Ah, putrefaction

a flame. that is all there is .its now on the tip of its throne . throne on the table. table on a marble balcony looking over the adyar cooum river. two chairs. one with three legs and a stack of brick. the other with pins in the cushion. darkness around. a lifeless lump. another mass of boneless form. they sit on the chair. he holds up an ugly white rose. so ugly. and the flame wraps its self around the rose. purifying it of its ugliness. left behind is an ash ridden form of something indescribably beautiful. unearthly beautiful. and dear wind gives that beauty moksham. that frame just dint deserve something so beautiful. but you see love is something pure. a withered flower of ash matters not. and so the lifeless lump pulls out a ring. of platinum. black and ugly. but fear not. for the flame is there. and it wraps itself around the ring. yet again. you see the flame is never tired. it is its life's purpose. to purify. and it turns it into a ring of plutonium. now i cant describe the ring. for there is not enough time to observe. its just not there. the ring. just like the love it was to encompass. they might have been holding onto something. but it was no more there. but yet again it matters not. such is the power of love. food arrives. of dried leaves. those leaves who had tried to love. but were discarded. and they ate it. its tasteless said she. a general dose of cyanide from the small bottle that said salt. the flame,the sea breeze and the salt-how did they turn into cyanide..a good meal they said. they paid up. thousands. the flame smiled. more work. later as love engulfed them both ,the flame wrapped itself around them. fusing them into one. some might say its true love. and they smiled as one. the lifeless lump now had life. and the boneless had bones. finally. pity there was more life left in that room.

the next day the flame sits on its throne. ruling its kingdom. the throne melts away slowly. but as it melts the world around becomes its throne.for there so many people ready to burn.and the two burnt away lay some where.putrefaction.out of the ashes..
.am going to wear pink this sunday.like pink shirt,shiny pink pants. color my hair pink. listen to enrique and pintheru pasanga(bsb). have chocolate truffle. one pound. heart shaped. we have gate exam that day. for once i think the organisers have done something good. so all sit and study and write exam. thank god v-day is on a sunday.otherwise everyone in the campus will kill me. anyone who sends me text to wish their gf for their anniv will be shot. those who propose to propose will be stabbed in the heart. and i will vomit on their shoes too. of course i love valentines day. the whole concept. am not that much of a cynic you see. thats why i write about it. i love the concept of a day dedicated to celebrate love. one day of pure unadulterated love. we need more such days.bring it on i say..

ps-whats that? an S..
pss-so terry gets the days off.much needed.and his wife his clever.takes him to dubai.one wrong mr.terry and that little bugger is gone.


Insignia said...

Oh!! Pink Boy!! Enjoy your Valentine's day with exams and studies...:-)

And yeah, the first part of your post was strong....Liked your narration.

sm said...

make the exams
your valentine
like narration

Gymnast said...

The first part of your post without paragraphs and words all put together in one big heap was very difficult to read.

I tried and left halfway.

Then , further down , something about u wearing pink-pink-pink for
v-day cum GATE..well..

If u totally like V-day , wont it be a good idea to get somebody to celebrate it with ?

Anonymous said...

you keep thinking like this and you will never get a girl,

Dr. K Bodhi :D said...

Po da.. onnum puriyala..

soin said...

@insignia..tanku tanku..


@gymnast.the first part was totally lite i thought.anyways the rest of it all comes under the blanket of sarcasm.thats why the ps.for the record i hate the vday shit.free

@ro.welcome back girl.but i dont want a girl.nor a boy.free

@kbodhi..yov simbul inglees thaan ya..padichu paaru theroyum.me not peter.free

Vishnu said...

salt kku ipaadi oru build up thevaiya??
pink pink nu sollitu.. fuckin u wore iron maiden shirt on that day..
lol@ the anonymous commentator..

Passionate Goof said...

Hope you wore and shone in your pink clothes. How was the GATE exam? God! I remember my days now.

Your idea of a date is scary.... I just hope no girl reads this, she will be too scared to be around you Soin. Love is a wonderful thing, not a lifeless, dead emotion!

soin said...

@kuchi..if no build up no writing.the anony knows better.free

@passionate.i shone alright.but in black.am an engg student.theres no hope for girl here.love maybe wonderful but the way it is portrayed by many around me makes it feel lifeless..free