second hand lions

its dry. the tonguses are dry. tis even twisted itself. we is wanting water. no not that waters live. the real light water. lotses and lotses of it. we wants to just wade in the water for hours together. likes when we were little.this kills us. we wants water.

we wonders what they mean by eco farming,eco tourism and all. biotech . these people read about space universe plants animals .and they is changing it. in the name of science,development and civilization. we is not liking it. how arrogant of them humans? first them thinkses they rule the earth. understand nature. modify it. we thinks the knowledge is pointless? whats you do when you know how something workses? why modifies it for you? you zeint make it. thats copyright infringement. why does this need to know about rainfall and sun? ze is going to stap it? hehehe how foolish. then why learn it. leaves it alone. nature workses well for us as long as dont meddle with it

all this passing knowledge has kills the human spirit. everything they teaches, what did you discover by yourself ?  they is limiting you by teaching you. they is killing you. if they no teach you we thinks anyways we want. everyone is actually different and individual. no ze is all one huge mass with few tampons. why is survival skill so important? you is anyway die. so you discover penicillin? what happened?nothing.see

there is use reading writing or learning. what am doing now is pointless. pointless thing attracts us like mosquito to shite. think. you are born. there is no language. no learning. try to survive. or die. all this taking humankind forward is mirage. there this huge ball of energy fire and all. you name it sun. estimate it will die by this time. ok great. so what can you do your deluded bastards? shift to another planet? make sun live longer? thats your plan? ah shit. you speck boshterd. you is nothing. that is all.

the photo session was comedy. my totally shiny bald head was upsetting the photographer. he moved me four places and yet he was not satisfied. i think i should have applied sheenlac on my head.just to annoy him. kuchi saw his class girls in the tapri. they were hugging and crying. and the tapri guy goes kya maal hai. there was the IT branch party which i dint even have any idea about. instead my tamizh juniors gave farewell. story of four years. as usual whiskey. its not riskey. its cheap. twas fun. log concert tickets came. goes into collection.
my ipod earplugs out. have to replace. after three days of kodai temp its hot again. am sorting clothes now. packing.



Saya said...

shiny ahuja.

soin said...

what you sweeping at?

Saya said...

exactly whats sweepable :P