where i lay my head is home

you know the water.stream.current.7 feet deep. just about right. water clear as crystal. small fishes around. no one near. absolutely no sound. not even of the water flowing. thats what surprised me. two streams joining and yet no sound.  and as you let go and just surrender yourself to everything, just spread your limbs and you naturally float. the power of the water, just carrying you gently along . its just green. you see rubber trees. jack fruits. coffee. cocoa. and sunlight. and sunddely the sun dissapears. poof. and there is rain. and you hear the rain drops from under neath the water. thud thud. really weak small thuds. more like a beat. and you are still floating. with no effort. and you are still being carried along. of course the water level has increased. and then the sun comes out again. the sky is blue. and you are still floating.it takes real effort to just float. to let go of fear and all. trust the force of water. and the feeling ,ah .and i realize that my poonal has been washed away. the best part? no its not the second breakfast of freshly baked bread with home made pineapple jam after the swim. no its not the first breakfast of appam with honey extracted from the gardens. the best part is there are no bounds. no timelines. no plans. for quite some time i wanted to take off like this.

less than a days notice juju and me took off. first stop trivandrum. roamed nicely. then roamed kollam district. a lake larger than chennai and opens upto the sea. we caught the ferry luckily and some beautiful stuff there. then roamed alapuzha district. the day we reached there hartal. total shut down. so we left our luggages in the cloak room and walked to a small farming village some 8 kms away. large farms on the banks of the backwater. then we walked to a beach another 8kms away. and then went kottayam district. the plan was to have no solid plans. start from bottom most district and roam upwards based on proximity. no time limit. no budget. it was really nice. in kottayam stayed in my ex-roomie house. a village in the hiils. rubber plantations. a river flowing through they very house. as calm as it could get. pamperred royally. and every thing was home made and from the farm. coconut oil, jam, jack fruit stuff, pineapple vine and more, we were taken to his grandpa house and uncle house(where a stronger wider river and a grander feast was waiting). it was at this point, one week into our trip that juju got his joining order. worst timing. idiots they could have called someone else. surya and all dint get call. if juju dint get the call i woundlt be typing here confined in this room in mylapore. rather we would be roaming. we could just finish three districts. 7 more left. i intend to finish it. once my position becomes clear i intend to start from where we left off. iduki district. i wish for one more company. someone who can travel in general and stay in low end shitty roams like we did. the last week was really range. like my appa put it like an english movie. matter is. this being life it got cut. i really hope i get to resume it in a week.  this was one trip where i enjoyed like hell and clicked very little. so no pics.



Tangled up in blue... said...

You're having such an awesome time and I am stuck taking exam after exam! I am sooooo jealous right now! Kinda glad I dont have to look at the pics or I'd really turn green with envy.. ;)

Saya said...

wat fun! you are so right about the floating. do you know how to swim?

Srishti said...


Trust the water? Its kinda hard when ur instructor is yelling 'FACE YOUR FEAR' in ur ears and there are 38949394 sharp rocks around you and your helmets big so it can slip off any second and the current's fast and you don't want to flow away because you know you are a clumsy swimmer.
That was me at camp.

And Trivandrum! Its beautiful! Went there in last week of May. Where else did u go in Kerala?

Shalini said...

The first para...AWESOME!!
Holidaying with nature....
:) :)

Spaz Kumari said...

if my parents wouldn't freak, i'd come without thinking.

unbelievable trip.

soin said...

@tuib-now i will upload the pics.and hey i have to start working now.so me will be churning with envy then.free

@saya.. yennai chiina vayadhil kutraleesuvaran yendrum azahaipargal.freee

@srishti..hello to you too .and oh high class girl. a second standard me was thrown into the stream by the cousins and thus learnt. roamed the districts of kollam ,azhapula, kottayam and saw iduki.will finiosh the rest soon.free

@shalini.nandri free

@spaz.oh do something and get into the thanni thelichuvitta mode like i am in. then no matter.free

Sachita said...

way to live.. respect.
ow did you get all this wonderful ideas?

soin said...

free.i guess i have too much vetti time