varumaiyin niram sivapu

the colour of poverty is red .i thought it had something to do with karl or such shit
.or maybe blood .but its not .now i know what that red is .tomato .tomato juice to be precise.

so last week i had gupchup .big news right .except that i had for 10rs .daily .and thats all .nothing else .cook off for a week. daily evening gupchup. no money. and in extreme desperation i had raw tomato juice . its nice actually .so no solid food at all. except sunday where i busted my months balance in dominos. and i dont have a single paise for the rest of the month. now what makes this worse is my routine.its like see champions league match.that ends at 3.30 in the night. 4 before i sleep.mosquitoes means no sleep.6.30 shiva wakes me up and gym.get back by 8.30. infact after a months i had a bath this morning.its usually done in the evening after football.anyways somehow get to college.come back.fm,blog and all.then football.then normally bath.then ghupchup.more football on tv.hit the sack.i am famished.never my body has felt so weak.infact one night i just boiled cauliflowers and had them.such is my state .penniless.

you see in school me had enough money .sis gave me almost 100 a day. dad would give 200 r 300 a week. for a school going fellow who ate in joy,kapi kadai mcrenet and likes,this was enough. morever sathyam tickets cost 70 or 80. and the girl always had money. it was good then .but me always felt guilty .knowing how parents and all grew up. in cranky places with so many kids and hardly any special care .so when i was coming off for college i told my appa i wont need more than 2k per month. mad me. infact stupid. but i got typhoid when i came here. so end of first year my expenses were at 40k. ultra guilty. so from second year till now i never gone over board. of course extra money for trips and all. but i have learnt to live with this.

i like it this way. but downside-i cant hang out with chennai friends who were damn close. those poeple eat out all the time in good places,movies and all. all have loads of money. but me dint.and i cringed when someone else sponsored. end point? i hardly hang out with them now. sad.but what can i do. in that way i like my raipur gang. most of them with similar spending powers.

and these last three months have been bad. before i had those trips to nagpur for entrances .then mumbai trip where i blew a few k..and then in one day of madness i spent 10k from my credit card. fucked. and i told my dad he could cut 500 from the rest months money. he hasnt. my expenses out of hand. rajim trip ate up a bit. and i booked a few rajdhani tickets for amma .ate about a grand there. ah yes corruption.dad dint mind.

usually if i ask for 200 they put 500 .whenever i ask they will put money. but this pint sized human has everest sized ego.even with my appa.since second year i have resisted and never asked for extra.we have gone a few days with only ghupchup.when the world seemed cruel.i would somehow pick up change here and there and use that five to get cadbury. cant resist that.even that i havent had this week .fuck. i dont know where i get so much ego. like i was stranded in mumbai. no tickets.had to get back home. filthy rich uncle gets me an air ticket.me said no,told him i got train ticket .and i dint get one. so i ended up going to chennai from mumbai in general. 32 hours. i wonder what will happen when i start earning? will i get intolerably arrogant? like my cousins who i have come to hate.coz of whom i started hating it..

but i look forward to the earning part.money of my own.most of friends will study ,so i can spend as much as them. and its my money. and i can fill in my education loan which thankfully isnt much .i know appa will say no but i want to fill it myself .and i look forward to getting back to chennai. where my heart rests. where my body wants to rest .i want a life within means. bare minimum. and i have a job that lets me do that. in future too i have set a salaray cap for myself .never go above that.and dont buy stuff on loan .save and get. and never go out of india. for money.

infact never go outside chennai. one of my frniend in iitm,rejected relience(good money) coz it was not in chennai. he says he is prepared to go till koyembedu.(not even outskirts.its like inside).lol .such creatures we are. in love with city. just give me my idly and cd. and man put saatnee..


ps-if any bastard shows the devils horn during the bsb shit during cock in india i swear on parmar i will kill and castrate them.fuck you dna


Express said...

Well I've always spent, and not only on me, on people, and people have spent back on me. so, it is like, the cash is never accounted for.

for you i guess, when you earn, u'll prolly value it more than I do. thats a good thing.
1 tiny lesson that I learnt this winter is saving for the rough patch doesnt really hurt.

So, i guess THIS is the training for you to go easy on ur cash n live by anything.
Boiled cauliflowers? Really?
Not even maggi?
dude, get some food!

Anonymous said...

Hmm but I guess this happens when we dont earn money. I was carefree too in spending but once I started earning I realized the value for money. How hard it was to earn and save even a penny :) And I cut down on stuff on my own thinking "this is too expensive", "this is just not worth the money". I guess you have kinda learnt it already since you are living independently :)
But dont starve like that. Think of it as taking a loan from your dad. You can always return it to him once you start earning.

Insignia said...

Hmmm....You will learn a lot during such times. and worry not, soon you are gonna earn!! :-)
But eat regularly. Now is the time when you feel like gorging on food...trust me,...once work..pressure, stress..you wouldnt feel like even tasting a morsel even when you have domino's pizza everyday before you :-)

Dr. K Bodhi :D said...

Dude, I seriously do not agree with your philosophy. When you are a student 1000 Rs is a lot. You have plenty of time. When you start working you would be ready to do the same thing fore 10K if you had the time.

I don't want to sound preachy but please forget the money issue and sepnd:)

Feudal Spirit said...

This post is straight from the heart. I love it!
Don't worry, better times are ahead!

I feel that it's good to buy stuff that will give returns on loan (within means), because real estate prices keep getting steeper. Many people I know still regret not taking the risk when houses were still affordable.

soin said...

@express..learn value of money?i thought it had no value.maggi..got bored.free

@avada..am already 10k over draft.anyways to beat poverty yesterday i made gajar halwa..free

@insignia..aiyo after gym and football pasi pidungum.and for me stress buster has always been food.free

@bodhi..hello angil..1k is no way enough.i will bust it in two days easily.and i dont stay in hostel.stay outside man.so laods of expenses..and i saw your pic and i know your name.going by your look no wonder you called kuchi revidi..your really a pazham..and kuchi agress too..free

soin said...

@feudal..hello am student.intha returns lam bodhi mathiri alunga only speak.for me only spend..free

mentalie said...

dude, what are you smoking? i love the way you write. absolute madness. i'm a fan. i second express on the maggi suggestion. you can't live on ego, man.

Vishnu said...

pint sized human has everest type ego.. nice punch..
okie.. in first year, i used to be a little stingy.. didnt like hostel food.. couldnt go out daily.. so only gupchup.. no wonder sanjeev called me that.. then.. when u guys came.. i started spending.. will u believe if i say that my spending guru was u?? there is a peculiar thing about money.. money whether u have very less or more.. people should know how to enjoy using money.. i certainly learnt that only from u.. n am happy if u learned to spend less from us.. got a blog post in reply..

Dr. K Bodhi :D said...

where did u see myt pic? i just cheched. my webpage is down.

Srishti said...

get part time job!

I have decided that I'll spend my first pay cheque on being the ultimate Friends fan:

Buying the all season collection of Friends.
Second one at Mango.
The store, not fruit.

Part time job is the solution. :)

soin said...

@mentalie..same thing.got bored of maggi.free

@vishnu..matter is that i always spent and enjoyed so.just that am guilty a bit.contrary to what ppl say i will spend more once i earn.free

@srishti..am a part time student full time laziest.i cant get my ass to college,let alone part time job.infact if someone promises me 10k every month for rest of my life i will drop out of college right now.free

Feudal Spirit said...

How can I follow your blog? I don't see no link. I tried from my blog- semma bulb, I ended up following myself. :-(

soin said...

once you sign into blogger and open my blog,topmost bar-anga search,follow,flag-those options there.from there you can follow..free

Saya said...

chennai rocks.. envious of you.

Anonymous said...

where do you guys play football ?