so it still goes on..

books.dont read them. the ones that make sense to you that talk to you. mindless comical ones are good. they dont tell you anything. but the ones that are rich in literature, in thoughts avoid them. complicate our lives these. makes us think complex things. take us away from simplicity. and more importantly originality. you might not do the same things as a character from the book does. but something, some little thing will change the way you think. its more on a sub conscious way. the more you know, the more you read the originality goes. goes out of you. you become the product of some words and images they create in your mind. now if words wrote themselves then this power they have makes sense. but someone else you never knew is talking to you. telling you what to do. and he learnt it some where else.

i hate how indians name their kids. they all mean something. like if you see a kid and it has bulgy eyes just name it kirit. it has a name to be called by. matter over. i hate names which have sanskrit origins. all these girls name those end with the ah. too many fancy names doing rounds these days. sayu said her friend name was rinila or something just because it doesnt mean anything. now that makes sense. even the present day perception of intelligence baffles me. with wikipedia and shit now intelligence seems to imply knowledge. and i wont call it knowledge for they dint work to procure it. and whats with the general crowd. when i had loads of hair every unknown fucker asked me why. and i shave it off unknown bastards come and run their hand over their head implying my hair. considering the watch gesture i can only assume stuff. a junior girl who never spoke with me before came and asked why i got rid of it. and people dont seem to like direct self centrism. or more like narcism. but those fancy words. anyways everyone is. some place or the other in a more "dignified manner" they do it. what i do for my convenience seems to get branded. labels. oh how i hate them.

normality seems to confuse me as well. as in what it actually implies. which buffer idiot is normal for me to gauge against and decide my normality. is gabtun normal? is tr normal? those who achieve anything are never normal going by the present day definition of normality by so called normals. when a musician or a scientist(great ones) when they lived wouldt be what is called normal. but they do something great and others lick it and forget the abnormal part. genius is abnormal. when a genius lets himself to be worshipped he aint a genius any more. and if i was offered a genius boon in anything in life i would want it. gauging. complexing life.

a world without border,politicians nations and shit.. food grows.. just take it and eat it. nothing else is needed for survival. how the fuck did we let so much complexities get into our lives. we are the biggest foolish and delusional set of creatures ever. jeez to claim the zenith of even something like foolishness seems delusional in itself. would that makes us the most delusional creatures ever? lets build more industries. more wars. destroy and be done. we are here to destroy the world but i think we are utterly in competent to do that. we think we are doing it well but that seems another dimension of our delusion. we are complicating it for nature now. this destruction. many suggest that without man the balance in the world would be there. it wouldnt be. we are balancing the world by destroying things. without us there will be too much good. we put the evil in the world. its needed. but we are not doing it good. trying to cure a dying man and then killing his cruel . and now trying to finish his life in one swish of the blade and we find out we are incapable of that too.

books.money.anything paper burn them. burn the trees. they should never make pages. or any form of it. i wonder if that will reduce the materialistic beast in us. not having the solid money, to hold on to get attached..when it is virtual maybe there is hope we would grow tired. and no more babies please. not the annoying part. but rather enough is enough. when will we cease to exist. we are getting bored here. i wont fuck another girl just to get the kid. poor indian parents of the 80s. most of the fucks was just for kids. or they got us to presume so. and there is more sex in the rural than in the cities.


ps-now am totally loving simon and grufunkel.mainly because they dont try to tell me anything. they talk of girls they fucked.thats nice


Insignia said...

Boy...what complexities you are talking about now? Start working and life will be a bitch!!

Pardon my language...but things are complex...but you have a choice...Crib about it or make it simple and beautiful :-)

Saya said...

Enna sollardhu? You are one thalai.

I also love Simon and Garfunkel. Amazing music. Listen to Bridge over troubled water.Gethu

mentalie said...

books are lovely, soin. and so are SnG. everything changes and so do we. eternal truth of life. why not work with it?

nishi said...

u stil tryin to study o smtin??

Anonymous said...

Do read Wodehouse. Doesn't take you away from simplicity. Brings you closer to it. :)
-Feudal Spirit

soin said...

@insignia..first of all more galeej language is welcome here..and yeah whatever.i think job and college same shit.free

@saya..yeah i liked that. but sound of silence america mrs.robinson are better than that..free

@mentalie..i still hate books.free

@nishi..exam time..free

@fs..that fellow i hate the most.free

Saya said...

sound of silence ore super.. but i started loving bridge over troubled waters later.. there is another one.. called ' I 'd rather be a sparrow than a sail..' kelu.. very different. also listen to 'who' by leonard cohen.

Saya said...

you hate wodehouse?why o why?

Saya said...

I ve been thinking about what you said about books. Allowing a random person to talk to you. and that taking away your originality.

But doesnt every experience we have change us in some way? Appo enna pannardhu? And I consider reading a nice way of allowing myself to change as opposed to watching movies.. for example... 1. because atleast you can imagine stuff. movies la everything is shown.. and i find tat very claustrophic to teh mind.

Wats your take?

soin said...

@saya.. see the change should happen out of natural cause and changes that lead to experience. should not force it. when one reads a book its more like an attempt to get it working. emphasis seems to be on absorption rather than percolation.and movies. they are a different package altogether.tamizh movies dnt allow you to.
when ever i listen to a film song i try to imagine a story.not all songs can let you do it.take tamizh ma for example.a movie close to my heart.the ideals.but more than that when i listened to the i formed the movie in my mind and the story.it turned out to be more or less the same.thats creativity too. to understand another mind that has tried to put out these songs and let you get to the point.
rightu stop here.too long.free