the f&b industry is utterly disappointing. everyone some how has come to the conclusion that loads of sugar= loads of sales in India. 5star. tcha..dairymilk..worstest sweet.. even hide and seek strawberry flavor is just hide and seek sugar cream flavor. there is so much artificial sweetness in India and its kind of making you numb.  its holi today. i never understood the whole color throwing business  i know its fun, i have been told. but no thank you, like Bilbo i refuse to go for an adventure. life looks good from behind my desktop, thank you. Yet, you know sooner or later this limbo will automatically die and one will be forced to go out. without knowing where to go. like pi, struck in the ocean. there was so much life around him all the time, but in the ocean. and Pi felt alone. I was fucking bored in my demo yesterday. When i say it aloud it feels nice.. sit in a cafe in hauz khas with your laptop.. you keep getting requests from the portal and i keep manually clicking and playing them.. thats like 30 secs in 5 mins.. the rest of the time i was free to sight the birds.. fight the mosquitoes.. and read absurd articles.. one was sent to me by an idiot, the article was how indian start up guys never get girls for kalyanam ouak samandham..back to the cafe, and i also get free good food. nice job. yet i am so bored. i know i just wanted to do something. but it feels.. kind of forced. like i just sat sat and sat till all my options expired/rejected automatically and was left with all but one choice.. to face the long dark of moria..its supposed to have some breath taking moments.. but mostly dangerous and boring and hard.. when life was all comfy and simple, you wanted something exiting.. but just when you are about to try something, you feel the cold feet. all this comforts need to be given away? and all i am going to get is satisfaction? i totally now understand how all the guys get either money/girl for satisfaction and use the other to get more money. it makes sense. and coming back to pi.. what a cruel book/movie that was.. show us all that is beautiful with the world.. construct it.. and then in two minutes to the japs, break that so cruelly.. i mean i was imagining Tabu's body floating in the ocean, bleeding and shark approaching the body and pi shutting his eyes.. now if only, the movie had shown the actual shark eating human scene.. common be bold, dont let us imagine such a gory scene and make us guilty.. just describe the whole tore here bit by bit.. frenzy feeding.. the murder's face changing from gory to human, before he is about to surrender to pi.. fucking morons these writers are.. no one ever accuses them of spreading violence.. there is so much hate that, stopping its propagation might be beneficial.. its the coward's choice, but hey who cares.. just let us shut out from it.. as i was climbing the metro today, i remembered a lady was shot in the same metro station yesterday.. there was no mark.. just gone.. and she was someone was a distant shitty toi article, who will be promptly forgotten.. you know all this twitter.. real time sharing.. its just to make you consume more.. consume, not understand.. you just keep on reading so much that, it becomes just reading.. there is no time to reflect.. to learn.. and you start having standard responses.. outrage.. no one in india accepts if you tell them that you are arguing it for the heck.. i mean people want you to take a stand that you support the idea and hence are arguing for it..why cant one just argue for one subject, knowing very well its the wrong one? its amusing no?


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