up dates

life.do you believe in it? if you do you would believe in death too. but what about life after death? i mean more like resurrection..my laptop is back. i mean was back. it should a flicker of life. for a night. and it lays still now. but hope remains.

reading thirukural and bharathiyar of late. thiruvalluvar is sema matter man. and a genius. now that tamizh phrase vanalaviya pugazh?

i think life is going to be hectic from now on.yet to decide my major project.

one thing of many things i hate my batch for-we are not leaving behind anything for our juniors. when i talk to my juniors and see how sincere and enthusiastic they are i feel bad.

and 5s football tournament going on. our first match was against civil. 6 o clock morning match... 6.15 i dint have a team. not even five. so a guy who came to watch played for us. first time he is seeing football. when ref said goalkie he took it to the corner flag. we lost it 6 nil.. had some chances. could have scored two or three.

and arsenal porto match. after long time it was good to watch arsenal. nicklas hat rick, nasri sparkling and we are into the quarter finals of the champions league. bring it on man. as this match ended at 3.30 . a couple of hours later had to get up for another footy match. we had to play architecture. and yet again i was struggling to find five to represent the great IT branch archi turned up with ten and practised. we won 4-1.

on a rare occasion i tried to accelerate and was promptly hauled badly. thud. thank god for my hair. good buffer. one minute concussion. blurr. missed a chance. and i did go college. thats a rarity. ten mins into the period three guys asleep. two in the two corners of the last bench, one in the first bench. the three being the ones who played football. so the prof asked me to get up, asked questions. yes yes india is my country. and then he saw it fit to comment about my hairstyle. classmates decided to chip in and five mins they pulled my leg. fackers. i slept off again. came off after the second lecture.

and as i was coming off electronics girls were all standing out. and they are like openly pointing at my hair laughing and passing comments. i caught some of them. they are dead. plans are underway. stupid attu figures.

today manu-milan. milan will loose. that means i wont sleep before 4. and 6 we have match aginst mca. me is injured badly. of more than 55 players playing me the only one playing without studs. stud marks all over my foot. and cramps. bad state. but will play.

i stll cant understand. me very bad at football..but still nothing gives me joy like it does. strange. and i love playing with galy. poet that fellow is.

last three years hardly got any clothes. so my parents went on over drive. 25 t shirts..cargos jeans and all..and tons of chocolate. my fvrt after eight there too. thinking of going home.

and motherjane concert in kolkata. good that sreya put it up on facebook. me and kuchi are going. but we are broke. jagdalpur trip. so general class ride to kolkata. see. get back .no stay. should be fun.

its nice to have some money now. ordered books. now i got flipkart 40% off coupon. if any one wants ,do tell. and now i have warmed up want to do some heavy reading. recommend.

able to play the guitar much faster now. but need to tweak mine a bit.

am too jobless and bored. so tweeting from my pod a lot.

finally i see it.chetan bhagath . twat. i take back whatever i said about him. no wonder real writers feel insulted when cb calls himself one.

tried a different cig called more. real long. no bad smell. but its sappai. doesnt do what tobacco has to do. so black it is for now.

summers here.bad thing i need to take bath daily now. but ganna rass..should add rum and see how it tastes.

summer travel plan taking shape.


and as usual 100s of photos still unedited. i dont know when i am going to tend to them.

liking the looks of one junior. found out she is first year. more research needed. this is the fist girl who actually looks classy and still studies in my college. i hate fair skin.

and as days pass i find myself thinking of chennai. more and more. and hopefully a girl. its been boring of late.



Anonymous said...

OMG... I read Bharathiyaar too and I thought I was the only nut. :D
-Feudal Spirit

Saya said...

Listen to atma by bombay jayshree. if you havent already done so. vaatsalyam is also good.

Insignia said...

Quite lot of things happening and still say you are bored?


Vishnu said...

obviously insignia doesnt understand our situ...

n jus hoping we go and come back in one piece.. if they screw up the acoustics.. i swear am gonna kill em.. n i feel u may get addicted to smoking.. so ishtopu.. although am in no state to advice..

amal said...

hi da soin..heard of ur blog from vishnu.. loved it :) .. glad to see football still runs in the blood da .. me too siilar experiences here.. all night football under lights rocks! and lectures next day provide the ideal place to sleep out the exhaustion.

Keep playing, keep writing :)

Sriram said...

You'll start crying when Baiju starts with Vande Mataram.. Enjoy..

Anonymous said...

bored? keep blogging whenever you feel bored :D
"no wonder real writers feel insulted when cb calls himself one." -> why do you think so?
So are we gonna hear some lovey dovey stuff from you (owing to the classy gal) :)

Dr. K Bodhi :D said...

Naan sollala.. Poriki madri irruka. Go get a hair cut and a shave. And chumma ponnunga soothi soothi varuvanga:)

Neethi said...

just came across ur blog....kayendi????samma peru!!!!:D

soin said...

@feudal..its the ocean.there always someone else..free

@saya..thanks for the reco. but i wanted books.free

@insignia..the thing is stuff is happening. i just wantmore stuff to happen.free

@vishnu..dont worry.wont get addicted.free

@amal..thala..long time..without football it will be lifeless..free

@gs..he played sare jahan se acha..was equally good.free

@avada..let me first find out which dept the girl is from.and its only for sightu adichufying purpose.nothing more..free

@bodhi..apidi patha sottai mamas like karunaidhi should get loads of babes. but that doesnt happen. and salman rushdie getpadma lakshmi.see.if i get a girl i can get her with the unshavenlook itself..free

@neethi..thank you..ungalai varuga varuga yena varaverkiren..free