book #2

name-no onions nor garlic
author-srividhya natarajan

madras based story.to be precise madras university.first of all this is not a serious type of book.its a bit satirically funny.it takes a dig at the tamizh brahmin life style,caste divide and all that.now if you are not from chennai you wont understand parts of book.as in you wont know it brilliantly sarcastic.and satire.i how can we explain mayirpudungi and a paper called the bindhu,the dig at the column about hindhusim that comes in the hindu,and that column's authors life being made fun of.so if you dont know chennai this books not for you.

but if you know chennai,then you will enjoy this.its the expressions and observations that make this book a good read.the story is set in a short span of time.so the characters dont grow and all that.now ending is predictable and i was actually disappointed by it given the other parts of the book was good.this is written for a light funny read.with a bit of madrasm thrown in.the mylapore brahmins and their world.and its not shitty take like 2 states.this is so good that you as a mylapore brahmin can appreciate it.and the author being one.a good ending would have made this a much better book.for the chennai clan-read it. long time since i got a madras story that was warm to read.forgive the lady for the ending.the line after the ending was good.



Dr. K Bodhi :D said...

Cool. I am reading this.

LionessWithoutAPride said...

I read it. I took offense, I admit. Especially at the fact that all the acronyms for the various TamBramAsses and other clubs spelled out cuss words. However, I like how it's written. Satire is not the easiest thing to write, I feel, but she made it seem easy.

soin said...

@dr k..free

@lioness..comeone its for fun.and its a tamizh girl writing.so nothing more than fun.ah yes.satire was decent..free

HaRy!! said...

nangalum padipom ila!

soin said...