when i was three years old i visited my grandparents in mylapore. big green house. a huge hall with the traditional oonjal in it. used to love rocking with my cousins. i loved that house. so many people. joint family and all. we lived in bhopal then. so after lunch thatha asks us all-what do you want to be when you grow up? answers like engg,doctor,teacher comes out.. apparently i said i wanted to be a Buffalo when i grow up.

they are one of my favorite animals. always at peace. emotions in control. no worries. slow, graceful. when they just stand in the middle of the street blocking honking angry bastards-i love them for that. when they go into some pond and come hours later with some plant on their horns. and they are black. i love staying in the water for hours. and i walk bloody slowly. guys who start from my house ten mins after i did, catch up half way through beat me and reach the college five mines before i do. anyways we had our farewell yesterday and thats official way of telling tata bye bye and all.

so there were people crying, hugging, taking a blood vow that we will meet in a year blah blah..guitar songs..crowd..you would believe all this if i was a tamizh movie director. our farewell sucked big time. just like the four years in my class room. to start with half the class dint turn up. job hunting and all such shitty reasons. the hotel was shitty. its was 5 star all rite. but food was only half decent. cramped dance floor. and everyone were blazers and all. and it was fucking hot. there were a total of two wearing a tee in that room. the dj and me the great. most girls wore a single piece knee length frock sorts. 10.30 programme and it dint start by 12.30. thankfully the hotel had open wifi.

so they had a few dances and all that shit. and then ball dance..can you believe how fucked up my batch is? they just reminded why i dint get along with that bunch. it was turned into an English movie prom. mushed and fucked it was. and the dj was pathetic. but once everyone went to eat ha played two metallica for me. to sit alone in that room and listen to all nightmare long -bliss man. no alcohol btw. for a place with repute food was just about ok. tasted everything. and then we had brownie with ice cream. i had about ten helping of that. that made my lunch. then dorks started reading four liners about some person, you guess the person and they give some card to that senior. this was getting fucked up. so i left mid way. i dint want to hear what they wrote about me. coz i dint know them and they dint know me.

and this farewell just summed up by four year classroom shit. me just wrong fellow in the wrong place. as they were dancing i was sitting alone. i never made friends in this class room. no one suited my taste. and i dont change mine so easily. come to think of it, its been the same trend since my childhood. take some time to meet the right band of people and then they regret it. coz i keep on yaberring. i always ended up finding some guys any where i went. i love meeting people. but i just dont hit it straight off i guess. here i found the right kind of people and they are my 12 room mates. we guys have spent more time in the rooms than the college. explains a lot. my proper farewell will be when i leave these guys. i would be sad then.

right now am happy am leaving this college. i have learnt a lot. changed a lot. but i sitll dont belong here. its not my class mates fault. they are all a big group and loved the time with each other. i just dint fit along. there are still people in my class who cant relate my name and my face. four years later yeah. i never talked with my class girls. there are still people i have never talked to in these four years. i hardly go to the college. proxy and a lenient hod saved me. i guess couple of girls in my class were worth talking to. but i never cared. these four years have been long. its good that i got so much time that i was able to do what i wanted to. no pressure whatsoever. parents who were happy as long i dint get arrears. after i get back i guess i will never talk again with any of my class mates.

its been kinda nice to see them from the outside. cheerful lot. so tata then dear class mates. it doesnt matter we dint make it. four years are over. we have done it. now we get along. and am really happy. i graduate in info tech from a nit and have landed with a it company with my first interview. in short i have achieved what i set out to become 17 years ago. a Buffalo.


ps-btw gate results came.i dont know by number. cant find hall ticket.booo


Rajesh K said...

ha ha ha ha... u know sitting in the rly stn.. nothing to do.. opened ur blog.. and started laughing at the first mention of the word "buffalo".. seriously.. how come i never thought that word for u..i dont know.. anyway i am getting stares from everyone here right now for my outburst..

Saya said...

my favorite animal is pig.. i dunno from where the fascination started.. happy.. decidedly ungraceful and happy bout it... nice reading your blog..

your new company la.. even buffaloes are too much.. real kadi place.. quit after few months and join some start up types..

Express said...


ended at a good node.

Okay, 2 things;
1. u have the form that you sent the gate guys? You can retrieve ur number from there I guess.

2. I thought I was the only weirdo who found buffaloes beautiful, turns out i'm not, yayy :P


Gymnast said...

Brutally Honest.

I understand about hating the collective ugliness of people with whom you actually dont belong , but are destined to spend years with!

All awful things build character , like Calvin says!


Buffaloes ? Err...I don particularly like them , though my mom calls me one all the time!

Insignia said...

:-) A new journey ahead for you. All the best for that.

and that meeting once in a year and all never happens. Just chumma talk

Jil Jil Ramamani said...

Frock. Memories of white fluffy lace trespassing my line of sight as kutti paapa came to mind. I like baby elephants and now I'm scared.

Spaz Kumari said...

this is EXACTLY how i felt in high school and largely how i feel in college. either this is a really really really well written article or you and me are very fucked up people. :)

best of luck with your new job.

soin said...

@juju..whats with you,chennai central and mokkai laughs? remember the hex photo? free//

@saya..its nice to se3e my senior at work give such words of encouragement and welcome..thank you madam..free

@express..1.yes i found it out that way.fucked..2.its weird to like buffalos,they are everything a good human should be..free

@gymnast..erumamadu..it has a nice ring to it..and calvin was based on my childhood..true story..free

@insignia..that metting part was sarcastic of the movies.no one told it.free

@neenga baby shalini mathiriya? white frock baby elephant and now camel..aduthathu korangu sanke..free

@spaz..i guess its the fucked u options that correct.and thanks.free

Neethi said...

aaahhhhh...tht replays my 3 yrs of college.....pathetic!

Neethi said...
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soin said...

its the ocean. no one is alone. even id deep shit..free