travelling the kokata mumbai route for the next three months??between nagpur and raipur a beggar comes to sing..and he songs metallica..beautifully..you would feel like dropping 100 rupee note in his ganjira there itself..look out.

best trip to chennai since i came out of it.sadly none of my friends share my area of interests and taste.so i never get to do what i usually want.but i guess finally i have outgrown them.but this time i did it all.alone. i clicked gigs and gigs of pictures.i covered the chennai sangamam festival daily.(sangamam is getting a bit stale.they need to work out something new)..then i went around mount road in the dead of the night and clicked old buildings.(that would be a whole post later..)..then chitrakulam theppam(temple float festival)..then the mylapore fetival..again clicked a lot..enjoyed most of the performances..best part was the future mamis out in full force.when i saw one hyper chick type of girl(schoolmate) there, i had to make effort not to let my jaw drop.she looked more stunning in this dress.waatha..

and then i went for zakir hussain concert.bliss.last min ticket.went alone again.that was saturday evening.then i went to landmark and got some books-on mylapore and chennai architecture heritage history and all..two on that.. one on veda and the present hindu system..fascinating all the three were..then night fully i roamed for more old buildings..then morning four i ended up in santhome cathedral..and i met my 6th standard english teacher.she looked so beautiful in school.she still does.everyone used to say she looked like a doll.good teacher too.has beautiful twin girls.pavam those kutties were in the church at five.making a racket.anyways she helped me get permission to shoot pics..still that enthu and all that about her..

then went to mylapore temple.as a part of mylapore festival (i know decently about the place i live.i hope to write another day)some tour was arranged of the temple.a good fellow call pradeep did it.most of the information he provided i already knew.but a few architectural stuff he explained well.a hour well spent.and unsurprisingly i was the youngest there.bah.i wish for some company of my age who can come for zakir hussain concert,heritage and photo walks..theatre dance and rock concert..bloody i wish somebody would discuss how ls violin bit was almost like dimmu borgir's serpentine song starting..anyways after that i went to rk mut after nearly a year.as a kid i went there every sunday.but after 9th standard stopped.what peace that place holds.

another nice thing was we played football at ma house.its been long.its strange that am so bad at football and yet playing it gives me so much pleasure.anyways thrice we played.saarang was boring from what i was told.and my appa let slip that my card has a credit limit of 10k.avil thaan.. poindhi..first got sherlock holmes ticket(nice movie.gethu soundtrack.hans some level)..confirmed that it works i went and got zakir hussain concert ticket,a black guitar(itching to paint it.but will do so only when i can play ballad of baconsfield miners), a ganjira(carnatic instrument.google if you dont know.and monitor lizard is endangered,so getting a ganjira was tough.finally located a fellow who had got it long back but hadnt used it.service and its good now.),the books i mentioned before, altec lansing speckers for my pod..and finally dad gave his slr to me.needed repairs so thats another 5k gone.then creative ear plugs for my pod.enough for now.

so appa saw yesterday on what i had spent and has informed me that next three months allowance is gone.so with my ganjira i am going to beg on the trains.btw haiti..omg what disaster..what did people do to earn that wrath?? so give what you can.to make it easy i will wire my account number.donate and i will pass it on to them.eventually.

btw a few clicks from this time are here.there are 100s more.but too lazy to edit and upload.all in due time.now come on you gunners..down the villa..



Destiny's child... said...

The pics are great. Loved the cathedral one....

Insignia said...

Wonderful pictures. Each one beats the other. the color, the composure. Never have I seen Chennai and its temples so beautifully. Thanks

nishi said...

nice shots!!! esp the festival ones

sm said...

thanks for sharing

soin said...

@destiny..usually not allowed to shoot that..free

@insignia..rightu remba kalaikereenga..yenoda pada heroine neenga thaan.. padam yeduka time aachu na amma illa akka role ungalu.opening saat..ajuss..free


@sm.. pleasure is mine..free