it is over. under graduation. the exams are over. hopefully all clear. have project presentation on 12th. havent started the project yet. tomorrow photo session. oh how i loathe it. i am like full time beard and they are asking me to shave and all that. amma made me promise i will shave for the photo tomorrow. even appa called. so it has to be done. otherwise when the photo comes hell will break loose. after exam we went to stuff our selves. as we came back wind. bloody strong. and then rain. first it was like sprays of water. due to the wind the rain was hitting us almost horizontally. enjoyed the rain,

so starting to sort delete and all. have to pack. too much to pack.the clothes. my god, amma is going to kill me. she always does when i come home for sem break. havent washed them since,well last sem break. thats 5 months. i dont know how amma comes out alive after washing my jean. she will make it a point to call me and show me when she rinses it. black water. ha i see that come of my body whenever i take bath. bloody summer. have to take bath atleast thrice a week.

so i leave on the 12th.midnight. i remember everything vividly from the counselling trip onwards. amma dint let me go so easily she wanted me study in some college in chennai. finally she gave up. she knew i wont listen to advices and all. so in a piece of paper she wrote stuff she wanted me know. stuff like take bath atleast thrice a  week, wash clothes once a month, trim once in 3 months and like that. she prodded appa to write something, he was always lazy and of few words. so just for her he added two more lines to the paper amma had written. as i loaded my suitcases into the car she handed me the paper and asked me to read it once i go raipur. that was the only piece of home i carried with me. a single piece of white paper. her handwriting all over it. she spaces a lot. it will always look neat. the first instruction was-respect girls. i dint have a good track record with the chennai girls ,my defense they annoy. a lot. anyways appa handwriting,typical appa. each letter sleeping on each other,cant make out one letter form another.lazy. single line-deserve before you desire.

when my parents were newly married amma was staying with dad family, he went ahead to find a house and all. he sent her the first letter. amma couldnt read it. his handwriting was that bad. embarrassed she took it to pati(dad mom). she could read either. so amma preserved the letter till appa came back and asked him to read it out. the first line was -dont show this letter to my mother.

and then i lost that wallet. second year. in chennai. it had this letter and a really small stamp size photo of the four of us, parents bro me when i was 3. bro was just born. that stamp size photo is in every relatives house showcase. today as i finished my exam i remembered each and every line that was in paper. can only smile.

so yeah i go back. changed and all that. will be totally weird to go back. and not come back. and weird to have my own money. i hate the diff. calling appa money and mine separate. i mean i earn so less and he earns much more than i do. so lets divide it by 2. fair deal i say. so the summer is almost planned.

12 may-leave from raipur
14 may-go to b'lore
15 may-lamb of god concert.exited.first proper death metal gig.pit.wall.mosh.bring it on.
16th-thermal and quarter concert in blore again.want to explore blore.suggest good places to eat. first priority for this foodie.
17-23 may- catch up, raipur friends come down,so road trip to pondi.get sloshed fully
23-30 may-munnar trip with parents and bro.all three complaining they never get time with me even when i come down chennai.so yeah it should be nice.
1-7june-the essential end of college tour. goaaaaaa. yet again.beaches. sloshed.
8-30june- kerala trip. mainly little known places,the villages and all.already semi planned.46 places to stop.
july-tamizh nadu trip.mostly alone.48 places to stop in all. cant wait

also convocation fixed on 14th sep. if the naxals dont trouble a lot will go bastar again.and then job whenever am asked to join. i understand i can defer till oct , i shall do so.let me see how much of this plan comes to be . and i tried doing the retrospection shit. i guess i was comparatively thinner when i came to college. and then i was more like a group guy. every where i invited the whole gang to come on. now am quite loaner. wander alone. i hardly call anyone these days. and my tolerance levels have gone up exponentially. like really exponentially. other than am the same. maybe i lost that small fibula of a funny bone i had. now i cant mokkais anymore. not bad for a retrospection. so deep and meaningful. i think i know my soul better now.whatever.

and dont worry i wont leave the few limited readers (to be precise-5) so easily. daily posts. about the four years college. let me try shooing the 5 away. and yeah like this blog better than the prev one. the other one many used to read and all. but that was killing time. now even though only few read its like loyal and fun .and soon i shall start the process to go totally anonymous in the online world. and my cousin told me over phone today-i am now officially in the bachelors category. yikies. i know i have become a man. i knew it when i was able to think for myself. like 4. yeah the complete man ..ok not complete but manly man since then.



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"deserve before you desire" that's like the best advice!

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whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. you cant go anon..

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Have fun!!

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keep writin..lovin it :)

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@nishi..not sure.free

@saya.yov anon as in if you google my name no results from blog twitter or facebook should turn up.free


@peter..naye comming chennai?free