the minister was away on vacation. he had just won back his dead king's land, and restored it to its rightful owner- the 18 old year prince. the next day the prince announced- here after no man in this country can posses any money,house or any such physical entity. he shall live poor and all subjects shall be treated equally.

when the minister heard this he rushed back his capital.. king what have you done? the young king smiled. minister, i wanted to create the ideal kingdom ever. by passing this order i shall unite all the people against me. and there shall be an uprising, at the end of which humanity and modern ideas will prevail. when the people rule themselves and shall be equal and happy. i am ready to sacrifice. the minister was quiet for a minute. then he facepalmed and  shouted to the group near by- which idiot got the prince some ganja?

childhood rymes-

standing under a tree
sound of the scooter's motor
wind and bird, song and shoe
a stack of hay fell on my head

walking down the metro station
mind as blank as my bank balance
a deserted desert,a sudden realization
a stack of hay fell on my head

a cap on my head,a gum in my mouth
chewing and gnawing,sleeping and walking
red lights crossed,stopped at green
grey and hot, black and wet
a stack of hay fell on my head

standing nowhere, looking every where
go where i must? be where i must?
picking up all that hay,dry and dead
where do i stack them and how?
for they are dead and can not be stacked
and a stack of hay fell on my head
and for the first time i heard the sound
the cry of the nest's mother
dead before alive,shell and hay


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ramya sriram said...

loved the childhood rhymes :)