so why where you running?

i dont know

you dont know?


do you sleep walk?

what? no!

well if you dont sleep walk and you dint know what you where doing, then it disturbs me that you were running like that

i was not out of control, i was just jogging

jogging? well that was not jogging

yes it was. all i wanted was some air you see. it was suffocating

suffocating? what in your room?

no, not the room.

i cant understand it.

well you wont be able to

let me get this. there you are running uncontrollably. wild long steps, like you were running away from the demon. then you come and fall here

i never thought i will jump into a yatch

the water?

no! i never intended to jump atll

ok. what do you do?

depends on what you call doing. is writing accounts doing?

so you write accounts?

no i do not. i just wanted to know what your defenition of doing was

well that is doing enough for me. i started with accounts. if you were not running away from the devil, what were you running away fron?

not away,no. to

to what?


what things?

well lot of things. things i wanted

and what did you want?

many things

well how many is this many things?

well i dont know

so you were running towards countless things?

no. no not at all. well lets say i wanted about 20 things

20? well 20 is not bad. i would have said 500

i dont know

well how many things have you had till now?


you said you wanted 20 more things. but how many things have you had till now?

well how can you count them?

well you seemed to know

since i opened my eyes i have had many things. they can not be counted

well, you are not making any sense. none at all. you want 20 things that you dont have now. some you might have already had before. and you have had countless other things.

it makes perfect sense,yes

ok. maybe, yes.

how many things have you had? you seem a rich man. i suppose you own this yatch?

well yes i do. and i have had many things too. countless things. but i never needed countless things. all i needed was with me


yes here just with me

dont you feel lonely at all?

no i have my shadow

there i have switched off the light. are you lonely now?

i suppose

you are not. i am here

well yes,, but i dont own you

so you want to own things? i just wanted to have them

ah. i see. and how do you have things without owning them?

take this money. i had it. but i dont own it

you seem depressed

i am not. all i need is a little air and i will be fine

a drink?

yes. whiskey

i suppose you like to float

we are floating now

-- a bubble pops


Tangled up in blue... said...

Wow! To have and to own. You can give one thing away, you can sell the other. But still, either way you end up without it. Bah, I'm only babbling now. How've you been, soin?

soin said...

babbling is good no? am ok. how have you been?

Tangled up in blue... said...

I've been busy. Post-graduation lurks on the horizon somewhere. And the idea of leaving college at long last is equal parts delightful and dreadful. Well, I guess babbling isn't that bad really. :D