seek and destroy

if cruel eye brows bow
unbent ,would veil those glances now
the shafts that wound this trembling heart
her eyes no more would dart

glances of her liquid eyes
double witchery
one brings pain
the other heals it

disease and medicine
antagonists we surely see
but to this pain
she herself the remedy

withdraw it burns
approach it soothes
whence did this
wondrous fire obtain

thine eye is sad
hall doubtful hour of eventide
of cruel eye as hers
is too thy mine

farewell o moon
if that thine orb can shine
bright as her face
thou shouldst be my love

if it wasn't complexity then (it is now),i bow to you-the greatest of your kind. i still wonder what it is in woman that makes poets go all poetry. i mean some of the best tamizh movie lyrics and poems i have come across are about women and sex. no like the stupid katti pudi da song , but more like andhi mazhai types. subtlety. i love that. thaneeril nirkumbodhey verkindrathu.....juju and me had a matter song play list. the poetic subtle ones..i love literature when it talks of women and sex. not like in the erotic way but more in the poetic way.. death and sad stuff bring about simple worded poems..even that conical master. his best words are those describing woman and sex. this is a classical example of the education board fucking it up. they giving the boring parts of the poets words. and make us believe he is boring. but now when i sit and read his better words, those describing women..i know he is brilliant. dont the edu dept trust us 10th standard students to handle simple lines like the one above. or is it morally wrong for a textbook to carry it?

am getting bored too easily these days. even with loads of work to do. its that part of the year again. our college fest. last year full enthu we worked. hardly slept. designed posters, participated in everything we could..organised an event.. and what did it amount to?? fucked up feeling..allegations of cheating when you win fair and square..fights..left a sour taste..so this year nothing. just sit back and go bird watching..and i got leeds promoted from league one in fm. now struggling in championship. hopefully in a season or two will get them back to premiership..my life is that exiting right now..


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Insignia said...

Women are mystic beings :-) I always wonder if its the richness of the Tamil literature of the talent of the poets that they weave those mesmerizing lines.

No other language has such deep and beautiful way of expressions. Dont get bored, you will end up being frustrated.