like a dog chasing cars

the street is wide
theres space for all
atleast thought so
a really dumb dog

and the day came upon
lakhs lakhs lakhs
half a lakh more
they were all there

the dogs all stood
waiting all the time
no bark nor woof
just shifting of feet

the fat spanish waiter
he came in a small car
meat for all there is
pay a grand dears

pay they did
question they dint
the meat was in pieces
300 to be exact

who barks loudest?
who barks the most?
who can interpret the bark?
you are through

300 did win
meat they got
the rest stood
waiting for another

other waiters did come
some fat and fair
some thin and dark
but come they did

and the stupid dog stood on
hoping there will enough
but twas a fools hope
for he couldnt bark

the waiters were all done
few lucky thousands
they went to promise land
strangely some came back

a sweeper came in a cycle
will you come along dog?
i cant bark said the dog
what will i do?

i thought i could bark
just because i couldnt run
but neither i can
so why do i come??

coz you cant do niether
your dumb,thats good
questions i like not
for am a thief

but work i will give
five days a week
six days off a year
good meat you get

the dog had tried
too many cars
he knew he can
do it no more

so shook his paw
happy he was
for he had caught
finally something

stupid stupid dog
he had never chased cycles
he had no other choice
what can he do?

he was thinking of meat
but he was a stupid dog
for he knew not
he will never have time to eat it

dear entrance exam organisers,please dont conduct these exams in a girls college.we guys need to piss.before the exam.its a ritual.we cant give up our manhood.fuck you feminists.
anyways fms entrance had 200 question.120 mins.add three or four really long comprehensions.that means i had to rush through.but as i read the second comprehension(about minds),instead of skimming i sat and read the whole thing.fascinating.i sat in that passage for about half hour.of course i dint finish the question paper.when i got back i asked my friends if they enjoy the passage too.they dint read it.but they answered all correctly.so they so.and i realised then.i was never going to do well in that management.am too slow,peaceful and placid.no ambition.i just knew i dint want this software engg life.and i blindly went for management.but that doesnt suit me too.i still dont know where my reckoning is.for now i will do the cognizant.if i do find something in the mean time good for me.else bad for cognizant.and to rip off ma fb status-

CAT=Rs.1500 XAT=Rs.2300 SNAP=Rs.3500 MDI=Rs.1000 FMS=Rs.1200 Sp.Jain=Rs.1200...Deciding not to MBA after applying for all Bschools...PRICELESS!!



Eccentricallyquirky said...

You the dog.. I am th bitch.. Find myself as disillusioned about entrances as you... Thank god i did not fill the GATE form up... Fms paper ended up doing more LR and Quant than the RC... God knows what is to happen... Probably things won't be as bad as we make things out to be... We too will find our calling...

Rajesh K said...

Dont worry.. Soinbaba will show the way!! God is great.. All eez well.. freeya vudu..

scarlet pimpernel said...

he he ....

Nothing ever goes according to plan ..aint it ?

Uncommon Sense said...

share more of your master card moments

Insignia said...

dont get carried away. Act stupid and answer those papers. Never enjoy the passage... It happens with me too...All the best!

Pesto Sauce said...

Happened with me too 7 years back when applying for B schools...I know its a pain

Shalini said...

Hehe...loved your poem. This is what happens!
FMS was comparatively easy this time...but I am slow too. Did only one RC passage...dunno how people managed two!

soin said...

@swayam..well if we are going to find that calling why cant we have it easy.stupid world.free

@juju.. serpala adi naye..

@scarlet..but there was never a plan..free

@uncommon..thankfully they are few..

@insginia..act stupid?try me..i rather read and appreciate whats written than go through.free

@pesto..fuck history..and does that mean i will fuck a pros in seven years?

@shalini..twas easy?bah..infact it is.but just too long..free

Naarya said...

ha!! ha!! nice poem and loved ur FB status. not meaning to be rude...but i am absolutely delighted that u r not gonna do mba. i really hate ppl who blindly do engg and then mba... its meaningless enough to do engg and then copy-paste code from google...idukku mela mba vera venuma?
i strongly feel and hope you find where your heart truly lies..

soin said...

thank you.i will do so in the end.just that the wait to the end is not good.free

Vishnu said...

how did i miss this.. sema gethu fb status.. now for everything u have ur credit card with a signature which doesnt match any of ur other signatures..

soin said...

i hope they dont put me in jail.free