the four horsemen

-spent about a week in blore. lamb of god concert.range. but only 90 mins. somehow lacked a small slice of magic. but was wonderful to get into the pit,headbang and see those guys who said something like we are lamb of god and we will be back.

-we were sloshed most of the time . one night we decided to drink,all pubs closed due to some elections. so we rolled the joints on the road,smoked it up and got bloody high. the highest i ever felt. and police came. we walked away and kuchi somehow dropped the remaining stuff into the gutter. was.

-on that note i officially declare sng's scarbrough fair to be the greatest psychedelic song.ever.

-am happy to be back. good weather.yesterday had a long walk and clicked some. yet to edit most photos.feels nice to stretch and shoot some. the senate hall is range. but dint have permission to shoot.soon enough.

war memorial

senate hall

madras univ

PWD building

the world war memorial for the carnatic regiments

-we dint have enough cash in blore. we went to pubs and all. but a bit more cash would have been good. bcoz initially only one day we planned for blore.
-i wont get the camera for now.dad was going to get the arrears .but the dear bank put some condition which ate away most of the money into pf and pension. and bro had asked for keyboard for long. that more than 20k out. so i have to wait
-i have my next two months planned. and the dear company has sent us call letters. june 7th. fucking bastards. that too pune. mood totally out.fack fack fack
-today morning we were supposed to go on a road trip. due to the cyclones all trains out. so the guys who were coming from the norther part are yet to come. we are still waiting.

thats all for now. infact got more to write.later



Insignia said...

Oh you were in Bangalore? Good...and you were short of money? You should have called me :-)

And I am sorry that you wait to wait a bit more for the camera. But hey, better things are worth waiting :-)

I loved the senate hall picture. Its sort of eerie.

Saya said...

Once you get to Pune, you can easily manipulate and get Chennai. Easy peezy.
No camera eh :( The pictures are beautiful.

Sad to see you join where you are joinin. Hope you do something more worthwhile.

Sachita said...

kastame - have had cousins wait for more than 6 months for the damn reporting letter and here you are cribbing abt letter coming early - ungrateful creature.

Camera - eppo sontha kasle vangalame - financial independence is sooper feeling even with supportive parent spoiling us.

Ignore Saya here, everyone will hate heir workplace eventually.:)

Saya said...

Sachiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiita.. idhu enna sadhi?

Sachita said...

Saya: no sadhi and all, just that he has to hate the workplace on his own, eventually he will get there - that is his journey and all that:)

Naarya said...

wonderful pics.
pune???? man that sucks...yeah sucks... i hate that place. over priced shit hole it is.

soin said...

@insignia..soliteengala.adhuthavati kasu kamy nee solren.infact am bankrupt for the month.oru 500 accountla potrunga.free

@sachita..camera is 30 k..that means saving up for min 6 months..bledy.free

@saya and sachita..dont worry i will love my aapice.what ever saya tries i will luv it.free

@naarya..wow thanks for those kinds words of encouragement and hope about pune.free