more haiyas

there is still hope for me. appa said he might get me the camera if some agreement in office gets through.am hoping

suddenly old off campus applications are coming through. so i can go for direct interview for 6 jobs as of now.but i have no hope.lets see.

there is a tamizh saying which goes like if you drink milk under the palm tree no one will believe you. i was like doing my training online module for cts.amma asked if i was sitting with facebook. the important thing here is amma knows facebook. turns out one my you of yesay atthai had come over. she had shown amma what facebook is and asked her to join.amma promptly called her kadangari.but now she knows facebook exists.not good.

its nice-these jobless days. i get by 6,go beach with bro and play and laze around.someone gave amma what is known has green tea.she asked me if i will take it. i dint know what green tea is and asked her to make the green tea black.it tasted yuck.but now its perfected.till pack gets over i have to drink green tea only.anna ore the health conscious these days. after morning "work out" i eat proper lunch,sleep over for hour or two then go out some where with someone or the other. like yesterday i went max muller for the russian food festival. there was no russian in the food.rascals. served indian. came off. there is a small road side momo shop near vivekanandha college. chinky runs it. taste is quite good. a veg momo is 6 rupees. and there is a new place called citrus cafe nearby.decent. night i go some where for juice or ice cream or desert. daily new place. then go to the terrace and listen to podcasts. last week fully been listening to flaming skull podcast. its the one for underground indian metal. i love the terrace. good air. greenery around. i can see the marina,the st.thomas baslica,the kabalesshwarar temple,the mylapore tank,ramakrishna universal temple,the radha krishnan road. building is only four floored.but mylapore buildings are all small.at max 2 floors. but in mrc nagar all tall 10 floor buildings coming up.5 star hotels,corporate buildings of airtel icici and all.me ins not liking it.

parikrama concert today.European film festival from the 1st.the other day gs and me went to some old deserted british era building. was fun to trespass. the chandramukhi type old grand building now not used.we went fort st.geroge too. was awesome.when i called my friend for the film festival i was called arvakolaru. thats the problem. i have no one who shares my areas of interests.

been writing loads these days.but dont feel like putting it up here.mostly just updates here.which is totally pointless

i envy guys who do the photo shoot and all.of the girls.so much patience.i can never take photos of a girl.irritated five mins into it.almost sure.should try. 

been shooting something or the other daily.just to learn post processing am processing every god damn photo these days.another thing is torn between enjoying and trying to take photo.sometime too much enthu is idocarcy.or whatever.

the marina beach..

the mylapore temple yet again. i can always shoot this and try a different processing
back and there

fort st.george.one of the first british fortifications in india..
things that were lost in time

they have banned playing cricket in the service lanes in marina.rich bastards who want to walk.thevdiyas.half the charm of marina is lost.cha
you cant ban us



Nothingman said...

Nice pics there!

And a free lifestyle, man am i jealous or what!

Enjoy bro, hope you have more fun in the coming days :D


mentalie said...

lovely pix, spiral. show us some more. and damn those russians for conning you :D

Saya said...

Please post your updates.. nice to read.. LOL at the russian food festival..

and as always.. the pics are beautiful

Saya said...

and pls go for all the interviews.. dnt join C

soin said...

@n..i will.i always have a free lifestyle.free

@mentalie..i will find kgb and kill them for this.and i wil post those gory pics.just for you.kachak

@saya.look i know your feelings with the cts thing.but you need not tell me in every comment not to join it.i did info tech for four years.i intend to honor what i studied for four years.so free

Saya said...

vidhi yaara vittudhu.

Tangled up in blue... said...

wow, u have quite a full life! and full in a good way, too..Lovely photographs there, especially the one with the kids.

and we had a mexican food festival in my part of the city last week, cud have been a dead ringer for ur russian food fest there! :D

soin said...

hopefully you had some mexican hotties over.free

Naarya said...

"kandangari" :D
Lovely photographs..

soin said...

amma's fvrt word kangari.right after shaniyan.free