so another month and a half and we leave raipur. this being my only mushy outlet, all feelings post about the four years and raipur from now on. so first the nice things- birthdays.

hostel bdays same ritual-11.50 crowd gathers..11.58 you loose any sense of your bum being there.about 40 guys wack you. after like ten minutes endless hugs and wishes. and the room mates get the hit. guys put on their football studs and hit us with all the force they can. and then the cake. and then the booze. the next day night the dinner (half in our case) is on you.

its almost the same case in our house. the number is less. mama(shobith) was the first bday here. and we stumbled upon a new bakery. now we are regulars. that fat shop owner smiles wide when he sees he. he once said we make him do the best cakes. anyways here go the cakes..more or less as per dates..the cakes and the story behind it.

shobith krishna(mama,means pimp)
the first cake. so nothing special about it. cake tasted good. and mama. small fellow. we pull his leg with the 14 year old tag. as cheerful as they get..

my first proper friend from college. so in our second year, we started playing fifa at about 10 in the morning. we had a train at 5pm. at 4.30 soori came and alerted us. till then we were playing fifa and never realised time slipping by. love football. chelsea supporter he. both of us love that long range shots. even now our fifa madness has not diminished.

the architect.this was supposed to be a metallica guitar cake. we dint give him a pic and he dint get the idea. so this. but the cake was gethu taste. anyways no explanation needed. music. metalheads. his sense of beauty and stuff amazes me. idiot , his crush is the best girl in our batch and hence out. kindles my interest in architecture from the aesthetic point. silent and strong

Sundar(sangili-means iron chain)
revidi type. madurai fellow. no interest in studies. but one the most practically intelligent fellow one comes across. sadly on his bday all shops were closed. we bugged our cake fellow for this.once his bed started burning when he was away. so much cigg buds . rolled me my first proper joint. always ready to try stuff.next to perla that thirst to learn new stuff. last 6 months been in the green in the share market.

no explanation needed i guess. unconditional love. bday on diwali. the best diwali we had.

Nikhil(achan.also bds)
on sundars bday we all got drunk. and nikhil drank half the old monk bottle got really high. passed out. next day morning this christian called his dad and told them that he got drunk and wants to come home. lol. he went. they told him not to come back till college ended. sama comedy. that day he was in full form. such a gethu helpful and patient fellow. and we got drunk on this day too. old monk. my fvrt. the rum is always gone. rum flavoured cake..

Bipin(square shoulders.like perfect square)
so this guy cleared jmat,iift and all. cleared jee too before. sadly ended with me. good for us. the way he irritates kavin(thala)..stuff of legends..the only fellow who poses patiently for me. funny fellow. man marks the hell out of you. and the gadgets he has-a brilliant phone that i can do no justice and a 1980 lappy. this cake was supposed to be a mac book mocking that. but cake guy screwed as normal guy not there.

so the number here-the girl we tease him with. he is always on the phone. sabaa. over range memory. tata power. aways takes up stuff and gets it done. terrible temper. and this girl in question-its a triangle from our view. the other guy gujju also from chennai. so all the leg pulling was done..and vadakali nai...

he can never exist without fags. even now (its 4am.monday) he is waiting so that he could have a fag. tapri opens at 4.30..this guys worldly knowledge pwns us all. but somehow he left his sense in his room as he changed the foto in the admit card of his room mate and wrote his supply exams instead of him. got caught the last exam. anyways when i needed kerberos server up in a day he did it for us. sama gethu fellow. range fitness. but bad treshold when it comes to booze..

manu jersey. red devil he. as pure as they come. a long one at that. even now when we dav guys get together that finals win over ranipet is projected like a worldcup win. soori was the ranipet captain. got into fight with my friends. when i first came here a bit skeptical. but gethu fellow. sama football. comedy. broken knee.

almost all who read this must be reading his blog. still.. fellow metal head. scourse shit..now the thing is he takes bath twice. a month. in winter. summer thats four. hes a janthu.. sleeps at about 8 in the morning. stays awake the whole night. always up for trips. perfect companion. even our houses knows he doesnt take bath. all tease him for that. looks like the only fellow who will continue and work with me. loads of common interest. and we call him kuchi for good reason. so thin.

he joined our household late. silent. tech geek. sema range fellow. so the java cake. his tryst with girls are stuff of legend. clue-skippy is a girls nick name..

and when we were in hostel,second year cake

after the first cake, our baker got better. every time we went he was happy. no one in this dusty village ordered such cakes. he used to put in special effort.sad we are leaving him. before we go a big farewell cake.the best one..

whenever we had a booze thing for the bday the guy getting the booze meets with an accident always. no idea why. and as we stuff our self with food he can only look on.am bad in this remembering date thing. hopefully i wish all these guys next year. would be weird to move back to chennai after four years..i wont miss my college or my class mates. but raipur and these guys .oh yes. without them life here wouldnt be one. football, trips which i randomly plan-always they come on. hopefully i find such adventurous gang again..


ps-missing couple of cakes here-sisir specially.wasnt there and dint click his cake.


Saya said...

What lovely cakes :))

Insignia said...

The cakes - really creative, whoever got the idea to plan this well..
You guys must have had memorable birthdays.

nishi said...

yeah agree with insignia, some spl effort haan! we wud alwes rush fr cakes last min :P black forest, o chocolate cake standard! u were lucky to find a good baker ard :)

Shalini said...

Aww...jeez man. Join the club..the college-leaving club. Same here..will not miss my college or classmates...but definitely my friends and fun and everything that happened during those 3 amazing years.
Really awesome baker...hands down.
Please help me with "Chennai" Tamil-"samma" means 'super' right??? What does "gethu" mean?? And why is this guy Surya nicknamed maplai...is he getting married???

Abirami Rajendran said...

wow wow wow!

you guys have had the best cakes ever. They look freaking awesome!

My fave was the Arsenal cake.

soin said...

@insignia..all of them just inside jokes.free
@nishi..since last year we made some effort..free
@shalini..gethu=awesum. well one guy, who we call mama put agreement with surya that he will give his daughter in marriage to surya.so that fellow mama and surya became maplai.thatsall.free

Express said...


I loved it, every bit of it!

And even if I neither eat chocolate not smoke ciggys, my favorite HAS to be the Djarum one!
No, the old monk one!
no, the phone one!

I can't pick one :(

soin said...

you dont eat chocolate? blasphemy..free

Nothingman said...

amazing cakes dude...i'd like that old monk one LOL


soin said...

@n..that oldmonk cake was rum flavoured..if not for few non drinkers we would have used real rum to make that cake..free

Sachita said...

dont know wat raipur is or wat sort of town that is - but these are lovely cakes and I seriously loled out on your madras tamil exp.:)

soin said...

^raipur is a dusty town in central india.and yeah the cakes tasted better than what they look.free

Anonymous said...

The charming answer