The parasite

this was way back. when there was no equilibrium. there was all the vast darkness of the galaxy but no star bright enough to light it up. in the darkest foulest parts of the universe the conditions were slightly different. it was way colder. as a result of which the mass of rocks were different in texture. and seem to be heading towards a perfect equilibrium. one that will let it become porous enough to grow, with enough strength to withstand the weight of the a larger structure. it and grew from a mere small rock to a large porous sphere. and started to fill its porous space with the now smaller and lighter rocks nearby. and it started. to become a bigger ball of lump, without much mass and hence substance, without much purpose - a mere fantasy. and it grew and grew. and developed a tendency to get attracted to objects without need or want. gravity.

and the other rocks started to feel gravity too. they all came to life all of a sudden. and the force spread like a spiders web. and far far away the tinniest of rock couldn't resist the temptation. it started hurling towards the center of the force. no it did not want the other rocks with the force. it wasted the force itself. the source of the force. and without knowing where it was and what it was it kept hurling. and lo, one fine second it felt force like it had never done. and it hurled itself towards the force but through all the time of wandering, from whence it found about the force, the force itself had changed. it had tried to establish an equilibrium with the entire galaxy. and had parted with all its energy to form a single bright star. bright enough to beat the darkness at least.

in the process of establishing equilibrium, it felt the need to experiment. and when evolution decides to experiment, well there is no telling. and had developed parasites. parasites that were to be controlled by the force itself, to maintain the equilibrium. but the parasites evolved. evolved into something of its own, beyond the control of the force. and it latched onto force's force and tried to become stronger. it had latched onto it and created enough heat to melt a single drop of water from the force. and when the force melted into water, there was huge explosion of power that the parasite got decimated. and its smaller pieces latched onto the force, without force knowing.

and life evolved. the force had contrived to establish equilibrium all over the universe, but had contrived to loose itself and let all hell break loose. the smallest bits of parasite had evolved into living walking creatures. creatures beyond any control. the ultimate parasite. not predictable. destructs without need nor want.

after eons of time, since the small rock started a journey with far reaching consequences. it had started evolution as we know today. and after all these years we are soon to be what it once was. to become a bigger ball of lump, without much mass and hence substance, without much purpose - a mere fantasy. mere human.

and soon we will complete the first stage of evolution. the first of the many vicious cycles. where the idea of equilibrium is forgotten. when the universe will go back to that dark, lifeless, spaceless and massless idea. till then we may do what were taught to do. leach on and live. destroy the host and live. kill and destroy without need not want. after all, we are never to blame.


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Amal said...

in the second para, did u mean wanted where u wrote "wasted" ?

Back to your blog after a long time.. have some catching up to do..