masters of peace and covalent bonds-a cbag type long post

hold on..


hold on..

have been waiting in the air tonight...

wathaa dei...

my room mate and recognised a string in the way,caught it with his hands and then pulled it down and put his foot down.unfortunately one end of the string was latching on to a loose nail and the other end was holding one of the nets.siva was angry..ila started laughing."dei sorry da machan".and for the next 5 mins he laughed his intestines out..siva angry. waatha thevdiya..

he walked down the stairs down.when he turned a 180degree stairs his left leg stared rotating.separately. he knew something was wrong.so determined he walked down as steadily as he could and to his bed.and slept off. he had a dream. in that dream he sat up from his bed.he switched on his laptop,and started to type a new blog post.he felt his laptop slipping away from him..he was determined not to let his high get him.he adjusted himself and gripped his lappy tighter lest he should drop it.and he started to read bharathiyar poems.and he started to type his post.he would blog about the day before treat at apnha dabha.
tooooooooooooooooinuuuuuuuuuu(spiral in the spiral architect).....our day before flash back..


there was a one.after that maybe a million. in our case it was ten. now its 13. final year college. we decided that unless all of us who can sit for jobs get placed no treats.now the day of the treat. 3 o clock chennai super kings match. viajy sema batting.csk win.me happy.manu looseto chelsea at ot.me happy.and arsenal 90 mins nil nil.fuck.

went off to the treat.the 4th years and the rest of tamizh and mallu juniors.more than 30 guys were there.all happy. so we opened the bear carte. every where bear. and the four bottles of whiskey. royal stag.ice cubes and soda comes. and so it goes..

so first it a tamizh junior who has missed a year. he got high and sober and told u his story. in short, sumall village, he loved,she gave psudo dhoka..no sex sadly..anyways now she has married broken his heart(hero fucked his football carer,and all such filmi stuff). now she is messaging after her marriage.so he tells us whole story, feels a lot. being responsible seniors 7 peg surya and 4-peg me adviced him.podi thevidyana sollidu,all girls are bitches.. all such wisdom. guy feels more,drinks more and goes out to the lawn vomits and lies down.his role is over in the party. whole mood is sober and all sober talks. next now9-peg surya tells his story.the sleeping part.i smoke my usual one. then some junior came and told us of that hero junior.so we go to the lawns to get him up.urupudadhu..

next a mallu junior told us a story of his brother died and he asked his parents and uncles and aunts why they let his bro die.the tamizh nadu jr not to be left behind blabs his girl story, i sit and listen. thats what i do at all parties.get slitcha high and listen. its nice fun. by this time my mallu room mate is high and putting up a good act.two juniors break into a fight. my roomie insults my batch mate badly.in a nakkal kind of way.then he vomits..

now all are high.ekachaka comedy.then i want to come home.heavy stomach.he dint have enough cash for the bill.someone pitched in 600(usually they dont carry cash for treats). i come home. its nearly 1 before all come.i mean all.all the juniors and all. my 9-peg one joint room mate is out.so we carry him on to the bed.whole house alcohol smell.worst. more mattai cases as other guys come and sleep in our house.and they want only the air cooler rooms.seri that over.then joints.now i find out arsenal won the match.nicklas scored in 94th min.naice.

some people first time and here for the weed. bad stuff. nothing much.stupid weed.over hype..

now this was written and stored as a post. he decided to post it only if he got high again.so he copied this into another post.remember this is all dream.anyways he then dreamt about his ex and his mom fighting and he beeing helpless.one more in mumbai.one more dream bastar.just then he felt a shrug.

i was holding the laptop in the same position. i had typed out the entire post till now. after couple of joints i got high. so i dreamt that i did all this as i was asleep(i know i was asleep and what i was seeing was a dream). but in that dream i had typed all this.without mistake even when there was no light.gethu typing i say.when my room mate ruffled me and asked me if i was coming to the tapri for tea then i realised.

so i was under the feeling that i was asleep,was seeing all the dreams(dreams were for four hours apparently),but actually did all and just realised all this.and the 4 hour dream was in about 15 mins.now my orientations gone.saw flashes of people. my room mates. my amma. a gethu figure who am not able to place. then i somehow walked with kuchi to the 24x7 tapri and had tea.just then i realised that i did not walk in dream from house to tapri.second blackout.worst. then ihad couple of chai.now typing this para. still disoriented. like i said orientation problem. but since i had typed this out am posting it as such. i think now i get how people feel creative when they are high with weed. for example..

at the tapri i asked kuchi-what mobile will draupadi get??
me-sorry.try again.what mobile will sita get?
kuchi-dei sundar yedhavudhu solluda..
me-sorry.ok what mobile will madhavi get.sorry kannagi get?
kuchi-dont know da.
me-karboon mobiles da..
me-coz shes koval-nlty bonded.(carbonds bond covalently.this kuchi told me before i smoked)

more such jokes came to mind. but i dint want to torture. next time more joints. and stronger.this is nice. btw i felt like my hip was rotation and my body being static.all this time.night.or rather morning all..btw why are these four whiskey bottles under my bed?ah fuck


ps-btw cbag is chetan bhagath
pps-who ever said floyd and weed made for each other.die.its mokkai. i listened to paruthiveeran songs.now thats made for weed.gethu.but the best was to listen to ilayaraja..suubar feeling..free


Insignia said...

Good..your chemistry is strong. Covalent bonds huh!!

Or is it the effect of getting high? :-)

HaRy!! said...

hmm enaku oru unmai theringa aganum... ivalavu nadunthu iruku, epadi unaku yelame nyabagam irunthathu? 9 peg vidu, nee than anga saraku master pola? athuvum Manu thothu tanga..cha! :(! drinks adichalum match la nanga steady!:)..ilavasam :)

mentalie said...

yeah! all those who say floyd and weed go together, stop smoking immediately.