seek and destroy

i hereby swear never ever ever to  drink on a sunday night. specially when i have a viva on monday. specially when i already got sloshed on saturday. saturday tamizh guys farewell. so drink. sunday i was a chamutha sitting and watching epl and suddenly these guys call for shrikanth bday treat. his bday is today. never got drunk on consecutive nights. and this was like huge. about 30 guys drinking away. usually its like 10 or 15. and many unknown guys. many guys who i know but had never drunk with. so cheers and bottoms up with min 10 guys i remember. after that i had no count. bloody first time mattai and lunatic. its still confusing. i was fully aware of what am doing saying and all that. yet i was insulting many guys there. it was fun. and the ride back home. waatha.. ela got some bike which dint have,well a clutch. so the first gear it basically wheels straight away. no control. enticer. we rode at about 90 and somehow reached home safely. that was around 2.30am. 6.30 i had to get up again for booking my chennai ticket. tatkal opens at 8. online crashes. so had to go to the counter and stand in line at 7. empty stomach. weak body.worst it was.

and then i slept away during the exam. ac lab. body feels bloody weak. and then i slept off. evening i find out that two of my room mates are diagnosed with jaundice. have a feeling its the same case for me. this throws all plans out of gear. to start with log concert. sunday was to come along. now he is down in the hospital with jaundice. i dont know if my body will hold. and amar college opens on 6th june. stupid symbiosis. hari gets 1st june as joining date. stupid tata. and these two also out. thats half the party pulling away from goa trip. so thats mostly cancelled for now. fuck. and since nikhil is out my kerala trip might need re-scheduling. am not linking this.

and day after tomorrow project presentation. ours got fucked. we are stealing from my room mate. i hope my teacher doesnt kill us for changing the project a day before. i Hope i can go and give the presentation. i have to pack. but too tired. bah. hopefully i dont get jaundice. that would kill me.



Saya said...

you guys really live on teh edge.. ayyo.

Shas said...

Gosh...driving without a clutch that to drunk. Glad to know that u reached home safely. So, how was ur presentation? Hope it went well.