so it turns out my batch need not join on 7th june.but most of friends need to. me will have to join mostly by mid july.

the pondi trip got fucked. due to floods raipur friends came late by more than a day. half were struck in pondi. ride was fun. first time on highway for me. when i learnt car i dint learn to drive in fifth gear. so finally learnt that. two attempts on my friends life. they survived. i dint have a single drop of alcohol. responsible driver and all that. but seriously just got a bit bored. so predictable alcohol. we had fun. dint go any where. so no pics. so yeah highway drive was nice.

today went the tnagar. repaired guitar. he said it will take 2 hours. it was too sultry. so i went to pothys,chennai silks and all such shops on that road. just for ac. i swear the nagai kadais have excellent ac. and the cloth shops-the ladies section has much better ac than gents section. like for real.

even though camera is dead dream for now me is looking forward to a nice trip. kerala and tamizh nadu.lets see. depends on how fast nikhil recovers.

yesterday dropped friends in central,went to pondy bazar via mount road. very little traffic. around 4pm. and to my horror found out that the kaiyendhi(road side eatries) near brilliant tutos,pondy bazar is gone. ate in geetha cafe and then kousar(for those in chennai,must try place.gethu place for milkshakes) as usual. then the drive form there to tnagar bus stand,through usman road..fack..bheja fry. and it turns out chennai corporation pulled down most of the kaiyendhis on grounds of hygine and standards. fuck them.

and the good news. got call for interview from samsung. 40 per month. chennai or blore posting. stil confused whether to go for the interview or not. basically lazy. have to go back raipur and get provisional degree,then shave, go interview and all. mokkai. and to saya and others who are encouraging me so much to join that company in pune.thank you.

meaning to write more. but too lazy. body never felt this weak. basically last two months hardly any sleep, too much thanni dum and all.

and the blore trip.i was thinking of meeting about 8 humans.three 10th class mates. smoked the weed and forgot. the others people i know over twitter or blogger. i have this poilicy of not meeting people i know online in real life. this time me thought wtf. just like that meet. planned everything. and then either forgot or got struck some where else. and the another dm-ed me and i dint see. so thats 9 totally. bah


Saya said...

Go for Samsung interview. Go go go

Saya said...

You went into all podava kadai. I normally get nauseous in T Nagar after one and a half hours. Thats when I start consuming uppu manga/nellikkai to revive myself.

Insignia said...

Awesome!! Whenever I visit chennai, there's this unwritten rule that we have to visit T Nagar and shop a bit.
And most times, I just walk into naga kadais and cloth shops to get the luxury of ACs :-)

Just go for the Samsung interview!! All the best

HaRy!! said...

poitu vaya... nala nsoi panu interview la.... kaiyendi thukitangala? guess by the time i come back elam pochi!

mentalie said...

what an excellent use of sari ana nagai kadais :) i wish you all the very best with your interviews. but even more than that, i wish you sunshine and freedom.

soin said...

@about 50 mins.for the ac.that bad the heat.free

@insignia..ya ya all ladies like you only keeping those shops alive.free

@hary..yeah cheekarama thirumbi vanaga. i enjoyed my last interview.free

@mentalie..sunshine and freedom-have it in plenty.chennai sunshine very good sunshine.one time you come you wont come another time madam.free