love in time of chozhas

disc-you know the drill. unless you are two months are above you should not read this post. it is very mattery.whatever
padmanabaswamy temple

the padmanabaswamy temple in thiruvanandhapuram. bloody old. beautiful. also too traditional for my liking. for starters dress code. guys have to go topless and dhoti on.ladies have option. saree or any other dress with dhothi around the hips. the karba graham ( room which houses the god) was surprising. it had paintings from old. herbal paints and over 300 years old. and on closer look more surprise. the first pic had vishnu and lakshmi. never have i seen angry version of vishnu. anyways angry vishnu. only two hands. the left hand goes around lakshmi and rests exactly between her boobs. from what i have seen all the gods in matter mood paintings have shiva as the subject. and lakshmi is never portrayed from sexual point. like really big boobs. and perfect structure. with just a thin ribbon covering the nipples the only piece of clothing visible. the next set of paintings surprise me even more. all full naked pics from there on. and they are quite explicit. one had four nude ladies around a monk. the whole temple had the pavai vilaku nude. usually they dress up the pavai vilau

its not just there. have you been to the brilliant madurai temple? around the small dry tank of the golden lotus thirukural is engraved on the wall. now thirukural has three chapters, adhigarams we call them. the first two talk about world philosophies. you know dharma justice and shit. these two adhigarams are carved in a wall around the madurai temple tank. in all tamil nadu buses you will see one thirukural. the third adhigaram-kamathupal, which talks about desire and love is always ignored. and this third chapter is the reason i fell in love with thirukural. i dont think its possible to write about love sex and lust so beautifully. i mean in tamizh. i never read english stuff so i dont know. but in tamizh this hands down the best. the kama sutra talks of sexual positions and shit. nothing poetic about it. but the third pal of the thirukural is brilliant. with the amount of explicitness in the temple carvings of the female i can now date it decently. like really explicit its really old. few parts covered say 200-300. lots of it covered-just over 100. full covered its 50.

and the really old sculptures have a real grace about them. i forget they are of goddess. i start to visualize, wow a women with such grace and beauty is goddess indeed. of course very few women of that quality would have existed like that. but the given the amount of work women had those days their structure would been more on the sculpture side than the girls of these days. i mean how every fucking sculpture and painting has such beautiful women in it. if its even half true those days men were blessed indeed. and why dont the present day sculptures do nude stuff? are so insecure and shit. those days its was really free i guess. these days i guess even if one did paint someone nude the women groups would swoon down and kill him. nude artistm doesnt mean lack of respect and all.

i spend endless time on flickr learning about nude photography. its not just strip a girl lie down and shoot. it requires grace on both sides and an extraordinary sense of lighting from the shutter side. it an art. misunderstood. and i love it. i guess i have no chance of indulging in it. but i would love to. one day. and when i get to do it it wont be the perfect structure bikini body type women. i want a girl who looks naturally the avg of present day ladies. like with some flab in the stomach not so big boobs and no where near perfect. that will challenge the lighting part.  due to obvious reasons flickr doesnt allow me to share nude photos. but you can see some of these-http://www.flickr.com/photos/foxharvard/4770593600/in/pool-59269379@N00/ , http://www.flickr.com/photos/foxharvard/4770590956/in/pool-59269379@N00/
so yeah if you want to see some fine art photography or otherwise see this group. and i saw these small gorgeous pieces made of ivory. in the madurai temple. the asi guy said more such stuff which are more explicit are locked away. fuck

but really what is this culture civilization all about? why cant women walk topless on streets. why is it ok for men like us just wear dhothi chant the vedams on a cold december morning early in the morning and needlessly wake up everyone. why arent women allowed to chant the rudram? why is that seats are reserved for women on one side but the other side doesnt proclaim men? women can come and sit there when its empty. the opposite is not allowed. why cant we sit next to each other on a bus? its the cities you know. deluded sense of going forward. in that duty little town of raipur men and women sat next to each other in the share auto the only mode of transport for long and still remains for the majority.and i have heard of loads of town side love story involving sex. for real. and in the city. its either so called high class or the slut who fucks before dating. surya will testify that. the normal dating thing doesnt involve sex. anyways free

and i wonder if women were this irritating in the earlier times. no really. joint family means i grew up with loads of girls. there are very few male species in my family. bloody. anyways you have no idea what torture i was put through. i have painted dolls for my cousins. of course i have had my revenge. i use to mix away they nail polishes. add a dash of black eyetex thing or marron shinkar sandhu to their yellow nail polish. anyways they made loathe everything associated with girls. the giggle. needless endless giggles. that stubbornness. really. i am yet to meet a girl who can let a matter go when i tell me to just forget about it. if they let it for that time they are bound to come back after some time and nag away. aiyo. and when i have come to see the really really rare girl who doesnt irritate, they are either over gethu and way out of my league or in no mood to go out. curses. like i was putting kadlai with one girl , who not only turned out to be bloody hot but also played footy for tn and all such shit.

and why do all girls who are non girls read a lot? like woodhouse saki ayn rand all such shit. they talk in looply high english which i detest to the core. tamizh please. in short why are they peters? why cant they quote bharathi instead of pgw? give me a vadivelu punch line instead a himym line. bah i still cant stand girls. my college girls were like just there to reaffirm my beliefes and tastes. and now i have to work with women. and maybe even my college girls. aiyo aiyo aiyo. god save me. and i saw r today. bah worst memories come back.

matter is when you study in a neighborhood school the moms knows each other. they some how network. our batch was worst. in sixth standard the boys girls fight was at it height. aiyo periya politicians we were. and you  know which was the ultimate battle ground? studies. coz if you win gloat in front of mother and the guy will surely get a thrashing. worstest it was. and the whole year the boys battalion played cricket in my house lost the battle. and then that summer during the poonal ceremony-my worst nightmare. my amma,dear amma saw it fit to invite many other ammas and their kids to my poonal. waatha. and there i was bare chested standing,already shy. and in walk a dozen school girls. add paatu class girls. aiyo rama. and i have a photo of a bare chested me with my class girls. six of them. the boy battalion of 7th, a section, st.johns school mandavelli odhikivechufied me. bastard dint even allow me to play cricket with them. had to do well in exams that time to win them back.

in 8th std things went from bad to worse. i got suspended for slapping a girl. guys girls were asked to sit alternatively. it was nothing new for me. the punishment i mean. i once punctured my cousins head with a top(bambaram). loads of blood flowing. me orey happy. that was the only time appa slapped me. waatha. worst hit. always remember that. anyways r's sis was one of the better girls in my class. used to come over with her amma a lot. and we had our arangetram together. the fact that i messed it up in another matter. anyways r'sis saved my ass a lot. but it was r who me liked. she was such a doll. beautiful yes. fiery yes. doesnt like pink yes. and as it is with good looking girls she was peter. took up french. and i meet here now and me regrets leaving st.johns. bloody she is so beautiful now. and cheerful and fiery as before. talked really well. got her number and was thinking of asking her out and bloody college. and law that too. thoo. i hate the law college girls. overa rules pesuvanga. cant win them over talk or something like that. aiyo where did and about what did i start typing and what am my typing now. now that world cup is over am bored to core. nothing to do. so when i saw loads of old stories came to mind. that even i managed to date is as doctors would say in the tamizh movie climaxes-a miracle. and when nayakar was telling yesterday night sometimes it worth to hold for sometime and give it time and see if they change naturally thus suiting us or some shit like that. now that makes sense. worsht. i found two girls who i liked. should have atleast made an effort to try it with atleast once. cha nayakar always makes me feel by saying something simple. just like raghu. anyways i have been lying down the whole day. new meesic playing and reading lotr for nth time. i should not read lotr again and again. i made that resolution last time. worst. now i have typed pointless things and no one reads this so i think i will post this here. seri ok. *picks the lotr book to resume reading*. have.to.stop.reading.lotr. you have mugged it you fool. fly you fool


ps- i just realised the three comments in this blog come only from the ladies side as pointed out by my cousin who found about the blog. kutti girl for whom the disclaimer is put at the top. the male population like gs,harish,juju and all who read this blog should leave a comment and nullify the laides threat.

pps-this was supposed to be analysis post with tamil literature like agananooru thrown in.am reading them now. brilliant. should try again. and not deviate

ppps-need a cig.waatha. and i like shakira


amal said...

gud one.. u shud chk out the rock carvings at mahab da.. amazingly explicit..
PS : dont go staring into them when u r there with ur family.. trust me..baaaaaad experience..

Insignia said...

Hahahahaha. Boy!!! I just came to work and thought let me read your post. and I am all laughing.

First things first. Loved your photography of the gopuram

I had already seen other snaps on your facebook account. Marvelous. As you say, people have become wicked and pervert. I have seen erotic sculptures in all the Hoysala temples. And they were much more explicit and beautiful!! Sigh!!

It shows you are really missing world cup and Shakira hangover still there. As for inviting class girls and guys for your poonal, I understand how difficult it should have been for you.

Girls do nag, they are pests. I dont like the mushy mushy kind. Pink, candies, hearts, flowers.................aaaarrrggggggggghhhhh

As for Tamizh, hmm, what would I say? Its a beautiful language. Me a Tamizh girl. But I can manage to read it, dont know to write. And I think in English, thats why use English to communicate.

Hmm..I will stop!

Rajesh K said...

ullaen ayya..

- nothing to read at home or else i would have read.. stopped fm n fifa.. full time movies

- though u said u dropped cigs

- photos looking better than real..

Spaz Kumari said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spaz Kumari said...

oh ya...that old 'peter' accusation. deja vu.

"why cant they quote bharathi instead of pgw?"

why? why should they? consider this - maybe they did not grow up speaking tamil, even if are tamilian (me). Or maybe they love tamil but ended up loving english also (her).

there's a time to quote pgw and a time to quote bharathi. they're both brilliant and if you are truly openminded, you can learn to enjoy - and quote - both; it is not rocket science. I did, most tamils i know do, and if that makes us 'peter', so be it.

Anonymous said...

vishy i have been reading all your posts but never had anything to say. i dont think its a good idea to date r. sri will take it badly. as the lady above pointed out the part about peter is bullshit. i wish more such girls had studied with us. you sound too depressed these days. hmmm,that would be all

Anonymous said...

i had to come back to add this vishy. you are hypocrite when you call others peter. there are some people who know what level peter you are. pretender. that would be it

Tangled up in blue... said...

okay that was a lonnnnng one! :D I still havent read all of it but I kinda catch the drift..you know, the thing is, this thing about Indian art that you notice immediately when you look at the cave carvings or even sculptures in museums is the fact that people were so surprisingly okay with this in the past, and thought of it as natural and aesthetic..

Apparently, the carvings at Khajuraho were meant to encourage young people to live a fulfilled life, emotionally and sexually.

The Victorian mores of the British changed all that and now, although they have abandoned it all, we cling on.

All that apart, I am glad no religious groups had the daft idea of banning these beautiful carvings in the name of moral policing and shit!

That aside, lovely photos as always, soin! :)

Sachita said...

so, nee than antha peter a?:)
and ppl who know you in real life know abt this blog? kalaku

soin said...

@amalb..been there. sk as usual has the hilarious version of the story.

@insignia..hoysala ah yes i wish to see those temples soon. saw as kids.and shakira liking much before the previous world cup also.free

@juju..stopped sort of yes. i just said i want one.

@spaz.. yes you are correct

@ro..fancy pants.why did you delete your facebook account? like everyone you will create another profile soon enough. and the rest. you know very well this was written with two girls in mind and the normalization wasnt meant. so it doesnt apply to any other girl other than the two who i had in mind.and yes am hypo.as usual you are correct.

@tuib..the censored statues came long before the british became a force. british just destroyed anything hindu. and the moral police have done a lot of censoring. only few have survived.free

@sachita..yes i am that peter. st.peter. silly girls how can they be peter when they are girls. and yes most close frands know the blog. unlike dr.bodhi am the same every where. omnipresent. omnicar. whatever.

Naarya said...

oMG. Evalooo periya post. Evalo periya digression. But a very enjoyable digression for that matter. Hmmm...why did our civilization turn out the eay it is?? It's not just one problem or reason, its layers of problems. Romba periya topic. I have always wished for the freedom to wear what i want to, walk the way i want to, cut my hair i want to....take my shirt off when it's too hot... I mean engalukkum athey 45 deg cel veyyil thaane adikkuthu...bikini wearing freedom ellam vendaam...cos honestly in chennai we will only get bad sun burns. Salwar wearing freedom kooda podum..when no guy will pull my duppatta or pinch my hips in the bus...siiigghhh...free ya vidu. Idellam romba twisted topics.

And u know what??? It's so weird..but its the exact same things girls hate bat guys...all that stuff u said...about Peter and beating around the bush etc etc. Guess we are looking for same thing in each other but never have it in us.

HaRy!! said...

evlo neram aguthu unaku post ezhutha?? as yu said.. enga arambichi enga ya mudikura? umachi sure kana kuthifying for describing them... well again, if not they wud not hav been sculpted in the first place.actually when we went to tour scool la, me was startin at all the nude sculptures and my mam nala beat in my butt because i was starin... enavo wat to do.

again nama oorla no freedom, we cant do anything, aparam pasanga yelam jolu river only flowing. blame na Adam and eve blame panu.. for eating that cursen apple and bringin shyness!

soin said...

@naarya. twisted yes. what peter guys? they are very small community and we guys put them in girls category usually as they flock with girls. no faul of them same taste and all. but thats how it is.free

@hary..i also find it difficult sometimes when ladies with sama short dress come and stand. sema figure means paka iruka mudiyala. but paatha yenna thappu. free

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