since you read this i presume you ask all shooting imaginary questions.and i will answer them. so the last month or so am feeling..well nothing. basically words make no sense. i got bored and tried twitter. sucked big time. made me feel even more useless. and hey before i forget and get all weepy, am typing this from my laptop.yes it has been revived and now once again lives.

anyways with blogs books and everything that has to do with words discounted i got bored. and juju came back with kgs of chocolate. i had a box of ferro rocher all by myself for lunch. three days been eating only chocolates. this is worse than cigg addiction. i mean my chocolate addiction. since 8th i started getting money, i have eaten a cadbury almost every day. some chocolate or the other. i have tried desperately to stop it. but i cant. and well i wont.

so it got really hot so i went and got my once famous hair cut off. and the very next day the bastards announce that lamb of god concert is happening. exited yes. but my best head banging chance gone. fuck. so i am totally mottai now. sessions and and sem around.

i feel motivated. in a different way. i basically want to sit and do nothing. been thinking of stuff i usually i dont think about.

cycles. wonder why everything seems to go in a cycle these days. we were wearing small leafy things once. bark and all that. then it got longer. more opaque. now its getting shorter. opaque is getting translucent. and the whole go green thing. bah. so why? ah the resources. the resources that are available to our civilisation is not adequate. i mean population is moving in an exponential curve and the resources is like x=y graph. more than 2000 years over. the gap. is that what 2012 meant? no wonder god is wearing black looking for new resources these days. boo to the civilisation and the civilized bitches. doom be.i am a stupid motherfcuker.if i die i die..

and as everyday ends, as my mango tree in my house get heavier i find my self dreaming of that little area called mylapore that i call home. when i go to chennai during sem holidays it feels weird. i guess after four years chennai is going to be really weird. hopefully i still like it. i know no routes now. have no friends there. i mean my 12th frnds-mostly lost touch , the close ones i still in touch, they are all either leaving to study further or going to other cities for work. so its me and parents.

i feel happy for amma. last year has been tough for her. with no one in the house. now when i get back i will get pampered. so any one else coming for the lamb of god concert? and i got so bored that i deleted my twitter account.am being all dramatic these days.booyakasha..


ps-if i have not commented on your blog or something i have either read yours and have nothing to say or i will eventually read and comment..


/\/\ /\ said...

head banging wid that haid style of urs??? aah damn that wud ve been quite a sight....n mapla pls save the melodrama of coll ending n all...evry mother fucker in town seems to be emo n stuff...not u tooo...

soin said...

i dont give a shit about the college da..but after four years away from home i cant wait to get back.20 years in the same city you have got bored.but given my taste of things i love chennai.so getting back is what i am looking forward too.if it was upto me i would leave this shit hole and come off now.free

Gymnast said...

Dont you ever check your orkut/facebook account? I suggest you do..

Sherry Wasandi said...

You lost the hair.

Damn. That's an omen right there. The world really must be ending.

On the road to "Life through the eyes of the corporate monkey"? Speaking of cycles, the world can anyway not support our civilization without being indebted to the future. We're drawing heavily on an account that isn't really our own. So going back to wearing small leafy things might not be a matter of choice.

Bah. It's the-earth-hour-i-paid-no-heed-to talking.

Insignia said...

Lot of things going on with you. You chopped your hair!!! Your signature hair!! Hmmm...

And chocolates, boy dont talk about it!! I can just keep eating them. Twitter sucks huh? I have never tweeted. No idea also now.

And yes, things go back to history. History repeats. Have you seen models walking the ramp wearing leaves? Thats how its going to be.

And yeah, if you have not read my response to your comment on my latest post, here it is again for your convenience.

You need not call me by cigarette's name. No intention of hiding it. Funny that you never figured out my real name!! It was mentioned at obvious places. People have addressed me with my name while commenting as well. You seem to have missed it. Anyways my name is Bindu :-)

scarlet pimpernel said...


just chill


Srishti said...

Ooohhh, cool, Lamb of God!! Where??
Not that I'm coming.

chocolates, yumm!! I'm having Hersheys abhi. :D Which chocolates do u like?

Shitt. Your hair gone. How short are they now?

soin said...

@gymnast.i hardly check them.free

@sherry.thu podi you cynic..

@insignia..ah yes i never check them replies..free

@scarlet.you sound like a spam orkut message..free

@srishti..banglore.15th may.it will be brilliant.try make it if you can.the energy and all that.my fvrt chocolates are after eight,fr.free

Vishnu said...

the point is we quite dont know our city well enough.. even though i hate raipur to the core.. kinda feel attached to it.. jus hoping tht chennai will change the whole damn thing..

soin said...

adhey adhey..free