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everyone is a metal head. or rather can become one. if you have some one who an introduce you to the right kind. i mean what ever is your fvrt genre of music, a fusion of it will exist in some sub genre of metal. when you start warming to it moving on to related sub genre,then the whole genre and then the other genre as well. its sort of irritating when death metal is called metal and the rest is metal. or alternative. the sub genre of metal are mind boggling..this is not exhaustive,but correct in essentials..a base to understand metal genre..

my journey to metal traces to its roots. i learnt the mirudangam. typical tam bram family mine. joint family. all cousins play some instrument or sing. carnatic. mylapore our area. kancheepuram fellows we. anyways carnatic and ilayaraja-thats what i grew on. so slowly i moved into fusion and what i loosely termed world music. then to the usual classic shit. orchestra music. not its from orchestra music and the black slave music(blues) that metal traces itself. for more details on metal origin see the documentry "metal-a headbangers journey". must see.brilliant.

anyways i listened to metallica s&m. symphony and metallica. that symphony part made me listen the first time. then i fell in love with that. so listened to original songs. then explored that genre. thrash metal that is. and now any shit that is decent i listen. norway and swedish black metal too. introduced my brother to metal too. its just knowing whats their fvrt genre of music and getting that metal sub genre. for my brother soad did the trick.

anyways due to my almost violent passion for music i have ben thinichufying people with music. should stop that. still, music for this season. new stuff i have been listening to..

business class refuges by karthick and gotham-brilliant. the best album in the world music genre from india in the last year. gethu electronica with traditional stuff fused beautifully. and that earthsync label, their influence plastered all over the album.quality. sure listen. dont miss it.

music for crocodile,susheela raman- i hate her tamizh songs. too much of a purist to like her sense of melody. but the first six tracks in this album are in english with that carnatic touch and i love them all. melodic. good lyrics. simple. and great base.

priority,niladri kumar- i knew this guy was famous and good. was on zakir hussain masters of percussion group. but this was the first proper album of his that i listened. not great. but good enough. his other stuffs good.

rudra-death metal from singapore. tamizh guys all of them. now the lyrics of this band is great. all on hinduism and all. go and check the lyrics atleast. range fellows.

elect the dead symphony-loved it. of course symphony means i will love it. but when its serj with all his usual brilliance..its magical. that melodic feel is different and brilliant. specially lie lie lie.

midwinter blues,tori amos-if its a female artist i skip it. only like couple of them exceptions..dido..then fergie(coz of bep fcroz)..now this.normally lyrics if decent enough good for me. i dont give that much importance as i do to a base line..but this is good

guitars,gangster and cadiallac blood by volbeat-new stuff this. cant place its metal genre. sort of mixed. but gethu.

black pyramid,self titled-melodic metal usually have few seconds on melody and more of metal.this is the first one that balances them both beautifully.

slash-i love this guy.gnr.bah.this album like features 15 famous gethu artists . each song is of a different sub genre. most of them are good

and finally i am addicted to led zeplin-avoided it just coz everyone hyped it up. and then bob dylan and simon and garfunkel. same reason hype. also tabla beat science. used to listen to few tracks. now love them all. more such stuff. but i shall stop.

the reason why i blog of such useless stuff-exams. them final sem exams. so do anything that helps you avoid that word- study. also am jobless. not technically. but in essence. and tamizh new year. next one i will hopefully be devouring ammas special food.



HaRy!! said...

rudra va? never heard... ketutu solren!... exams na ore amarkalam... yeah i luv the symphony metallica too... yena ya unga team out..yenga team out...uefa la

Express said...

Wasn't COB under melodic death?
Couldn't find Rammstein in the list..
Did the whole concept of 'heavy metal' get scrapped?!?

I'd not even heard of harcore and grindcore :P :D

And the swedish death metal bands are brilliant!
Grunge-crazy me :)
a little bit of this and that actually..There is a part of me that lives on metal and another part that aches for britney spears :P

complicated, this love for music :D :D

Shalini said...

Same here...my roots are Carnatic music..both me and my brother were pushed to a 'paatu maami' since the age of 4.
Slash-\m/ \m/
Why the bais against female artists??? I hate Fergie..even with BEP. You dont listen to Amy Lee????
And of course-
Iniya varusha nal vazthukkal. :)

Insignia said...

You seem to have come a long way from carnatic to metal.

Puthandu nal vaazthukkal :-)

Anonymous said...

led zeppelin are great man. page is too good on lead. did you hear "ecstasy of gold" from S&M. metallica later performed a cover for "we all love ennio morricone". the song is from good,bad and ugly. and also my fav. composition. builds drama.

never listened to simon&garfunkel. how're they? nice post

Srishti said...

Wowwww!! This is CRAZY man. I had NO IDEA that there were so many sub-categories to metal. None.
Niceeee. Although I've never been able to understand metal.

Have you read 2 States? They mention Carnatic Music and Mylapore too. :)

soin said...

@hary..good that eng teams out of champ.too much hype.free

@express.nothing called heavy metal.metal can be heavy.and i hate half your musical self.free

@shalini..thats coz girls irritate.that scrrechy cat on tar road voice,those louve lyris and expose and become hit shit.free

@insignia..thankfully there is more places to go otherwise will get bored..free

@bharath..simon is gethu man.listen.try that song called america..yeah now in love with lz..free

@srishti..i have come to loathe cbag as we call these days.but yes i did read. and mylapore is like craddle of carnatic music in chennai.and unless you got someone who understands your taste of music and recommends the correct songs you can never get metal.once you get it you wont quit.unless you are sherry.free

Saya said...

Billy Joel try pannu. Baby Grand.

soin said...

wogay soor..free