cemetery of the assymetrical heart

at the local store.buying stuff.mom and little kid comes.he mumbles.
"mama chaaket.."..the amma ignores..so let me teach this evil lady a lesson..i got a five rupee cadbury,with a meaningfull look at the amma ,i finished it there..now kid says it out loud.."mama chaaket".."its not good for your health beta"..what i had in the other hands was not healthy.. chocolate is perfectly healthy.. so i got another 10 rupee cadbury.this time add an evil look(i dont how to give it.just imagine) at the kid,another look at the mother.devoure.now kid is adampudichufying..the amma still unmoved..so i got a big temptation bar slowly unwrapping it,eating it slowly..looking from amma the the kid..kid looked from me to amma.. then flung himself to ground"chaakeet..chakeet.."..the cry without tears thing..full scene.passers giving the mother the look.the happy kid got a 5 rupee cadbury.i got one of the daartiest look.me very happy.kid got cadbury.

really i pity kids these days.dont eat this.dont eat that.not healthy.ice cream and chocolate are rare.so much to learn.so many to compete.i wish there are no babies for the next ten years.really.pavam.we just fuck one another,give birth and put them here.such shitty world.why even do that.let them not be born.we have enough.without ten batches all coaching schools will get fucked.stuff will change a bit.if it doesnt no more babies.let us do the job nature asks to do.to kill the world.the whole global warming thing ,humans are killing the world paranoia.thu.heard of gradual degradation?? thats what nature intended us to do.something thats that is so well designed you think there were no considerations for humans? of course.they have so much intelligence so that they will destroy and destruct.as we live without meaning any harm we are destroying the earth.what we are meant to do.let us do it peacefully my dear fellow beings.and lets not reproduce for fucks sake.why put a tiny innocent thing into such a world.full of temptations.and tell it not to reach out for it.

these days parents are fucking paranoid.every fucking thing they google,1000 people say 1000 thing and the parents will try to do every 1000 thing.so the kid never gets chocolate ice cream or to play in the heat.when my cousins give their kids to me they give a thousand instructions.thank you very much.you have your cutie kid to yourself.bah i feel blessed.my parents were never this fussy.we roamed around in bare feet.in the chennai heat.had the one rupee pepsi ice.pattai ice.and we are all fucking healthy.these kids will never get the immunity we people have.fucking paranoia.dont reproduce.its not the cruel world.its the cruel parents.no time for kids.



Sherry Wasandi said...

Totally on board with the "no kids for 10 years" policy.

Would make long-distance flights exponentially more comfortable.

Yes. I hate kids.

Oh... and I personally think kids are better off not being smothered and showered with time and attention all the time.

nishi said...

@sherry agree with ur last comment.

@soin well said. with everything so sheltered protected and smothered dunno wat the next gen is gonna b like...

Amar Mehta said...

True man ... The one word most often heard by us since childhood shall always remain " NO "

HaRy!! said...

kuzhandayum deivamum... avanga ama unaku ena sabam kuduthangalo... anyways gud work:)


Naarya said...

i dont agree with you. i think kids these days are extremely spoilt and act over smart. eppa paaru adam pidikrathu.. idu thaan venum.. pink color jatti thaan venum...vijay maadiri hair cut venum... orreyy rodhanai... that mother should have given the kid a tight slap and dragged him along...
yaa kids should be allowed to play out in the sun and eat healthy stuff. other than that i dont agree to your theory of giving kids whatever they want..
and no babies for 10 yrs-a?? let me see your generation do it..

soin said...

@sherry..imagine train.30 hours.hell.free

@nishi..yeah free

@amar..gujju ur alive after all..free

@hary..yen amma kudutha sabame i dont madhichify..so free

@naarya.extremely spoilt.over smart.avangala valarthadu yaru?amma thane.and namellam chamutha irundhomunu solreengala? and my gen? neenga 50 vayasu pati mathiri solreenga.anyways its never going to happen other than sci fi movie.but me all game for it.free

Jil Jil Ramamani said...

Condoms are the answer to everything.

Gymnast said...

aha...somebody is fuming!

Every generation says this about the one below them .

How many times have i heard my dad fret about how protected and pampered we are , we , meaning the " eating two pence ice cream , running about in chennai heat " generation.

He talks about how he had so much more freedom and so much less pampering.

Thats how it is ..

and normally such " kids are so pampered" dialogues are said by old-white-haired thathas ..whats up with you?

Not seen u around in long time..and why spiral architect?

Curious , because i graduate as an architect in may.

Insignia said...

Hmm...each one thinks that they are right!! Yeah!! I have heard elders complaining how its easy for kids nowadays and how tough their life was!! And kids complaining that things were easier in olden days...

Hmm....chill..you got to eat 2-3 chocolate bars :-)

soin said...

@jiljil.not to blowjob.no.free

@gym.not fuming.just telling.bah am feeling old.not pampering.more like forbidding.last three months i have been roaming places,exams and all.and spiral architect is a black sabbath song.my fvrt.listen to know the meaning.free

@insignia.all are always correct.and life was easier for us.comeone.these days its tough.free

Express said...

Aah.. Good point.

I didn't quite understand your comment; pardon my poor multi-linguistic skills, but well i'd just say.. that is prolly coz they tend to do exactly what they 've been refused to.

so, either children should be properly dealt with, or, left to explore for themselves.

I'm gonna spank mine :D
that is, if i ever have them :P

Dr. K Bodhi :D said...

LOL@your antics to get the kids chocolates.

And maybe parents are obsessive about what the kid's eat cauze they love them?

Ellam vayasu aha aha puriyum

soin said...

@express..like rusell says..beat them.they should feel left out..free

@kbodhi..yeah like our parents dont love us..free

The Restless Quill said...

Erm... how old are you? Kids are spoilt it seems :) Who will you spoil if not kids, your grown up, beer drinking mallu friendah? As long as they have are taught to love and know how to find happiness, who cares if they get what they want or don't. And I totally agree with Naarya, when mommy can't take too much kichkich, just give one tight whack and move on.

soin said...

me is 21.. and you is not getting what i say.they are not spoilt.rather parents are not letting them do stuff.fun stuff.inhibiting sorts.not spoiling.free

Vishnu said...

sema sandai po.. u can see both sides of the arguments.. fun things shd be allowed.. but i think naarya's point is if u allow ur kids to do stuff.. the kid wont ask ur permission next time whether its gonna be a bad or good thing.. mothathula nee chocolate saapta.. free

soin said...

fcorz thats the point.chocolate.free