raja i love you

17 violins. 3 double bass. 1 cello. one man. ilayaraja. i cried

so back in 1985. raja wrote 6 pieces of 15 mins each. he wrote each piece in about 30 mins. he couldt find a flute player who was able to play the notes he had written down. so a certain hariprasad chaurasia was called in. mr.chaurasia felt the notes were too simple and dint play. he was persuaded to try once. for the next seven and half days hariprasad chaurasia struggled to finish even one song. raja had written it in 30 mins. and now a guy called navin iyer played this flute part flawlessly (trust me i have listened to these tracks literally thousand times.know every up and down note) . and in just three practise sessions he perfected it. not just him. raja had lost the notes he had written for this album. i mean who will keep so much notes? so prabhakaran (raja assistant) just listened to it once and wrote down the notes. perfectly. and the crowd. omg. perfect. small. fanatic. they knew every note. the crowd were so good that the orchestra gave the crowd a standing ovation. unless you were there you wont get it.

and after the performance. about 30 mins debate.uttam singh argued that raja was the greatest indian composer ever. this from a guy who has worked with every damn great composer in india, who usually doesnt speak much. of course raja said no. then he blasted present tamizh music. he spoke out my mind and heart. and as i looked around i realized something. i dont belong to this time. i should have been born in 70s atleast. and not with the friends i have in chennai. not a single soul shares my areas of interest or my taste. so i roam every where alone. feels lonely a bit. but its ok. if its means concerts like this am ready. this 200 mins is the best ever i have had as a human. thank you raja sir. there is no one after you sadly(no not even arr when it comes to completeness). i hope he comes

and the album "nothing but wind"


ps-if you inferred anything from these tracks let know
pss-still spell bound.i dint even click much.like i said first time this is happening.
pss- i hope one day india has a good symphony orchestra and i see it play.that would be the greatest thing after india playing in the footy world cup


Saya said...

I wanted to go for this.. but didn't. No reason. I ve often felt I should've been born earlier..

Mathanagopal said...

Hey, as you said, I am also one among the ppl who wished to born in the seventiesss. 1970 to 1990 --Musical Era..... I attended the show with my close friend.. we both are core fan of raja sir. this show gave us an opportunity to see raja sir very closely when he get down from his car.... excited moments...... Navin Iyer, Violin Orchestra, Aalaap Team, Prabhakar... flawless and incredible recreation of Raja sir's "Nothing But Wind" , ofcourse the Wind is Illayaraja Sir..... :)

soin said...


@mathan..blessed souls we are.free

Spaz Kumari said...

could you embed google vid links or any non-youtube link for music that you post? college blocks youtube and proxies are too slow.

soin said...

just google the album name and download.this one is available for sure.too lazy to anchor the link.free