ah its so good to be back home.after like so many months.good old chennai.last two months gone in a wisp.the last one specially.exams.entrances.last week was brilliant.i walked like a wild elephant.and ate like one.never been this tired.will write about it later.anyways the ghee roasted crisp chota aloo,vatha kozhambhu,lemon rasam,semiya payasam and that linen filtered thick curd..ah i love amma cooking.bliss full sleep in an ac room after like eternity-they all make the trip worthwhile.and we got kittens in my house.they are so hyper.run and play around all the time.its nice to have some pets after so long.initially six or seven kitten,many have left.but three stayed back.now its been two months.so i guess the are staying.am still tired.not even a days rest and i have to pack to raipur again.damned entrances.so much i felt writing about.but now just off to sleep.

and it takes only twenty mins to win match for one mr.fabregas.totally brilliant.whenever i dont see match(the last month) diaby seems to do well.bring it on now.for the title!



Ketan said...

Should've guessed from your not putting space after full stops. You write well. :)

Enjoy and take care.

HaRy!! said...

epo bro back to blogging? me 222!! anyways chennai always rockzz!! nama oru nama oru than po!

. said...

haha nice post..

btw i got my blog back.

soin said...

@ketan thanks.free

@hary..exams over.placement aiduchu.oru kuchila back to blog.free

@. of course i knew you would get it back.free

ramya sriram said...

nice blog here. this post made me miss chennai more!

soin said...