you know the myth stories?? where some guy sees to believe in god? i saw baiju play from half metre away. and now i too shall proclaim..baiju is god.

so we checked the general compartments of the howrah express,took survey and saw that the general compartment in the rear was less crowded. so when geethanjali express came we were waiting in the read. bloody crowded. so we ran for more than 22 compartments and just about got into the general compartment near the engine. no place.so we sat in the entrance step. some talk.music. slept off. since we went jagdalpur already we were broke. since the footy tournament was going and the civil and elec dept fest started only me and kuchi made it. its 12 hours to kolkata from raipur. anyways we reached kolkata. roamed around a bit. had a white bland watery fruit. then went on a ferry ride from the old bridge to the new bridge.then went to the venue-jadhavpur univ.

we were contemplating where to eat and where to smoke. we went in to the college. and they were rolling up joints. happy we went to a near by street , loads of eat out. bloody cheap. stuffed. and black cigg is only 80 here. so we went to venue. slowly crowd accumulated. its was like 4 guys 3 girls ratio. good things-no one was wearing pink or rose. girls werent fair. tan. after long time so many birds to gorge your eyes on. brilliant crowd actually. every where people were lighting up ciggs. and me and kuchi counted. about four girls dint smoke. every god damn girl was smoking. never expected that in a engg college in kolkata. a girls in dark blue tee was smoking so stylishly. waatha..anyways good for the eye. and never smoke 8 ciggs in half a day.usually half a day if i smoke at all.

concert got late as usual. irritating. coz 11.55 last train to raipur. we had to wait for 15 hours for the next train. so tension. opening act was machine shop.local band. good vocals and lead. rythm guitar not up scratch. but decent it was. metallica cover. and some originals. now this is why i dismiss most indian bands. coz they are not original. they strongly base themselves on one famous band. half the indian bands are either based on floyd or lz . ratm ,lp ,metallica the other major ones. that why i like motherjane. originality.

finally motherjane concert started. and baiju the god took over. crowd control was shit. so all broke the barriers and went totally near the stage. me and kuchi made it to the very front. we were like a half metre away from baiju and suraj. anywhere near we had to be on the stage. anyway all our fvrts were played. including broken. waatha.. what a man..baiju...instead of usual vande matram he played sare jahan se acha..was equally good..brilliant it was. finished at 10.45..neak break time..we got a motherjane t shirt..broke..that is to say whatever change we had..

taxi driver played nfs and navigated the 15 kms ina bout 20 mins. and kolkata staion has 23 fucking platforms. and our train was on the 23rd platform. had to run. and turns out that there is actually a proper line to get into the general compartment and all. just in time. we got in the line and got a seat. slept off peacefully. around 2am the all famed transvites of bengal woke the train up. fucked up the rest of the journey was. every two hour another set of transvite group will get on. we saw other get harassed and kicked badly. from my experience these are the worst set of the lot. the telugu ones you can dodge. these fuckers you cant. every person were made to cough up some. sincere advice to any one going kolkata-go in ac. not even second class. worth the money. these people should just be burnt. anyone who argues with me will be put in a room with five of these creatures and burnt alive. i have tried to see stuff from their angle and all such shit. wrote a big post once. but now lost patience. seek and destroy man. anways back to raipur. tired.legs swollen. so forfeited the match we had with meta dept. they have college team players. turns out the match was with electrical. winnable. anyways free. too tired..

few pics now. more pics when i feel better..

the bridge terry coudlnt fuck with..

baiju is god..first time i saw someone play the guitar like that in real and so close..i will cry if i see kirk like that..

suraj(who stage presence has improved a lit since i saw him first..), baiju and clyde..

for more pics-http://bit.ly/9MMKRD



Anonymous said...

freaking ossum.. even me plannin to post on tht.. nee romba fast.. n lol @ bridge - terry..

Guria said...

Dang it! Loved the post! Missed the band! I envy you! And JU? You should have stayed a bit longer, you have no idea!! ;) :D

Dr. K Bodhi :D said...

Yaaru da avan baiju.. Enna periya player....dvd player-u

Namba kunnakudi vaidyanathan oda periya all a avan...

Express said...

I saw them play @ hyd some weeks back, not frm 1/2 a meter, but decent few meters.

Brilliant is one word and awesome is another.
But even both together are not enough.

soin said...

@kuchi..you hardly write..free

@guria..if only you warned me before. never knew kolkata colleges were this hep.nice girls there.free

@bodhi..chitappu..onaku sonalum puriyadhu. nee poie gauzian curve analyze pannu po..free

@expres.. pah when baiju played that broken solo..whatey man. for once we have an indian band thats good and original.free