still here yes

we used to write here i believe. i dont know if we can count our selves alive just because we are not dead. not just yet. breaking point. yes we have broken it and then we see that the point was just the end of a long thin stick.everything is in 3d these days. even the chart we make for those huge bad ass comapnies. we are broken too. oh yes. just about perfect. there seem to be like ..wait..one rendu muunu..yes three rooms that seem to be all there is. it feels like the center of earth, when the earth is the center of the universe and so on. i once had an idea that if life was confined to a small part of a land, there would much more happiness. or rather lesser things. so these three rooms. some bottles. infact loads. leaves. speakers. beard. and in that process lost what was to be preserved. it doesnt help that there are a grand total of three people that i know here in this shit place. but after drilling to the centre of the my world, which is a plain white waterless abyss.. i might just have to dig a bit deeper to break down to the other side of the world- the heaven. till then we shall keep pressing the end key on the keyboard, instead of using the mouse. we shall wait then, shall we? also write you bad ass people.



nishi said...

i was searching the like button here. :D are u still in delhi?(or somewhere around that?)

Tangled up in blue... said...

wow, angst suits your writing beautifully. I do hope you really feel free the way you write it, soon. Real soon. :)

soin said...

@nisha.. yes and free..

@ tuib. no idea what you talking about.but free

Open Ends said...

The moment.. the thought in it.. captured so beautifully... write more..