people have been treated to a party and you promise others. you are the true SK naaye.

Spaz Kumari said...

i sense mabbu.

Shalini said...

Congrats for the camera!!
And yummmmmmm food!!!
Thirupathi darshan is sooo exhausting...what irritates me is when people push and you land in some lady's mallipu smelling hair. Ugh!

Saya said...

where is bloooberrys?

yayyyyyyyyyy camera.. we get to see some more pictures :)

soin said...

@ramani..thadasthu..when i come there adutha masam wil teach them..free

@srishti..you say such nice things.. find your self a tasmac shop tell my name get what ever you want..free

@kaka..logic fail..naiye sunday night pizza hutla vettinala..apuram yenna..free

@spaz..yey nee andha vodka ponnu prototype#2 thane?sappai..

@shalini.. you are bad girl.. mallipoo hair is good..imagine 300 bare bodied men with hair patters and beer potties..and..sob i cant continue..free

@saya.. yov city centre opposite ven husain showroom is there..adha votti oru sandhu pogum..take it that sandhu..konjam furlongs down and on the lft blooberry..free