many people write.some coz they are good at it.some coz they have loads to say.some coz they have emotions bottled.and some just write.just because they can.i just write.i claim no great intelligence or writing skills but i have tried many times to write a proper full fledged novel ,the closest i got my lapy crashed.so its nice to finally finish one.even if its only a rough draft.thats 20% work done.this story i have formed over three years in my head.its about a paraphillic.so before editing i wanted to read books on similar themes.surprisingly the list came to von-sacher ,de-sade,rene girard and likes.i hope before my college time is done i would finish this.and only four months to go before i graduate.

anyways me off to nagpur for another stupid exam.and tomorrow i leave for mumbai.a week there.then delhi.a week there.then chennai for a month.bliss.so tell me which are must see places in mumbai and delhi.local eat outs are priority #1.i dont want to eat another week in that stupid indian habitat center.

and i cleared three section in the iift entrance without single sec of study.the fourth section i got negative.yeah beat that.and i got a job.i pissed off because of the type of job.cognizant.either way its worst case scenario.i hope that day doesnt come..i hope i get to continue in this state of unproductive idleness for two more years in the name of education.and a good looking chennai chick came for this recruiting.cts has two good looking chicks i guess,they send them out to these placements and guys will think more chicks and join that company.i wont buy that trick you bastards.i have seen loads of college prospectus like that.why do we fall bruce?

and we are the first batch ever of this nit.history.no track records.recession and shit.we thought we wont get any job.so people in our college decided to give the offer letters like medals,embarrassing me in the process.thats me gettin my letter.(blame kuchi stupid cell for poor quality.you cant eve see that the white shirt chick actually looks good.and am not going to take a free kick in ronaldo style.)


ps-so common wealth games fucking us heh?? good for us.i dont want to be humbled in our home front.so please change it to some other country.we are not fit and dont deserve it.just conduct another cricket match and count those nickels.


Insignia said...


Happy Holidays...and before that all the best for whatever exams you have. My god...how many exams you guys are giving.

Priya Vinay said...

congrats on the placement... :) even if u hope not to join...

& happy hols :)

Shalini said...

Wow man...you guys are getting placed! Good good...
In Delhi, there are good places to eat everywhere...depends on where you are staying.
Hit CP for sure though...good place to eat, shop, see movies and Pallika Bazar(underground in CP) for cool stuff like band t-shirts, football jerseys and lot of related stuff and porno and pirated games if you are into that stuff.
Brush up your bargaining skills if you go to pallika.

Guria said...

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SaKsHi said...

dude even we are the 1st batch ever of the our damn course but WE aren't getting placed...god u guys are bloody lucky...still congrats!! see shaliniz already told u bout CP- a must and if u wnt cool place to hang out try north campus, rocking crowd and yum food (at kamla nagar, nearby)...

Dr. K Bodhi :D said...

Congrats on your job, dude! The first one is the difficult one. You can use this to get the job you want.

Srivatsan said...

thala! athu chennai mepz HR team! :D i know the name of white shirt,if im right whether she is the one who was in induction too!

but t-shirtla..he he..ithe anna univna prechana panrupaanga..t-shirtla offer vaanginathuku!

soin said...

@insignia-even i dont know..free
@shalini.. again thanks.and we got some of the lowest package among nits.so nothing to cheer about.free
@sakshi..trip got changed.hopefully get the time to hit the places.free
@dr-first one is tough? no way.i sat for three mins.dint answer anything.told him i wont take job.dint answer anything in technical round.and got thru.free
@srivatsan.. i had screwed my interview..dint expect to get placed.so was in tshirt jeans.my hair was in sai baba state as you know.and the lady is reshmi ranjan or something? the day she came here her bday.5 pound very good chocolate truffle which was cut by guys who got places.she has two blackberrys.one is for personal use and has pics of her bf smooching.more info when we chat.
i knew they had only one chick.with one hook so many fish?? i wont fall for it..free

Vishnu said...

2 weeks of no net.. n i come here to see spiral architect.. wait until raghu sees this.. n wen did u copy that image from my cell?? neways jus gave a glance thro the post.. didnt read it.. later..

soin said...

sabbath..and imgage i copied that day itself..free

Sherry Wasandi said...

Is it me, or are your writing skills showing a marked rise up the ladder?

In any case, this is well written. And I see what you did with the post title.

I might sign up as a volunteer for the commmonwealth games. Lets just say, I like to be around when a house of cards falls down.

soin said...

@sherry.. huh? marked rise?nah its just you.infact this post is as ordinary as it gets.i guess my best writing form was from 11th to second year of college.
and you do love tragic scenes dont you?so do our dear netas..as long as you dont pick up the joker card when the cards come down..free

Anonymous said...

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