name-madras on rainy days
author -samina ali(debut)

i got this book coz it was on landmark sale.i thought 49 rupee discount.turned out the book was 49. flipkart price is inr 566.

anyways its about a muslin girl.grows in america.in a rigid system.comes back to marry from the hyd old city.anyways book is worth a read.its not brilliant and all.but decent.i dont know indian author debut level.but i have a feeling it is met by samina ali.

the nice things about the book-cover,plot line ,decent language(some places were like really promising), complex multi layered character,doesnt over do feminism when it pops up.and no ones written about the hyd old city muslim set up.the ending(last 40 pages are the best part of the book).and good descriptive writing

mokkai things about the book-the main lady-its confusing.either the character is confused.or she confuses me with her decision making.tries to include everything muslim forbade.if people dont like describing everything then they might get bored of this book.and starting with a strong feminist tone,there are parts where the lady begs for sex! like i said either character is confused or i am. and the old city muslims portrayed here are totally blind and stupid.i mean a lady bleeds with abortion and they take her to the alim(even if story is set in 1970-1980,its stupid).like i said tries to show everything muslim forbade and tries to chew more than whats needed.and at places too dramatic.

overall decent.not bad.of course given the plot line could have been much better had it been consistent.but read once.fascinating system.parts of it are really good.



Insignia said...

Worth picking it up? Let me go to Landmarks and search for it

Dr. K Bodhi :D said...

:D Pah! Ore the reviewer and all you have become..Watch some very worst tamil movie and review no :D Any idea how "Tamil Padam" is?

soin said...

@insignia.. yeah
@dr k..i will in due course..

Anonymous said...

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