the fellowship

this house has ten beds. last week 18 slept here. tonight only 3 will sleep here. nikil has already left. sisir left too. fuck i dint say tata. infact almost no one said tata. i dont know when i will ever see sisir again. he was the only goltu guy in our house. from hyd. i remember vividly everything about him. the sunday morning four years back i met him. that walk which summed him up. active. and over action. i remember the way he kept the curd packet between his legs( hand was smeared with rice,left hand holding the scisorrs),cutting it and then applying extra pressure on that curd packet, squirting the curd all over the room. me juju sridhar starring at him and sisir with that bloody grin of his. trademark. that was first year.

i remember everything. vividly. this chubby childish fair delhi kid who touched my dad feet and all. appa asked me to stick with him. nice kid he said. appa left me two hours  into my hostel life. next morning i knock this guys door and with a grin he asks he why i was disturbing him while he was masturbating. monday morning 7am. crazy. thats prankur. bloody good footballer. i remember the day i started the hostel life the new epl season started. ashburton grove first match. thats how i met sridhar. football. i remember the day i met the only other tamizh guy in the hostel, this smiling thin tall creature-rajesh aka juju. i remember my first sunday morning there, i met sisir then. he is from a different hostel.

i remember my first day to college.since i joined late the first sectionals had started. the electrical teacher asked me to just take the test just like that. i sat next to this new kid. he cooly opened his book and started copying form the book. the teacher caught him and sent him out. no word from him. he walked away. teacher gave last warning and called him back to the test. he again opened his text book kept it on the table and continued copying. that was perla. i knew this was the guy i had to stick with in class. i remember my first trip to hostel d. where the rest tamizh kootam where. ragging problems meant no one was ready to come out wiht me to get the basic stuff. thats when this dark storngish guy volunteered to come out with me. no one else was ready. that was surya. given that we are both from rival dav branches, it is not surprising that we have never agreed on a single point in life. but we hardly fought. he went to become my 3rd and 4th year room mate.

i remember seeing this thin stick figure wondering how the fuck this had life in it. everyone was teasing him that day. he just kept quiet. that was vishnu aka kuchi. when i found out that he was the only guy in tamizh guy who listened to english stuff and was from chennai. i knew it then itself. i remember this really shy dark kid who was all toothy , with a really weird hair cut that looked well bad. he was bloody embarrassed, some l board had spoiled his head. he was polambifying to me also. that was raghu. i remember the first time i met every bloody fellow in my house. i remember hari who was drying the clothes then. i remember sundar and ela lying down on the bed and talking.

i remember the first year.room no 39. the same as my chennai house door number. i was diagnosed with thypoid one week into college. i remember the way sridhar looked after me. rajesh became my room mate(some bhopal civil fellow was my original room mate.). sridhar and sisir became pseudo room mates. we had less than 10% attendance in our first year. get up at noon. cook lunch in the room. full meals. every fucking day. me and juju cooked well enough. then we had a good footy brigade in my hostel. mostly we bullied into playing. i remember meeting his big fellow form nagpur who spoke a bit thamizh. when i mentioned greenday to someone else he asked me if i listen to metal. that was shrikanth. after footy take bath(twice every week) , then dinner outside. we ate outside every fucking day. then movie or game. sleep by 3 or 4 in the morning. at the year end me and rajesh had fucked up the academics. royally screwed.i still remember the vikas bday thing. i still stand by what i did. i know the other three guys dint like it, we fought, the only fight ever. sridhar cried. but since then we understood each other and it has finished this smooth.and how can i forgot those legendary inter hostel footy games. we lost 7 nil to hostel-d. most tamizh guys on the team.i was down with thypoid then. after i came back we had one more match. won it 4-3. brilliant it was. i remember how my seniors cheered me tamizh nadu in my first every football match here.. i cant remember against whom..and when i did some off the line clearence by fluke , bah i remember what all they cheered then.

second year all tamizh guys in same hostel. i got to know kavin and raghu well here. this was the year me and juju made up for our first year academics short coming. we wrote twice the subjets other had to. passed it all. i lost all spirit, stayed in the room all day long. went college. got bloody fat.room number 40.

third year some dint get hostel. two in a room. so sridhar juju got. sisir fit in. i wanted to know the tamizh guys better. so i fit in with hari and surya. all expeted hari to get room. somehow in the end i got. so hari fit in with us. kuchi room four fit in. i sitll dont know how. this year i got to know the mallus well. specially bipin and nikhil. nikhil is one guy who will help you with every fucking thing and not expect anything back. bipin was always up for fun. the way he irritated thala aka kavin..stuff of legends.room number 38. same hostel as the first year.we played footy almost every day

fourth year. no one got hostel. so we searched for house near by college. somehow managed a big one. sridhar decided to go away with siva. some where else. i was quite sad with that. whatever happened juju sirhdar sisir and me had stayed together for three years. anyways this year had been fun. that diwali. the first time we stayed away from home for diwali. same day my bday. best ever. we even put rangoli and lit lamps. that cook we trained to out taste.. her early morning calls.. babu.. bloody irritating. loads of trips. last minute unplanned ones. i cant write about them all. but each trip, the way we packed and left, the trips, every fucking thing is recorded in my mind vividly. i even remember by 8th std stuf quite vividly so i guess i wont forget all this.

i ahve always made it a point not to get close with any friends who can emotionally associate themselves with me. thats why i have stayed with juju for four years. we both never got emotionally attached. atleast never showed outside. after 10 months day and night with each other , we will go home.we wont make any call. no contact. thats why i never got close with surya kuchi and all that easily. but yeah somehow i am unable to bring myself to start packing. to leave. tomorrow by this i will be gone. i hope i pack by then. i have got used to raipur. this town life. slow. unambitious town. i hope my mind and body can adapt to chennai again.

i will miss every bloody thing here. no not my college. not my class mates. i dont hate them. but dont like them either. they were like an excuse to come here. but my house mates. they are the four years of my life. i never showed any external emotional to show love or anything with these guys. but i guess they know i love each one of these 12 guys. i will miss them like hell. 11pm ice creams. rare 5am rapri with kuchi. bloody having 10 guys wiht you always you never get bored. get to know a lot of things. loads of perspective. how many debates arguments. i dont know how i will sit in my house with just amma for company. i dont know what i will do when  want a mango shake at 10 in the night. who will come along. and i cant finish with out telling about the gupchup guy. 3 years. loyalty. almost every fucking day. when i told him am leaving for good, there was like genuine sadness in his face. i wont forget him. he is a good friend. i remember me and kuchi were explaining the placement process the night before our interview. when i got placed i went and told him that. dint eat anything that day. i started smoking and drinking properly only in my fourth year. somehow i will never feel comfortable drinking with my chennai friends like i do with these guys. those bday drunken stuff was brilliant. i clicked every single drunk night thingy. and the football fights and nights. no other guy would have bunked college and come with me to unknown places without any planning. if i had gone with my chennai friends we would just see the waterfall and exclaim. but with these guys its different. we climb up to the source of a really huge waterfall and trek down to the cascade along the waterfall. bloody those late night ride in search for ciggs. am proud that none of us slogged it down even during exams. yes all of us are like 40th ot 50 th in our classes. but we managed a job. many couldnt.fuck them.

so yeah so it ends. the fellowship. after four years.and this shall pass too..but yeah thank you for everything. to say in orkut terms thank you for being my friend.


ps- there is laods to write. why i dont know. but quite lazy.and i need to pack.fuck


Tangled up in blue... said...

I've never really lived in a hostel so I know I'm missing out on a lottt! But I know it always sucks to say bye to friends who you've stuck with for so long, and I'm just glad I still have 18 months to go before college ends..

Sunny said...

we 2 will miss u motta...

Insignia said...

Hmmmmm.....missing huh?

Madisanji said...

ayyo senti.

mentalie said...

hostel is the last state of perfect bliss after the womb. seriously. after that it's all fucking downhill.

soin said...

@tuib..bonds formed in hostel stronger than covalent bonds.free


@insignia..still suthifying together only.free

@madisanji..dho da kandupiduchutanga..free

@mentalie..ja.ja.drink to that.free

Pesto Sauce said...

hmmm....things happening with you

Saya said...

pls update.

Abirami Rajendran said...

sucks to say bye, yeah. i don't miss my classmates, actually glad to be away, but friends, thats another matter :(

ps : aren't covalent bonds weak by nature? wouldn't ionic bonds do better for comparisons?