the saints are coming (pictures)

history has shown us that a small insignificant incident becomes significant about coz some great soul interpreted the world out of that small thing.the buddha has the bodhi tree.paulo went on a pointless trip.and so on.this is a story of one such incident.when a normal man learnt about humans and the world and has embraced the way of the monks and the babas, and is one his way to greatness.

our story begins in a small city which as of now is insignificant.it would later go onto become on of the important centres of pilgrimage.as a kid he was very sensitive.hardly spoke with anyone.after he finished eating he would get up,wash his hands and leave for the terrace.such peace in the terrace.he could see the world,the sea and the light house.his mother would wash his plate.for if he saw rice splattered on the floor he would vomit all the rice he had consumed.never waste.injustice.the world seemed simple and clean to him.for he went to places that were clean.

and then it happened.he had to live in a govt boys hostel.he went to eat the first day.rice skewn every where.he went and puked.the next day he went early to a clean mess.the person next to him had a mt.Everest on his plate.goltu.he requested him to pass some rice.he did pass the bowl.but before he put his sambhar rice laden hands into the rice bowl to add more rise.he went and puked again.it was before a month before he ate anything.typhoid followed.he was starting to learn the way of humans.he knew he dint know anything of humans.so he embarked on a journey.

he looked every where.he searched the land.but found no answer.an old lady with one eye told him the answer lie where land and water meet.and so he searched the beaches.

he stood for a year on the rock and meditated.no answer.

he sat down for a year on the same rock.still no answer.
a new rock,still no answer.
but then he had learnt how to walk the sea.
now he knew its the land where the answers lie.he looked high and low.no answer.three years over.
he was tired.he was really tired.he decided it was time to take some rest.and he had a dream.
in his dream there were beams of light.and he asked the question.and a single hand went up.
it said-"the answer i know not.but i do know hot to get to it".and it explained.

and so he boarded the train.a passenger.from mumbai.to chennai.32 hours.he stood with rest of the crowd.a decent looking fellow helped him get a seat.the compartment had it all.well to do middle class there coz of waiting list and a need to get home.the lower class who couldnt afford it.the fights.the smell.the lack of sanitation.the fellow who helped him got a seat made a deal-"each sleep for alternate hours.look after the luggage".deal struck.but he couldnt sleep when his term came.he was searching for the answer.

it had been twenty hours into the journey.and he was beginning to understand humans.at every station new people came in.the fight.the talk later.of life.of politics.of humans.and he was beginning to find the answer.peace was dawning upon him slowly.and he slept.out of turn.for twenty mins.he woke up to see his friend gone.and his brand new slippers gone.but the friend had left behind his battered rubber slipper as back up for him.now he knew what he had to learn.and that was a start.by the end of the 32 hour journey he had learnt what he had to.he had not slept other than that 2o mins.he had not had a single drop of water.no food.he had not got up from the seat.what twenty years of life couldnt teach him ,a 32 hour journey and 4 years of engineering had done the trick.he decided to adopt the name his followers had given him.

as he entered his place his mother called him-"your brother has too much hair.it covers his eyes too.advice him to cut it".right there he knew the look this new baba had to have.and thus to solve the problems of engineer's non technical problems and corporates many life problems a new baba is born-soinbaba.every baba needs a song.this baba has chosen-rime of ancient mariner by maiden.
the avatar
and a small sloka too is needed nah.-
give me some vodka,
give me some gin,
give some novacaine,
a sem of engineering once again
(to the tune of give me some sunshine from 3 idiots)

the lotus feet

note-all pics were taken by my room mates without my knowledge.and they have rechristened me too.am bloody bored.i have way too much time.so more pointless posts .daily.and fuck year booking.and am saving up to die my hair.flame red is the choice.like fredrick ljungberg.

and a tamizh lady at nagpur station without knowing am tamizh,says to her kid-eat it up kid.other wise i will handover you to the boochandi(pointing at me).kid still doesnt eat.i went near and said boo.kid ate.

what has been my sort of second home for the last month.nagpur station..


Shalini said...

one word-
two more words-
Hands down...

Insignia said...

Your friends clicked them all???
Its spontaneous..nice frames.

I liked the B/W snap of Nagpur station..

Boonchandi nu sariya than sollirukaanga :-P

Tangled up in blue... said...

You know that station doesnt look half bad when photographed like that..I've actually been there, my grandparents used to live in Nagpur..

and you walk the sea? all you need is to turn water into wine, and you're set!

Hang in there, with three and a half years of bad college under my belt, I know one thing..

when you've reached the lowest point in your life, the only place left to go now is UP.

or so the optimists say.

:) Jai ho soinbaba ki! :D

Uncommon Sense said...

thats fucking awesome dude, u really seem to have a fucked up head, and i like tht..

btw i was a baba myself at some point in life,

soin said...

@shalini...jeez.that was product of a bored mind.thanks and free

@insignia..most of them yes.i clicked the hand and the nagpur station.atleast am helping kids drown tasteless food their mothers feed them.free

@tangled..nagpur is a good place.manomoolam idam jagat.
the water is so polluted these days that i just need to drop sugar unnoticed in the colored water.tada.wine.even if it doesnt taste like wine they will accept.and its not that bad you know.just am bored after 4 years of college.mera arshirvad tumara saath hei beti.free

@uncommon sense...thank you for those kind words of encouragement.everyones a baba at some stage of their life.just that the hair goes transparent.free

Mishree said...

very,very nice post.but i dinn really understand ur comment on mine.what did u mean?


me :-)

Dr. K Bodhi :D said...

Fantastic story! Seriously. Oon kula evala therama irukunu theriyava illa.

But seriously cut the hair :D Boochandi madri daan irruka.

kaka said...

soin i was ur fist disciple ....the thing was good...i have a different version...will come up with it soon....come again and we will go more places this time....

soin said...

@mishree..thanks and free

@kbodhi.kanna idhu chuma trailor thaan.ne innum main picture pakala..

anyways wont cut hair for another four five months.planning to color it and all.coz after that job and all.cant grow nah.free

@kaka.. u still are my dear bhaktha.where will you put your version? if you want put it up here.and surely i will come again.soor thing.free

Aruna Iyer said...

I likes it...d way u write. Short clipped sentences with fullstops.

Funny. Nice.

soin said...

jeez nandri hai..free